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    Well happy,four hours left of this sodding job,3days off,and a warm stove n a happy mutt to come home to! Got a fekkin lovely mooring with a sweet view and the lock is down for a week so it all quiet on the Grand Onion! Sorted! :)

    Tortilla,madrid style! You make one in a old handleless saucepan,boil some spuds,when done(slightly firm) cut up into little 10mm cubes,add grated cheese,and really fine sliced onions n salt n a touch o paprika to taste,fill three quarter o the lightly olive oiled pan,and cover with beaten egg,bake......And serve hot or cold,I like it cold with beer...for the meat eaters,slice chorizo sausage and make two layers one slice thickness......its yummy

    Well,one finds the same kind of prejudice in all walks of life,from hippy folk having a go at the suits with clip-boards,to card carrying socialists screaming at the plod on a march! Hoddies get it,muslims fkn get,in fact,take any demographic that aint toeing the line,from whatever subjective or narrow minded viewpoint,and some poor bastard is gonna get it.....just deal with it,for gods sake,and if you wanna wear something different,and yer peers don't accept it? Its your choice isn't it? And fk it,it is selling out if ya decide to clean yerself up to earn them extra brownie points or CASH! But that's humanity isn't it,and there you go!

    Ummmmm Apollo Duck is a pretty good site. From a canoe to a sub! And boats for sale all over the world. It will give ya a good idea at what's out there,if only for a bit of a selection to look at....

    Its a pity you couldn't ask a local newspaper to print exactly what you have posted here,get some interest,start something going,and you never know is criminal that good food ends up feeding seagulls at landfil sites...

    You could get a gorgeous dutch barge for that kinda purse! And move about til ya find somewhere niiiice! They hold their value pretty well (not to be confused with widebeams) And hell!,you get a seagoing one,and most "proper" dutch barges are,you could moor up in Brighton,or the Dam,brilliant!! :)

    I think he's a prick to be honest,but as social barometers go? Just another damning indictment of societies ssssslide into the abyss! But then again,that's the curse of pampered ego isn't it? Shove someone on a pedastool,and after a while they start to believe their own bullshit,and wallow in their ignorant superiority! But hey........give someone an inch........

    There is a brilliant archive episode of Horizon on the bbci player,its all about what was possibly there before the illusive "Big Bang" Obviously,its scientificky stuff,and no mention of sky turtles or anything like that,but I will say its good to see boffins stumped! Well interesting tho.

    I believe that all Gods are a creation of mankind,in many ways I could be regarded as a Pagnostic,kinda following the notion that I "disbelieve in the existence of many Gods,but wouldn't say no to having a pint with Richard Dawkins,whilst secretly hoping any sodding diety would slightly smite the little smug,anyway.I think the Universe is my "God" I am amazed,awestruck and humbled,when I read up on stuff science is uncovering,and at the same time,I feel the same emotions when I look at the brecon beacons,or a choppy sea...and a multitude of natural events! In short,I don't feel that kinda emotion from a idea of a God concept! So yeah! All Hail The Higgs Boson! :)

    Coco Butter,can't beat it. After bath of shower,slap some on,smells nice too,although on a subliminal level,ya do tend to think about chocolate (that's probably just me actually,cos it doesn't particulary smell o coco) but yeah,its the proverbial dogs dangly bits,honest

    People who go into Survival mode the weeks preceding christmas! With enough food in multiple trollies to feed a small village! Ok,maybe I am a tad "Anti-Christ-mas" and yeah,a little acrimonious with it,and if one decides to dance with the devil n shop at tescos,one should stfu and stand in line behind the Uber consumer......but there's the rub,if "local" shop keepers wern't such greedy fkrs,and didn't charge like a pound for a tin of sweetcorn,when ya know in your heart they probably only paid a pittance for it at the cash n carry........digressing, yeah,armageddon buying,and consume consume presume...hey ho!

    My brothers a veggie,and it amazes me how nice spag bog tastes with Quorn mince,the texture of the mince,in my opinion,is much nicer than meat. Never had a veggie "meatloaf" but I think I could quite easily get into a diet supplemented with the humane option.