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    Humane traps baited with a lump o Mars bar,its the crack cocaine for UBER MAUS! They love it!

    eco-nazi,kinda rollsss off ones tongues doesn't it...i thought the nazis had brilliant conversation skills..just a dam shame they went a bit naughty..No,i tell ya whats gonna happen,we're all gonna end up eating each other,and the world will reset...kinda hope the ants get a bash at sentience...that would be nice...i like ants

    maybe if it was matt me it just looks like a caravan bolted on the back of a flatbed

    sorry about this,should have shoved it on the above post. . . not quite answered the original question,its early and i haven't had me toast yet: i think anarchism is a wistful hankering for what we had in the good old days of hunter-gathering. . .and sadly,an impossible dream,sorry

    . . . . Open a supermarket at night,drive a coach full of monkeys into the loading bay,no,make that twenty coaches. . . . have a mixture of species,and pre-train a few to use basic hand held weapons,clubs and the like. . and let them "get on with it" . . . The act local think global ethic? Well lets start with morrisons,and see where we go from there. . The Anarchist movement? Beautifull idea,but nah,cos there is always some monkey with a bigger stick,bigger appetite,and bigger friends. . .

    bloody hell,i nearly spat my tea out when i viewed that thread!. . . . My opinion? I doubt it will deter any of them sick fuks doing what they do,and its just another way of filling the world with more and more paperwork. . . i do believe in sophies law? (if thats whats its called). . . Its just the government and the press using fear to control every aspect of daily life. . .Hell this is one hot spud of a thread. . .

    morality isn't on a par with truth. . . . .if i say the sky is sometimes blue,thats a solid truth,we perceive that its is,because we,as humans have evolved to see it that way,its subjective to our own particular reality. . If i say eating meat is abhorrant,its because i hold a system of belief which i adhere to. . Truth is sometimes relative. . . Take faith for example,people believe what they are taught to be true,to a certain extent. . . and one the other side of the coin you have Mr Dawkins taking a totally different approach. . . So in short? If its looks like a duck,walks like a duck,and indeed quacks like a duck,its probably is a duck,but on the molecular level? Duck knows. . . . (i apologise for bumpin this thread,i just found the subject kinda interesting)

    just thinking of the scene from Mad Max beyond the Blunderdome,what about shoving Blair on a donkey,arse about face,with a Ronald Mc Gonad paper machè head on? Just smack the donkeys butt,and point in the direction o some unsavory types. . . . Dam cheaper,and funnier than whats on the tv. . . . {funny thing,it wouldn't matter if it was blackpool or iraq. . . although i know where my choice location would be)

    Well,its about time. . . . i have enjoyed every minute,i only wish they had interviewed Short before Blair,and let the bastard watch it from a "green room" before interrogating him. . . . but at the end of the day,what exactly come of it?

    how many rats can ya fit in a barrel?. . . You know,how many hours of dialogue can one process before indifference washes away common sense?. . . I've watched the videos,i've seen documentary after documentary,witnessed droughts and famines and floods and all manner of ghastly things from marine pollution,land deforestation and industrial projects creeping like a cancer across the globe,population overload,and a lifespan which appears to be creeping up and up every decade. . consuming,polluting and white goods for everyone. . Now it doesn't take a genius to work out the probable end result here.Someone earlier on in this thread mentioned that we are "fucked" and i quite like that analogy,maybe if people picked up their newspapers in the morning,and in true Douglas Adams style found the two ubiquitous words in Big Bold Type" emblazend on the front page,things might look up. . Now some folk may say that possible extinction may be the "push" to get humans off this rock,and into space,some might argue that the earth will survive even tho the shaved monkeys dont,i dunno. . . but i live near to Luton,and bad enough. . (old git warning) i can remember when i was a kid growing up in Dunstable,there were hardly any cars on the estate where we lived,the town was predominatly full o saxon spawn,and i didn't even know what a fukkin kiwi fruit looked like,let alone tasted like. . and that was only 30 odd years ago!! . How much can we keep taking?
    how long can we keep it up? Now we can either face up to facts,or we can sit with our heads up our arses,and eventually go back to bashing each others brains out with sticks. . Personally,i dont think global warming is make much difference to the end result,its just gonna make the end come a little sooner. . . How can we tell people in the third world countries,and people in the developing world to "ease up" when we in the west started the ball rolling in the first place?. . . Its as if the industrial revolution was like the slowing clunking assent of a monkey filled roller coaster,the end of which terminates at a abyss,i think we cleared to top and started to accelerate years ago. . . (where can i get one of them funky tin foil hats?). . .

    gotta admit its been a testin winter this year on the boat,but i wouldn't change it for the world,although luggin coal down a towpath,dressed up like uncle fester with a demonic wheelbarrow,in a soddin blizzard isn't my idea of fun!. . . but yeah,some nights have been so silent,and the stars and moon cut thru the frosty air! Oh yeah,and i made loads o bird balls ,with fat,and birdseed,and i aint never seen so much colour in birds in my life. . robins puffed up the size of tennis balls!! . .(if only coal was a bit cheaper,lol). . . . roll on spring proper

    i remember an interview she gave on radio 4 a few weeks ago,it was scathing. . . she said she wasn't included in some of the high level talks because she "wasn't trusted" can you believe that?. . . . I can't even begin to think how much of a hedfuk that must be when someone with obvious socialist attitude and anti-war belief,get shoved in with a pack of arse kissing yes-men,hell bent on rolling onto their backs with yellow bellies exposed for American rubbing,now i dont proport to saying i agree with every Short says,but that interview humbled me,she came across as a caring,troubled human being,with just a hint of scathing anger for Master Tony,and yeah. . . . Its gonna be well interesting what she says,heh heh heh!. . . . can't wait

    . . . . . so build more prisons? Bring back national service? Going back to the question in hand,are we talking a purely physical response to a physical problem,ie belting someone before they belt you?Or a psychological response to a psychological question. . I guess the physical option really depends on the situation,i mean if it was truly a life and death situation,a mugging or maybe a violent sexual attack,then yeah. . . if you think you can take the bugger out,obviously without getting killed,why not. . Now the thinking man,in the case of a mugging would surrender the wallet or item,hold their hands in the air. . and phone the police or insurance company. . . noone gets hurt,but the perp probably gets away. . . no justice,but no bruises. . . I think its all down to pride,confidence and retribution. . . the kinda stuff you only get a split second to decide,do i beat the crap out of them.risk pain,and a possible criminal record,or do i walk away. . . its a toughie. . . .

    well Joss,i probably think Hitler might just have edge there in the Evil stakes,but i think you may just be onto something there man. . . i see Blair as a despotic version of the "Leader" in "V" for vendetta,only a bit more of a slimeball. . . not many protesters there,but i tell you what,they certainly gave it all,proud of em!!. .

    actually,thinking about it. . . say for arguments sake,would things had been any different if there had been a referendum about going into Iraq?? Do ya think we as a nation would have decided to go to war?? . . I would like to say we wouldn't,but when ya see how much a bad time the islamic dudes are getting in the gutter press nowadays. . . i know,this is poking a wasp nest with a stick kinda question. . . personally,if there had been one i world have politely told em to get stuffed,but there ya go

    yeah,its funny when the shoes on the other foot eh?. . . . Its weird tho,i cannot for the life of me remember going to bed and waking up finding New Labour transformed into the 3rd reich. . . . I think its something they put in the water!. . . but ya gotta admit its says a lot about the electorate eh. . . i was always led to believe that government was the voice o the people (heh heh heh heh). . . Referendums all round!!!. . . . . but you gotta admit,at least the nazis looked good!

    oh dear. . . we're screwed aint we. . . slight digression,but hear me out. . I used to build exhibition stands,mainly shelf scheme,but we had a client who wanted their stand to look brilliant,and for all intent and purpose it did. . Anyway,we lugged that stand all over europe,world travel mart. . it was the dogs bollocks,and i had a great wear. . (anyway) we got the chance to do a show in Egypt,and usually the boss and his partner and son got the good jobs,but lucky for me the boss had to do a show at Earls Court,so Bingo. . . Basically i had to fly in and do the take out.gettin the stand down,boxing it all up. . I got picked up at the airport by the most araby dude you have ever seen. . "Are you eeeenglish or American?" he said. . . I shuffled on the seat and said "um english" "BLAIR IS THE DOG OF BUSH!!" he said. . . And ya know what? Maybe we have more in common with our eastern friends than we think. . . Laters :)

    fair point. . . . Legality,its a mine field.insomuch to say,is any war legal?? Can bombing the crap out o some village be legally viable? I dunno,its whoever holds the biggest stick i suppose. . I mean from a moralistic angle,if thats possible,one can harp on and on about injustice,oppression and cracking down on tyranny. . . and i wont use that little skirmish in europe in the 40's as an example(cos it might get a bit messy). . Essentially,is it right to invade and occupy a country if you think your own security is at risk? Is it morally right? let alone legally right?. . What if nothing had been done? would the world be a tad safer to live in?. . . When i watched the aircraft slamming into the side of the world trade buildings,mouth open and shocked. . . i thought to myself "ooooo some fkrs in for it now" : and you know what? I think we all got pretty stuffed,and the ramifications of it are gonna ripple thru world politics and events for a very long time. . So is war illegal? Its bloody well should be. . .

    So. . . . Apart from the saudis,the ladens,w.m.ds,george doubleyer,oil,lucrative arm deals,and a dubious scapegoat,oiled palms and irrigation. . . . what is this debate actually gonna achieve? I mean its a media circus with a lying devious toerag taking centre stage. . . You see i like to see myself as being relativly lucid when it comes to current affairs,i look at the evidence,i let off a bit of a rant,and usually manage to differensiate between brothers grimm politics,and (how can i put this?) utter bullshit. . . I mean,granted. . . some people like to be mollycoddled,wrapped in pseudo-cotton wool-government grade "we'll handle this,you just consume and watch telly"bollocks. . . but man! That war or indeed this "War" (if war is an appropriate word) Even to the most stalward knuckle draggin daily star reader. . . Is Illegal. . And yeah,i am probably preachng to the converted here,but that odious lying vile piece of human waste should be banged up,and never let out. . .but there ya go. . rant over. .

    dude if an electorate gets manna from x factor,and big brother,and i could go on. . . . its no wonder he got re-elected,and lets face it. . . i think folk were still a tad miff'd with the Tory Years. . . but yeah,i totally see ya point there. . . Maybe Tshirts saying "I Told You So" are in order. . .