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    Love you answers guys, I guess I'm not fitting with what I have anymore as the dress I wore at 30 ain't quite cutting it at 40! Maybe I need to go shopping :)

    Hey Dean 79, you can go searching but you'll always be you and that's ok cos I'm sure you are beautiful just the way you are :) however a different life may await you but don't let go of control and leave it all up to fate. Deep down you know who you are, what you want and what's right for you make a plan and put steps into action if you do know. In the meantime I'd visit some really cool places , sacred sites etc to really awaken anything that's laying dormant in you, just you and the road can give you the answers you seek, stick to a time frame. Don't drift or if you do, drift in a time frame and move to the Next chapter or before you know it a decade will have past and you'll not have done the things you set out to do. Bon voyage beautiful soul x

    Oh god, how did I get to nearly 40 without realising and still thinking I look and can dress like a teenager :/! Help .. Any others of you had that shock and wanna share how you gracefully moved into the next dimension of your life , I'm sure there are many that have moved Ungracefully too and that's cool but ya know a girl ( sorry woman) gotta keep her wits about her :)

    Thanks so much for your advice, I've thought about the horse box thing before , esp if youvf got horses on the land. I really appreciate your comments . X

    Thanks all, I guess it's just about taking the plunge and seeing what happens, I've looked into the land and business thing before but think you need 12 acres for planning to be granted, and yes off radar is not so off radar these days.

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    Alice's wonderland what kind of homes to people build on land whilst off radar?

    So reading between the lines.. You could buy some land, put your yurt on it, live in it and apply for planning, if refused, can appeal, and there you go 7 months or so has passed? Is it common for yurts to be given planning in this type of situation?

    Move and stay off electoral roll for a while, keep a low profile, just moving from England to wales/Scotland /Ireland, anywhere you can just avoid too much post, non priority debts can't hassle you too much,

    I'm not sure where to put this or where to look but need some info on current/latest info or legislation or even ideas on buying land and getting planning for temporary structure, what constitutes this and areas where it may be easier . I know it's a long shot! Also the types of land that are more likely to obtain planning . I know about the agricultural route , does anyone have experience of this and why it might be turned down etx . Many thanks

    Hi everyone, thanks for all of your replies! Sorry its been a while.. ive been on planet boob/baby! I got everything checked out, no tongue tie, not feeding issues. I ordered the mothers food or something book that was recommended, and that seemed to help, the week after the original post he gained 21 oz in a week , the health visitors went crazy about this, i was still topping up with one bottle a day as sadly i didnt trust my own body, but wow.. what alot of weight to gain, so things are great, occasionally my milk seems to run out and he is still hungry, so when completely exhausted and dry i will top up as i cant bear to see him so distraught, he still feeds ALOT- 12- 18 a day but it is less some days and some nights he will want to feed every hour and some he will go a few hours. Tends to want feeding every 2 hours, my partner has been off work so i have been able to catch up on some sleep so that seems to help. Im much happier and so is he. have come to a better place with it all. He is 8 weeks now and huge so I must be doing something right ! thanks again all. you all helped so much x

    Hi I would like to offer 5 free email readings , i need to practice .. If your interested and open minded let me know. I've been told on numerous occasions to pursue this but not had anywhere to go with it or confidence and worried about getting it wrong! But if you are happy to let's have a go, pm me with your name/nickname, question/ area you need hp with and a vague description, just a few words on you. May be easie by phone but want to try email first. I just tune into your energy and see where you are at .

    Thanks Sarah, I do have a baba ? Sling but he hates it, he is 12lbs 4 oz already at 5 weeks, I find the baby bjorn hard going on shoulders and back and pulls on csection wound plus had our six week check early and my doc thinks he could have hip displacia in one hip we have to go for scan. I've only used sling once so obv if he has it's due to other factors but obv this leaves me reluctant to use it again. Great if you know where a group is xxx

    Thanks Sarah, I do have a baba ? Sling but he hates it, he is 12lbs 4 oz already at 5 weeks, I find the baby bjorn hard going on shoulders and back and pulls on csection wound plus had our six week check early and my doc thinks he could have hip displacia in one hip we have to go for scan. I've only used sling once so obv if he has it's due to other factors but obv this leaves me reluctant to use it again. Great if you know where a group is xxx

    Thanks everyone,I live in forest row East Sussex. I don't know if there are any groups locally ? Info about baby bjorn !!! It's the one I have :( . Elf queen of Rohan? Really you could send me one?

    I do keep telling myself it wont last forever but I hate to see him so grizzly all the time and feeling so exhausted myself, I expected to be tired but having been an m.e & fibro sufferer, sleep and diet are important, I thought Id be able to do the thing of sleep when the baby sleeps but he doesnt sleep much and i am struggling to keep my energy up because of diet, thankyou for help x

    Thanks Kaiya
    What are lactation cookies? The book sounds good, this is what i need, some dietry advice , Im struggling as I spent the whole day and night feeding , he probably feeds twice every hour all day, or tries too, Im co sleeping and cant get him to settle any other way so going to the loo, making a drink and food are becoming almost impossible, he hates the sling although i persevered this week and managed to get him to be a bit calmer in it but it really pulled on my csection scar which isnt healed properly :(

    He is having cranial, had first session yesterday, and going again next friday, not been checked for tongue tie at all? Had a hard day, he was up most of the night and all day today until we both had a sleep at 4 til 5:30, awake again but his dad has got him for an hour whilst i have a break, he is crying alot and i know its hard to tell if your making enough milk but there just doesnt seem to be much going on there. He is 5 and a half weeks old, was 10lb 9 when he was born and is 12lb 3 not, im not sure that is much of a weight gain, ultimately I just want a healthy baby and im worried Im starving him :(.. i have had so much conflicting advice from professionals, Im tired and hate not knowing what to do :( but maybe this is parenthood. x

    Thanks everyone, that helped a lot, I decided to exclusively breast feed this week to see how it went especially as he was so sick last weekend after having formula and colicky, he has been much happier ie not colicky and not as sick, it has been tiring as he demands feeds a lot! Possible twice every hour in day and less at night , I'm still not sure he is getting enough from me though, we had docs yesterday and he had gained 5 oz in 8 days.. It looks fairly normal well low end of average. It's so hard and find it so stressful worrying if he is getting enough :( . As he crys a lot it's hard to establish if he is more content and not hungry xx

    Hi guys
    My son is 4 weeks, he was nearly 11lbs when born and im a tiny 5ft 2 size 8 normally! He is constantly hungry and doesnt sleep much, wants to feed all the time, in the first 2 days he lost 12 percent of body weight due to not getting enough milk from me and id also had a csection due to problems. The midwife told me he would have to be readmitted to hospital or try formula to top him up as hed lost so much, id wanted a home birth but couldn't so came out of hospital as soon as i could as they were ignoring me over his wieght loss issues, anyway i have been topping up about 2 small bottles a day after he put his weight back on, but he still seems hungry to me, ive been hoping that id be able to just breast feed and have tried it on certain days but he is so angry and hungry and doesnt sleep. Im thinking that i might have to up it as i just dont seem to produce enough milk for him.. im getting v tired as awake all night trying to feed too.. im trying to rest and eat enough but struggling in day to eat anything other than snacks and am constantly craving sugar which isnt like me, and chocolate! Its hard to make any lunches etc as he wants to be on me the whole time, doesnt cope well with a sling and i cant put him down as he gets distressed!
    Please help! any tips on anything i have written and diet advice would be greatfylly recieved, xxx