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    I like the sound of changing to diesel. I had thought that would be too complicated but you have given me some confidence to seriously look into this option

    it really isn't complicated at all (it can't be, i can do it!) and as i say i'd be willing to come and give u a hand doing it, i've done it to a few before with no problems. and i haven't changed the diff or back axle on any of them and they've been fine. and in my opinion the transit 2.5 Di is one of the best engines ever built, reliability, reasonable economy and speed (but they do vary, i've had ones that struggled to manage 70 mph, but had one that'd do 100 mph!) let me know what you decide!

    it really is looking good Jay, and giving me loads of inspiration to get on with my wagon (which i am doing slowly away!). really impressed with some of your ideas and love the kitchen area, i'll have to come visit again soon and see which other ideas i can steal from you! as i know you won't mind lol!

    or its an easy job to convert to diesel, u only have to swap the engine and run an extra fuel line to the tank for the return (easiest to swap the sender unit for one from a diesel at it has the extra return pipe). engines can be bought easily for about 200 pounds and it will make all the difference, i've done it to several petrol transits and only takes a day to do! i could come and give u a hand one weekend if you decide to go this route? or i know someone round here that'd do the whole job quite cheaply?

    well thanks again everyone for the information, it seems i have more research to do before investing in the panel. they are definitely for a house but i thought i might be able to 'regulate down' somehow the output?
    and i do intend using LED lighting eventually and the 12v adaptor for the laptop sounds a good idea too.
    once again, thanks everyone for the info, and i'll be checking out the panel more thoroughly first

    thanks everyone, it seems its a lot simpler than i first thought then, basically all i need is a regulator? rated to cope with the 190w panel? i'll go search!
    and it did seem a bargain at 150 pounds for the 190w panel after keeping my eye on a few on the net, these are off a friend who is fitting them to houses at the minute for the council. i've no idea how he ended up with a few in his garage! lol

    i have been offered a brand new 190w solar panel that i intend to fit to my wagon, but i'm not very 'up' on electrics, what else do i need to fit to the power system to enable it to charge my batteries? i've been told i need a regulator, but is there anything else i need too? and how and what sequence is everything wired in?
    also this panel is 150 pounds, which sounds cheap to me, but as i say i don't know much about them?
    and also i can get more at the same price if anyone else wants one?

    yes i knew i should of asked permission, but i had, sort of, by asking the lad who worked there! i usually do ask if there's anyone around, just out of politeness really, but didn't want to tell his boss i had to prevent him getting in trouble on my behalf.
    and yes they do make the stuff there, well sort of, they buy in the insulation then bond board to it and use it to insulate vans as they buy brand new vans and convert them to fridge vans. i had thought about asking how much it is to buy these sheets, as they'd be great for my floor insulation as it doesn't compress like kingspan etc. but i might of spoilt that chance now, unless i get someone else to ask for me!
    and Jay you'd be surprised what i'm like with skips, i can't seem to walk or drive past one without stopping to look in it! and the kitchen is looking great mate! well impressed!!

    surely removing items from skips is good for the skip user as they can get more in afterwards!!!:S
    i've been eyeing up a skip near my work that keeps getting filled with offcuts of insulation board, some fairly big, most a lot smaller and decided this morning to have a root through and take some of the larger bits for my horsewagon conversion i'm on with. i'd nearly filled my car when a chap from the company came out and began shouting at me for taking them! they are ideal for what i need and when i tried to explain that he'd be able to fit more in and surely it was better to 'recycle' it than throw it away he just replied that it was his and i was in effect stealing! still not to be reasoned with he returned to the factory from where he came!
    i had asked one of the lads who puts the stuff in the skip if i could take some and he'd said it should be ok but don't let the boss see, so i didn't want to say that i had already asked someone about it so as not to get the lad in trouble with his boss!!
    i cant understand the reasoning of some people!!
    at least i ended up with it!:D and have had a good week in the skips, having already found enough laminate flooring to do my whole truck, and a load of plastic panelling for my bathroom in another one earlier in the week!!:D
    anyway, moan over with!!

    very impressive yet again julian! its like a development from the tinderbox, as not only do u get light from the stove but hot water too from the same appliance!! genius i say, genius!! :clap:

    and i'm still trying to get my head round how u made the tinderbox ha ha!

    i feel good, i'm having a great start to the new year. got a new job, perfect for me, up and down the country erecting and taking down staging at gigs and festivals etc., with decent money, on with sorting my horsebox out and getting it liveable, and looking forward to going to Ingleton today to do the waterfalls walk! life is good!! :D

    just reading the comments after mine i think i might be to blame? as i tightened them tighter thinking they were all loose! and if they're only supposed to be torqued to 10 Nm then they were probably about right before i started!
    i think that going off the replies here i'd now try replacing the sump gasket and the lower part of the seal at the same time and hope for the best? after tightening to 10 Nm of course! :o

    i just read your post about the oil coming out of dezzy. i had this problem while i had him, but i thought i'd sorted it by tightening up the sump bolts, it definitely made a difference. at first when i put the new engine in it didn't leak at all. then after a couple of months it started leaking a bit from what looked like the bellhousing so i presumed it was the rear crankshaft oil seal, as u have. but when i tightened up the sump bolts it seemed to stop it, or at least make it a lot better. i checked this a few times, and each time the bolts could be tightened, so i presumed it was the sump seal that wasn't sealing properly and had intended fitting a new seal but never got round to it. i would try this before anything else.
    i hope you don't end up having to take the engine out, but if you do i can assure you its a really easy engine to take out once the front panel and radiator is out. if you do intend to take it out, let me know and i'll see if i can get down for a weekend and give you a hand, it would make it easier with two of us i think. when i swapped it it was the middle of winter and i only needed basic hand tools and the engine hoist. it wasn't too difficult. and i'd be interested to get to the bottom of the problem too!!
    i hope it is the sump seal though! :D

    i've been looking into this as i'm in the process of converting a 7.5 tonne cargo horsebox, and i'm in a bit of a predicament with it. the new rules have made it harder to reclassify as a motorhome, and state that it must look like a motorhome from the outside. but i want to keep mine looking like a horsebox from the outside so as to 'blend in' a bit rather than stand out as a live in van to the police etc. so i'm not too sure whether to even bother trying to reclassify it. it won't make a difference to my insurance as i have a traders policy which allows me to use any vehicle for social domestic and pleasure. i think the only advantage would be the cheaper test fee if i didn't have to go to a vosa testing site. but to find a class 4 testing station that can fit and is willing to take a 7.5 tonne wagon might be a bit harder than i first thought.
    as i say i'm still looking into the pro's and cons of it all really.

    and i think this is the easy part the 'dismantling' whats already there! the hard work (but most rewarding) is yet to come when i start rebuilding the interior!

    just need to remove the kitchen and seating area now, but will probably wait until i've got the new kitchen in, which is going near the back, along with the shower room, at the rear of the steel divider, which i'm keeping in to give a bit of rigidity to the box. it works out to be just in the right place where i was putting my wall to the shower room, so i'm now going to make the kitchen area a bit seperated to the sitting area seperated by an arch and possibly a sliding door arrangement so i can keep the heat in the sitting/sleeping area on cold nights.
    i'm just struggling finding some reasonably priced insulation! but i'm sure it will turn up eventually!!
    loving working on the box though! (still no name for her!)

    i nearly always buy 'whoopsies', the big supermarkets all reduce things as they near their sell by date, but near the end of the day they second reduce them, morrisons do it to about 10 per cent of original price, so something that would of been 2.99 would be 29p! i do it regularly and eat really well for next to nothing. i once bought £44 pounds worth of shopping for less than £4!
    you never know what you're going to be having for tea either, but you can always make something with whats on whoopsies!

    that looks a great bus mick, love the good old mercs, they seem to go on forever!! and iis nice to see dezzy#s name up there msxrayspecs! my cargo hasn't been named yet, but i'm sure a name will come out as i continue the build!

    Me too - have you thought of marketing it? Are there other 'versions' of it made by another company being sold already.
    This is a great product.

    i agree, i think this would be a very marketable product. and i'll definitely be thinking about it next year when my horsebox build is getting there!