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    I really like Glastonbury but have to balance it with Big Green Gathering as it's a little hedonistic..

    It upset me to see all the trash people left all over but it was so great to see so many bands and chill out at the stones all night.

    Love Cxx

    Me and boyf have booked tickets, I got a student discount on my ticket this year too, only £70 wahey!! :D

    Would offer lifts again but not going in my car this year, no driving for me! wahey!


    funny to find this thread as I saw an advert for fostering at work a few weeks ago and have seriousley been thinking about it for the future.

    interesting reading...

    Quote from StarFly

    of course its ok :D see you on the 31st :D

    I've got flu Sar, so am stuck at home, Gutted :(

    Hope you all have a great time, am sure you will :)

    I won't send hugs cos you might catch my bug Love Clairexxxx

    To be straight I tend to buy in bulk dried peas / lentils / beans and grow herbs myself these days. Get fresh veggies from the coop and make my own burgers / curries etc.

    But have been veggie for 15 years and haven't always been as good with food / diet!

    Can't beat TESCO's for price but dead unethical :o

    My local supermarkets tend to get rid of low selling ranges so yeh, it's hit and miss... best to learn how to make your own stuff... freeze it in advance if you're stuck for time maybe?

    Love Clairexxx

    I dunno why omni's seem to need to make there presence known / justify themselves on veggie / vegan forums?

    I'm sure they don't mean harm, probably don't realise they're doing it :)

    But it gets tedious, soz my omni friends, seriousley :o

    You eat meat, ok, cool... we know!... so let's move on :insane:

    I wouldn't like this forum to go private though, cos I think it'd put up too many walls, but I see both sides... so I go with whatever the majority veggie decision is *cheesy blairite grin :insane: *

    Quote from Dapablo

    Anyone decorated their houses yet ?

    Yup, I've gone the whole hog!!!!!!!!

    Have an xmas tree, loads of bucks fizz etc... sweets / treats and tinsle!!!

    Even stayed late at work tonight and put crackers and party poppers on eveyones desks for tomorrow morning !!!!! :D :hippy: :wiggle: :insane:

    Quote from Perthite

    why do you guys find it ok to have second hand leather but not new leather?

    it's not particularily ok, but it's not funding the industry and it is environmentally sound to reuse products


    surely that's just like buying last seasons clothing? you're still buying the stuff just a year out and from someone else?

    ha ha ha :wiggle:

    Quote from Earth Whirler

    Awww that's really cool, I hope things work our for everyone :)

    Well the biggest loser is him, he wants his kids with him every minute of every day, but men arent alowed that by law...

    Stability for the girls (his children) is the most important thing in the world.. it's all odd right now:(

    It'll be ok though, yes :)

    Quote from Earth Whirler

    Just to drag this thread off this the married guy you were having issues with? Are you together now? TELL US!!!!! :whistle: :D


    He's living seperate from his family now, we're best friends pending him being a single man

    We love each other a lot, and i love his kids. His wife is quite happy to let him go, cos they havent got on for years, so we'll see what happens over the next few months :)

    I'd urge people to not buy "new" leather... but the movement to respect animal life is far bigger than one individual issue...

    If the products weren't there in the first place... we wouldn't have to double check all the ingredients in everything we consume / wear.

    I often think that we (me included at times, sorry) pick on consumers / individuals... when really the issue is much larger..

    OK, the odd person buying leather builds up in number... but it's the industry specifically that needs targetting in my humble opinion :o

    I think the majority of people, even meateaters would, choose poducts that didnt hurt animals given a real broad choice.

    We don't have that much of a broad accessable choice in todays market.


    I reakon this'll be the best yet!

    I'm not Christian but I find this time of year enchanting :)

    Went out last night and the atmosphere was electric, everyones in such good spirits!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll be spending lots of time with my family. My old boyfriend is back from the Faulklands, my best friend is back home and has just got back with his boyf :) and my fella's spending much of the holidays with me :D

    It's gonna be a good one!!!

    There's magic in the air!!

    Blue Magoe?... come out with us Xmas eve! Ya grumpy bugger :D ;)


    I have quite a lot of second hand / vintage leather clothes and an old 60's leather and fur patchwork poof.

    I wouldn't buy new leather goods, but second hand I'm not that bothered about... it kinda freaks me out that it's dead skin, but ethically I see no problem recycling old goods.


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    Offering you more drugs to counter balance the symptons?...hmmm sounds all very awful.

    Glad it's over for you...


    Quote from Dapablo

    Bet you say that to all the boys. :)

    Hope you are well, doing another ?

    Yup def, there's the Leeds 1/2 Marathon next year. I'd love to do the New York Marathon for Get Kids Going but that may have to wait til 2007.

    My company sponsored me £325 this time so hopefully they'll keep being a major sponsor *fingers crossed*

    The people are so great and it's brilliant doing something that makes a difference immediately to peoples lives.

    Plus training means I've given up smoking... bargain!