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    Quote from Dapablo

    :wave: :clap: Well done, now all we need is the photo to prove it. :)

    Hmm well... photos were supposed to have been taken of every runner... but when I looked up my name it's not me in the photo :(

    I wrote to sportscam to tell them, but they just said it was hard to tie the photos up with the 4500 people that did the run as they go on the bib numbers which are sometimes hard to make out.:mad:

    Apparently this lady is me:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm:wiggle: I never do look good in photos, but perlease :insane:

    Quote from Lozi

    blondia c70's? eh? my hair's still blond...mmm tasty roots are starting to come woohoo! :D

    i did some backcombing meep! :O

    yeh!! you look like my idol Ms D Harry :D *hubba hubba* :eek: :D

    Yeh I liked it a lot... we are all in this together. I'm not overly spiritual, but that line rung true for me, it's crazy crazy the way we all are... yeh, it would be nice if we all remembered we are all in this together.... none of us know why we're here or what / if we have a purpose.... It'd be cool if we could find solice in being in this crazy life together instead isolating / fighting etc... at best we're lost and silly, at worst we're lost and on the offensive.. ododododdodo...

    I'm not in any mood to jump on a nice sentiment made in the best of spirits... it's lifted me up... so it's cool by me :)

    Quote from Flibbertigibbet

    apparently there is fish oil in orange fanta drink yuk

    nooo... really?? *disgusted and horrorred look*... eek I've drunk that shit, like a few months ago :eek:

    Please tell me this is a joke I'm too tired to get :puppydog:

    Thanks kate, becki and Perthite :badger:

    Quote from Dapablo

    Only a few weeks now Claire, 10K runs yet ? :)

    Did my first 6 mile run on Sunday....OMG IT WASN'T PRETTY!!!!!!!!!:sos:

    Sponsership's tipped over £100 online,... and I have £130 from sponsers back home... so we've got to £230 already!!!!! :badger: and still yet to go round work...

    If anyone fancies a laugh... come see the run on the 27th... I will look like shit after it for sure so many an embarrassing photo opportunity
    guaranteed :mrgreen: :o :mrgreen:

    Help the Aged sent an email the week before last thanking everyone for their donations so far... so big big thanks:mrgreen:

    Lots O Love Clairexxx

    I've been veggie for erm, 15 years... and vegan for 1 year

    Have you ever strayed off your chosen diet?

    This ain't a "who is the best vegan/ veggie" thread here...just be honest... no judgements :)

    Most of us were omni's for years before making a conscious decsision to change our diet.. it's not a bad thing to like the taste of meat or dairy... it's the way we're brought up for the main part

    It's great that so many people have chosen to take meat and / or dairy out of their diet...even if it's just cutting down

    Many people don't crave meat or dairy, but many do... I know I find it hard sometimes and I have very strong views on animal rights

    What are your weak points, and how do you overcome them for the sake of your ethics? Forget what you should do if you were perfect! How do you personally be the best you can... respecting animals wise?

    Thanks Cxx

    Quote from Doktor Atomik

    Guys..... I'm not being funny, but this is a veggie and vegan forum. Veggies will mention cheese from time to time, and I don't wanna see every thread where cheese is mentioned turned into a discussion on the ethics of dairy. If you want to discuss the ethics of dairy, by all means start a thread on it.

    No discussion needed, I was agreeing that Cheese tastes good, but i personally cant eat it anymore and giving my reasons why.

    No-one's starting a debate or argument, we're just exchanging ideas, I'd hate to see vegan's contributions to threads edited just because they choose to not eat dairy anymore :(

    There's a difference between a brief ponder on shared ethics... and a whole discussion on ethics..

    I always preffered Brie myself ;)

    Quote from Dancing

    And as for veggies all knowing the cruelty & death to calves, no, I never knew it for about 8 yrs eating veggie, until I looked into it.

    ditto... you feel like you're doing the best you can by being veggie, til your eye's get opened... I still love cheese as a taste thing, but I physically cant bring myself to eat it after I've seen the background to those sanitised little plastic packages sold in supermarkets. :(

    Quote from Earth Whirler

    The point you're making is irrelevant to this thread. It's obviously for vegetarians who eat cheese and the majority of veggies understand the issues involved in dairy farming. By all means start a new post regarding the dairy industry but please leave this thread on topic. :)

    I'm not sure that the majority of veggies do realise the issues involved in dairy farming, but ok, this isn't quite the thread for it :)

    Quote from showmet

    Now now, some of my best friends are Christians ... they're not ALL crazy. Well:wiggle:

    I didn't say they were crazy :)

    Although Lozi's paranoid reaction to a spirituality forum would seem to indicate as such :whistle:

    Good job homosexuals aren't as paranoid, or they could come to believe that jesus dosn't want them as their little sunbeam :(

    I come in jest :wub:

    Quote from Sanjak_of_Novi_Pazar

    Can't wait, left my job to start a new one on Monday which is very daunting, but I am going to the unconventional gathering over the weekend which I am really looking forward to.

    Anyone else going.

    nah worked today... have fun!:p

    Quote from Lozi

    i'm hungry...and thankyou
    another subforum to bash christians and be diplomatically polite about every other religion. great.

    or maybe we should have another forum for christians to bash other peoples way of life using the bible as an excuse for their offensive prejudices? great. :frust:

    Quote from Doktor Atomik

    I don't follow any religion or spiritual practice, since they all seem to contain truths and falsehoods in varying measures. I think our need as humans to create labels and structures is counterproductive when attempting to understand our place in the universe.


    I think it's cool if people use the boundries of religion to become better people, more stable etc. Sometimes personal sirituality or the need for solice can be helped by using a framework.

    My only problem with religion is summed up in this quote:

    "Some people believe their napoleon, beliefs are neat cherish them, but don't pass them off like they're the truth"

    but that could refer to any belief, whether it's religious or not.

    Quote from TREASON

    i brought some eggs yesterday. hate to admit it but ive been craving shit for a while so i thought best thing was a quick blow out and then get back on the vegan train. i did meet the chickens though and said thanks, and they looked like happy chickens to me.

    i bow down to the chicken god, and except my fate when i meet them.

    Don't worry too much, I think that eggs are maybe one of the lesser evils... If they are freerange and unfertilised there's less harm done than milking cows for milk and cheese in the bog standard dairy hell hole farm... but that's just a personal thought

    excellent thanks :)

    Quote from samsimillia

    thanks clearie, an interesting site! i dont think i saw them at BGG where were they?

    in the permaculture bit :) Where i also got my corgette plant and many a butterfly 3 weeks after!!!!!!!!!!!:wub:

    Quote from Stormypagan

    I love having animals in my life but I would rather not, if it means that animals stop being exploited, abused or murdered for human benefit.

    Thankyou for that point, it's how I feel too :)

    I do get your point Koolaid... but i think you missed Dok's.

    He wasn't saying it was wrong or right to date people of varying diets... He was just asking fellow veggies how they personally felt about it.

    Noone here is attacking your diet or saying anyone should or shouldn't date you or anyone because of their diet.

    The thread was just asking for personal feelings on what is a difficult subject that all us veggies face.

    It upsets me that this thread turned out this way, as I found it very useful hearing other veggies experiences and views :(

    I've dated meateaters, but it dosn't work. Respect for animals is such a basic thing that humans should have imo, that if my partner wasn't at that same level, then it just wouldn't work :(

    My best friend is a meateater, but he is turning veggie and eats vegan when he's with me... I don't force him, it's just how he feels.

    When we got to be friends in the beginning we talked a lot about the ethics ect of veggie/ veganism) He asked me at one point if I thought he should go veggie, or if I was upset when he ate meat... I told him no, which was a little lie, .... but I wanted him to do it for himself not me.

    I knew he would be veggie on his own terms given the facts and support... and luckily I was right :)

    I wouldn't mind if he ate meat occasionally, some people really looove the taste of meat and find it hard (especially after a few beers when you're not at your strongest mind state) to be a perfect veggie all the time.

    He's such a caring person in so many ways that the whole package is amazing in itself.

    sorry, I got slushy:barf:

    Quote from Stormypagan

    Non sweetened with no calcuim is still pretty rank to drink. Provamel and Tescos own (at only 69p) are cool.

    Asda for all it's sins do a mean Organic Unsweatened for 69p:mrgreen: