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    Quote from Flibbertigibbet

    I think thats what they mean when they ask me..:rolleyes:

    Also people in all seriousness say "what on earth do you eat " as if they cant believe there is anything but lettuce ..

    i get that one and they also tell me I'll make myself ill:frust:

    Quote from beautiful_day

    Pumpkin seeds are one of the best sources of zinc ;)

    holland and barrett have just started selling organic pumpkin seed butter...Mmm Mmm much nicer than peanut butter :D

    *runs off to buy some*:wub:

    Quote from StarFly

    I have that trait also.. I have listened to that trait since I was your age Claire.. learn to trust that trait no matter what... i have found over the years that alot of my paranoia comes from not listening to that inner voice or denying its insistance. It will serve you better than anything else mate. Its not a gift (imho) .. all of us are born with the ability to see things how they really are.. its just along the way people forget how to do it and become confused by societies paranoia and suggestion.. women have a stronger recollection of this faculty than men (imho) although I am fortunate to be surrounded by men who are very strong at seeing through bullshit and straight to the core :D

    It's definitely one of the things that comes as you get more confident and dare i say older?:eek:

    I think you stop getting confused by all the fluff around things and stop caring as much what people think of you, therefore begin to call it as you see it!

    If something smells of shit, it usually is shit hahahaha

    ... and sticking by your principles:broc: damn lurve that funky dancin:wiggle:

    It's important to me to speak my mind more than ever before, to allow my logical thought and intuition to work hand in hand

    I have a gift for seeing things as they are,i'll be listening to that gift more often in future

    that's the latest step forward for me... and so is important

    What's important in life?... accepting yourself and others despite our failings... but not letting those failings cause harm

    Doing your best, but not forgetting to live and have fun

    Looking after your mind and body

    Learning from the New Labour episode... i.e. not being fooled

    Quote from matthew

    Just after hearing about those runners after the marathon .. the other week. Just wishing to continue communicating with you within this realm [if you know what i mean].

    well it shouldnt be too warm in november...which was part of the problem with the northern run

    plus, i already do 5k runs (on top of one hour training sessions) so am prepared for what it entails

    will be building up to 10k cross country runs over the coming weeks

    my legs are hard as rocks:broc:

    Quote from Earth Whirler

    True but then, hormones are affected by diet and environmental factors. However, I don't know the extent that hormones can be controlled by food but there are obvious things such as pre-menstrual woman shouldn't have sugary foods although they'll probably get cravings. Urgghh, I dunno, it's all so complicated!!!

    sure is!

    I know my spots are a hormonal thing..grrrr:(

    have 3 big buggers right now...the antibiotics were keeping them away, but am controlling them pretty well without the tablets so far

    taking antibiotics for years cant be good for your friendly bateria, plus they were gelatine coated

    so true

    diet exercise and relaxation (of the mind too...meditation etc) really help you stay fit

    i only ever get ill when i've not been looking after myself

    I got psorasis because of stress...partly hereditory but the trigger is stress

    although somethings are hormonal

    Quote from matthew

    I try and do my bit... 'Protesting' is not really my cup of tea to be honest.

    I do hope you are training well, and taking medical advice..

    been training ok til last friday when i got a cold/throaty thing

    should be ok to start again in a few days:)

    i think its cool thanks:)

    we dont all have time to actively go and do demos giving money if we have it is part of helping's amazing that so many people give so much:)

    I dont have much time myself for protesting etc like i used have found stuff like this a good way to keep my fingers in the pie and keep helping in my own way

    we all do our bit in our own way dont we:)

    Please sponsor me online at:
    Thankyou soooo much ... Hugs xxxxxx
    Help the Aged Leeds Abbey Dash

    Now in its 21st year, the Help the Aged Leeds Abbey Dash!!!

    Date: 27 November 2005
    Location: Leeds
    Where your money goes
    Last year the event raised a staggering £40,000, enabling us to fund projects aimed at reducing loneliness and isolation.

    family's been great

    work mates can be antagonistic...

    i never really mention being vegan...but one or two always try to get an argument going...

    i just smile and ignore them

    if they ask me questions, i'll answer them, but the stupidity of the same dull, immature arguments spewing from their mouths each day just bore me.

    they constantly try to "catch me out":rolleyes:

    it's so sad:sleep:

    they come up to me whilst i'm eating and stand over me going "err, that looks gross..."

    i could go onto a full rant on how gross their food looks to me...but it's what they i dont

    why do some meateaters bully you so much?...LEAVE ME TO EAT MY LUNCH IN PEACE!

    I stole this recipe off another website...but tis good, so I'll share it with you.

    Vegan Yorkshire Pudding

    4oz Self Raising Flour
    Pinch of Salt
    1 tsp Lemon Juice (I used it out of a bottle not fresh)
    1/4 pt Plain Soya Yoghurt
    1/4 pt Unsweetened Soya Milk Sieved the flour and whisked in the lemon juice, yoghurt and milk, added a drop of extra soya milk to make the mix slightly runny and baked it in a muffin tray, which made about 7 Yorkshires.

    Cruelty free Sunday lunches:D

    Do you ever watch super nanny on the telly?...She makes games out of meal times. She turned round a kid who was scared of food last week..

    She gave him a choice of 2 healthy meals, then rewarded him on what he ate too.. she also got him involved in growing a tomato plant...

    It's one of the few progs on telly I find interesting...she's against hitting children too.. does this naughty step thing.

    Today, I'm feeling very good:)

    I was ill Friday and Saturdy, but am starting to feel better... I think because of diet and aromatherapy...which has made me feel empowered:D

    Have got used to summer being over now...:mrgreen:

    Quote from Earth Whirler

    Eucalyptus in the bath works wonders, even if it makes you feel better for half an hour.

    man...I just love adding essential oils to the bath, I've never been one for bubble bath.... sea salts and oils are the ticket... a few candles....Live Dead on the CD player *sigh*... its soooo relaxing:) .

    Ylang Ylang's good if you're sharing the bath;)... sorry, I digress:angel:

    Well I've got my first virus of the season....grrrrr

    My own fault cos I've been eating junk for two weeks following an extra long and emotional period:reddevil:*all the men run away at this point*:insane: how to stave off colds and bugs?...

    Well, avoid dairy, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar and refined foods for a start.

    Eat shit loads of vegetables and fruit.

    A new study said that echinacea dosn't help your immune system as once thought....however I still drink my yogi-echinacea tea just tastes great if nothing else!

    Don't let yourself get over tired!...I missed this golden rule and now have the sniffles:(

    Anyone else got any tips?...

    *huggles* Claire:)

    Quote from Earth Whirler

    For example, B12 is from bacteria so cheese is quite a biggy in that department. Your best bet is to have fortified foods like marmite or brewers yeast which have other b vits. added.






    Quote from Doktor Atomik

    I have this exact problem. It's what got me smoking again over the summer - too many pub visits and sunny beer gardens. Ho hum. On the bright side, a trip to hospital and three days confined to a bed has helped me kick it again :thumbup: