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    Yes I have been down in the states and I have been asked if I live in an igloo and drive a team of dogs like in the movies. This was only about a 2 hour drive south of the border as well not really far from Canada. Do they really think things are that different once you cross the border? It is not different then there really but for some strange reason they seem to think as soon as you cross the border it is like the dark ages and we skin seals and live in igloos and eat blubber??

    I nearly peed myself laughing at their stupidity. They seem to think no one is advanced as them and they are a super country.

    We have food banks here in Canada and a place they call winters inn that only is open only during the winter for the homeless to sleep in at night as the winter nights are hard here. Safeway sends all there day ld bread and stuff they can't sell there but like you I know places like Costco I have seen them bin whole pizzas because the time was up. Why couldn't they box them and send them to homeless shelters it just makes me so upset to see them put them in the bin. So wateful! There has to be a way to get these big companies to stop wasting so much food when so many are going without. I would love to try to start something here But I really don't even know where to start??? If you have any words of wisdom I would love to hear them!!!

    My friend's Dad use to tell us in the second world war , when the Germans shoot duck , when we shoot the Germans duck , but when the yanks shoot everone ducks . seams they haven't got any better

    Nope they shot right into the back of a personal carrier once well marked with UN markings????

    I tend to use universe when I am refering to the entire oneness of things not just one god or godess. Or when refering to mother nature as a whole.

    Is there dates for this??? I am planning a trip over for a month next year and would love to plan it around some sort of a gathering or Festival or something I could attend while I am there!

    The Yanks aren't the brightest crayons in the box thats for sure I am sure they have to have the names on T-shirts so they don't shoot each other for being too close to the president with a weapon. Come on the boys were warned to watch out for them when they went to war not the Afgans. They were told to watch for friendly fire from the Americans as they had killed a number of soldiers already when my ex went over. :whistle:

    People who que jump HELLO there is a que for a reason we are all waiting for the same thing you can't just walk in here and go to the front of the que and figure we all will just stand here and say nothing. DUH!!! :wall:

    Thanks Sal! Nice to see you around.

    I have had a few things published both on line and in books already so I guess I have started the journey there.

    I will never finish my short story as I get all pissy and delete it more often then not. I find my poems seem to be the only writing of mine that I keep.

    I will check out the sites you posted and keep my fingers crossed I can get a small book of my own published some day. I am in no rush just something I want to do before the end.

    Someone there didn't collect their brain cell at the door thats for sure. Since when wasn't a fich an animal. I personally do eat a bit of meat but my youngest son does not eat meat or fish of any kind.. I find that unreal that they would say something so stupid but I did learn long ago ready labels is better then trusting the stores little picture of a vegtable as what they consider vegetarian friendly and what is vegetarian is a different story.

    Ok took that first baby step here I registered at Now I just have to get excited enough about my work to publish it I guess. I have never thought it was really all that good but others seem to like it???? Heck I might even go so far as to make my own calendar from some of my pictures for friends and family. (head gets bigger)

    It was just those crap books put out by that no matter who's poem is published the front page is their poem. You know the one. No one who would be able to publish a whole book for me. I just figure what the heck but I doubt anything I ahve is really good enough for a whole book of my own. I have about 25 to 30 of them going back years but doubt they are worth the time really just a pipe dream of mine!!!!

    Quote from barefoot_boo

    The answer to your prayers:

    I've self-published through them and the whole process and quality of the finished product is absolutely first class. A very economical way to publish.

    Will that site work from Canada too or is it just a UK site???

    Quote from Dark Scout

    What kind of books do you write (sorry, no help, just curiousity)

    Mainly poems but I have done a couple short stories as well but nothing worth even thinking of publishing in the short story department. I have a number of poems I would like to combine into a book. I have had 3 published in books but I would like a book all my own. Yes I am greedy!!!:reddevil:

    Does anyone know how you go about this sort of thing. I have been told by a number of people a number of times I should get a book of my poems published. I currently have 3 published in books but I was seriously thinking of publishing my own book but have no clue how to start the process. Anyone????? help????

    I have three tattoos and 6 piercing in my ears. I had the tragus on my left ear pierced but it grew out I am thinking of trying again but with my right ear this time. I am hoping to get another tattoo soon of three hearts on my wrist one for each of my children.

    There are a number of things you can do in bed to stretch and help loosin up the muscles before you get up, go to the library and find a good book on basic yoga and a large number of those can be done before you rise. I spend 45 minutes to a hour each morning stretching before I even try to get up.

    This web site is good too:

    These books are good too:…_2_14/202-2528827-8561433…_2_20/202-2528827-8561433

    I live by these books they are like my bible on it!!!

    This one is good too for help with diet:…rvi_1/202-2528827-8561433

    Hope some of these help. You should be able to get them in your local library if you can't afford to buy them!!!

    OK I have arrived all!! :insane: Sorry I am so late but I recently had a hysterectomy so haven't been on line all that much.

    Yes I have had Fibromyalgia for over 11 years now and it is the nastiest thing I have ever had. I never REM sleep and I ache 24/7, my hands are the same as yours freezing and blue one minute and red, hot and swollen the next. The three most helpful things I have found are WEED (not hash), yoga and meditation. In Canada you can get a permit to grow and smoke for certain conditions and Fibromyalgia is one of them so I am quids in. The other very important thing (which I haven't been doin so well with) is stress. You need to avoid as much stress as you can but I am going through a nasty divorce at the minute so I can't seem to keep that in line.

    I have to say Amitripilyn (sp) and shit like that didn't nothing much for me unless I took like 7 pills at night and then I only slept about 1 hour longer then I did without them so I have to say I just binned it as I found I hate the chemicals too much. I slowly weened myself off them and smoked more. I tend to smoke and go straight to bed and I crash rather easily and can at times sleep 4 hours at one time which is unheard of for me without my smoke. I basically exist on 2 to 3 hours sleep a night most nights and if I smoke I can maybe at a push manage 4 1/2 hours. After 11 years you sort of get used to it. Meditation just before bed is good as well as a massage if you have someone around who can do it. NO caffine at all if you can swing it which means no black teas, coffee, colas, chocolate etc as they really play havoc with your system. I love herbal tea so I am OK and I have to admit I do sneak a diet lime coke every now and then but pay dearly for it. MSG and aspertame are also some of the thing I personal find effect me. But it was a lot of trial and error with me.

    Well enough for one post as it is my first and I have run on forever. Feel free to ask me anything you want I am open and up front nothing really phases me. I will tell you what I know and do what I can to point you in the direction of places you can get good info too.

    Love & Laughter

    EDIT: I never read all the posts I don't have the time at the minute but wanted to pass on what I could now. Peace and Love all!!!!