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    I came across a very comprehensive and free on-line recipe book a few days ago that might interest some of you. It's called JSP 404 - Manual of Catering Services and is published by the MOD. I had no idea that there were so many things you can do with potatoes 😁 I don't know how to post links using my phone but a quick internet search will find it. There are over 500 pages so maybe not one to print off!

    I had a similar story LV! I lived in a village near RAF Mildenhall and Lakenheath so used to get helicopters, refuelers, F15s, blackbird etc fly over. You get used to it and a lot of locals, me included, were employed at the bases, rented houses to the yanks, partied with them etc but newcomers to the village (rich professionals who commuted and didn't spend money in the village) complained and wanted the flight path changed ffs!

    Ah thanks vanwoman84! I have to confess that she isn't normally that shiny though. It had just rained and the low sun made everything look shiny and redder than normal ☺

    Thanks ☺ I wasn't sure if I'd posted them right or not. I've only got my phone for internet access and that can make things a bit tricky sometimes!

    I'm in a 1976 Merc 608 horsebox. The box is all aluminium so I really only need worry about rust on the cab. I had a welder fix the bottom half of the doors and the steps but otherwise the rust hasn't got too bad a grip yet for a 40 year old truck. As everyone says, not much power on hills and top speed around 54. I usually plod along at around 40 to 45 though ☺ Bits have been easy to get and cheapish. I've replaced starter motor, exhaust silencer, front bumper and a few odd bits and pieces. Tyres are a bit difficult to get hold of though. Loads of space inside! And I get around 22 mpg.

    I did the same as Colin M and found the same thing. It was really convenient cos I could have a shower at work and there's a canteen, gym, bar and shop! But not getting away from the site did my head in :-( I now have my truck parked on a friend's bit of land and use an old car to get to work and back.

    It seems that the rubbers are no longer available individually and i had to buy the whole drag link. I ordered it yesterday afternoon and had it at 8am this morn! Access is good so I'll hopefully get it fitted in the next day or two....

    Well my truck failed her MOT today. It was the first time though in the 5 years that I've had her and only for minor stuff. One of the items was sharp edges on the bumper where it rotted through. The tester said stick gaffer tape over it for the retest. The only other item was that both drag link ball joint gaiters are badly split. Apparently these were not a MOT item until recently? Anyway, I've got some on order but wondered if it will be a simple job to fit them! It looks easy enough but knowing my luck there will be a hitch somewhere!

    It's about -3 at the moment where I am. The burner is going so warm. One problem I have though is that I can get too dry with the burner. My bed is over the cab and heat rises so I get thirsty in the night, drink water then need to get out of bed for a pee! Can't wait for the spring!

    Thanks for your reply :-) The engine is a robin dy27 but the genny bit is a power gard made by osh kosh. It's several years old but had been used for less than an hour from new! I changed the oil, ran it for 30 mins then changed the oil again. It's not very quiet but runs sweet. I think Robin is owned by Subaru now but i could email them and see if they reply.

    I've been given an american 3.3kw diesel genny but i can't figure out how to wire it up! It has two outputs, one is 110v and the other is 110/220v which is the one I want to use. It takes a 4 pin nema plug which is the bit that confuses me. From what i can work out there are two 'hot' wires, an earth and a neutral. Using one hot and the neutral gives 110v and using both hots but no neutral gives 220v? What i can't figure out is how to connect an extension lead to the output so that i can charge batteries, run power tools, etc. Would i use one of the hot leads as an earth? I really don't want to fry myself, my truck or anything else so any help would be appreciated :-)

    I'm in a horsebox with my bed over the cab and a lot of the time I got too hot and thirsty last winter if I kept the burner going all night cos the truck is well insulated and the heat rose to where I was! In the end I would
    let the burner go out when I went to bed unless it was going to be really cold and just use a hot water bottle if necessary. I used a few layers of duvets and could add or remove them as necessary. And I wore a woolly hat it was about £3 from Asda.

    This will be my first festival for about 35 years! This might be a dumb question but, apart from obvious things like some cash, food, and somewhere to kip, are there any less obvious things I should take?

    I use boatmail for my bank details, driving licence, v5, insurance, etc. They can give you a proper address and ive used them for 3 or 4 years. I get an email whenever they forward something to me and it just takes an email when i want to change where they are sending my post to. :-)

    Does india do next day delivery? Its just i look like ive robbed a bank n got the dye all over me

    Ah, now the truth is coming out! This hammerite nonsense is a ruse to put us off the scent! Send me half the cash and I`ll keep quiet about the matter ;-)

    Ill be going. Planning to arrive on the thursday.ill be in a red horsebox with a uk hippy sticker in the windscreen so please feel free to say hi if you are passing. :-)