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    Ello :hippy:

    I am clearing out some gear to raise funds for Xmas presents and to get me to Tenerife again in January so fill ya boots! :)

    FORNARINA wooden and leather multi wedges with buckle - were £69.99 :eek: and are in pretty much new conditon, no scuffs or creases at all, theres no wear on the sole to speak of and they're still boxed. They say size 5 1/2 but they fit me at size 6 1/2 as well as the styles pretty open... the euro size states 39.

    MISS SIXTIES Leather and Fur (look only not real fur honest!) Coat - Medium size - kinda fits from size 8 to size 14 +... It's again pretty much as new... no problems or marks etc. A new Miss Sixty coat would be over £150 see the Miss Sixty Website

    GAS Bootcut Jeans waist 28-30" length 32".These are seriously cool but too small for me now :curse: Again these are in fab condition, a little tiny fraying at bottom but in keeping with faded style of the jeans.

    Purple Suede Mary Jane / Baby Doll / Mod shoes with heel. Again, as new condition.

    Pashmina in kinda beige, think it's raw silk or linen but not sure...

    Thanks for L :eek: KING !! :D

    Each item's a fiver plus postage. Postage on each item will be £4.50 standard parcels first class or £4.10 second class... it's up to you which you want to do?

    Love Clairexxx

    ps please ask me any q's if you're not sure about something.. sizes etc ta

    Oh bugger only just got your message eek! If you make another lot I definitely want one, will you let me know on my facebook, will message you my full name so you can find me! Gawd what a gweegious red hot day :D xxx

    Hya, just running out of lavera lipbalm so this post is a godsend you beauty!! :D Am gonna have a think of things I can swop. Might you just accept hard cash if I can't think of anything? Ta Clairexx :hippy:

    I have one of these kits left to sell from the stand I did on Wednesday promoting Organic products.

    It's obviously brand new and unopened / unused. If it goes to someone local to me I'm more than happy to give you a free demo on how best to apply the product if you like?

    freshMinerals Starter Kit

    Non-comedogenic, anti inflammatory, SPF 20, pure, water resistant, natural, oil free, fragrance free, talc free. The ingredients in Fresh Minerals allow the skin to breath and have a natural sunscreen.


    - Two Loose eyeshadows
    - Natural loose foundation
    - Radiant loose foundation
    - Natural finishing powder
    - Bahama SPF 20 bronzer
    - Powder brush
    - Face brush
    - Concealer brush

    My price on here is £35 which includes postage of around £4-£5 pounds (it's a big peice of kit!) I'll also throw in a few free organic samples for you to try :clap:

    I sold the rest on my stand for £39.99 which is the usual price I've seen in salons, although I have seen one selling on ebay with a buy it now price of £38, which is honestly the cheapest price I've seen anywhere else!

    hey claerie

    i've been thinking about that 1st turquiose glass pendant....and am wondering if you'd at all be up for a swap m'dear? no worries at all if no, but it cant hurt too ask!

    i can make all sorts of things and have some clothes up for sale too in the bizarre bizarre, if your interested...but like i said, no worries if no :):hippy::)

    good idea, I'll take a look and get back to you :D

    Turquiose design in glass, delicate 3 layer metal frame. Adjustable clasp on circular necklace. :)

    Three rings, £4 each or £10 for all three. I bought these in Las Vegas over the millenium (was it 9 years ago already??) for a stupid amount of money! They each have diamond look gems in them and are gold, rose gold and platinum look. I have sensitive skin and usually can only wear real gold or silver but these have never irritated my sensitive skin over the last 9 years and also still look brand new. The picture's rubbish but they are truely sooo pretty! PM me and I'll send you some more piccies :)

    Real turquiose on black corded neclace :)

    Bronzy double delicate chain necklace with various earthy glass beads. Butterfly design pendant with marble stones on chains.

    Black and Glass stones from silvery necklace. This wears high on the neck but the pendant part hangs lower to top of cleavage :eek: Very sexy :clap:

    This is a matching necklace and bracelet. The picture doesn't really catch the sparkliness of the stones well but basically it's got many greenie blue / turquiose glass beads in a copperish intricate chain. Both pieces hang beautifully but the bracelet particularily looks beautiful facing down onto the hand, very eastern looking.

    Intricate antique silver look neclace. Will try to get a better picture of this sorted out as this is a bit blurry. BRB :insane:

    For some reason my camera decided to focus on the bookcase behind the necklace instead of the necklace itself! Anyway you get a pretty good idea! The pendant has a small flower design in red on it covered in a kinda glass with a little heart hanging at the end of the chain... very pretty :)

    Let me know if you'd like any, Love Clairex

    Quote from LeatheratJem

    Cropredy is a very special place... Jem.

    I really enjoyed your post, it makes me really wish I was going this year now :eek: Oh for more money at the mo! I'll remember this post when planning my festies next year :)

    Quote from julianthegypsy

    I'd sort of left this as I don't want to get involved in a great long heartbreaking debate, my point is still though that it is insensitive to blokes. Winter quotes stats which I already touched on, honour killings, genital mutilation, sex trafficing etc. But the sad reality is that genital mutilation is done by women. In Indonesia the more extreme form is becoming fashionable again despite the grand mufti of al azhar mosque in cairo (the sunni equivalent of the arch bish of canterbury) declaring unequivocally that there is no islamic justification for circumcising girls and it is the mothers who are insisting on it, as they are with the jilbab. Twenty years ago you never saw one in Indo, now you stand out if you don't wear one. In east africa it's the same thing, the women take their daughters "to granny", to have it done. As for honour killings and forced marriages, who's doing the matchmaking? Lumping these horrific crimes together under the banner of "male" violence is unfairly reinforcing stereotypes and blaming men in general. That's what I can't stomach. As I said take the "male" out of the title and you won't find anyone more supportive, particularly when it comes to the violence inflicted by the kind of louts that people like James must have to deal with every day and who seem to think that it's not only acceptable but even perversely justifiable to beat up their partners. They don't get caught often enough and more should be done to change things. I just don't think that unfairly blaming some of the people who are on your side is going to help change attitudes for the better.

    Noone on here is blaming men in general for the problem of violence against women Julian. They're just asking men to stand at the side of the main womens march, I'm confused as to why you don't feel able to give women this option? If you arranged a men against womens violence towards men march and asked women to support from the sides I would respect your opinion and support you from the pavement.

    I feel we're going in circles when we're both on the same side... it's such a shame :(

    Love Clairexxx

    Good post Stu

    Well my boyf is omni. When we first got together he went veggie but over time hasn't kept it up. It's been an odd position to be in as his kids (who live with his ex) are omni too. The youngest (2 3/4 yrs) is happy to eat my vegan stuff but the oldest who's 10 has omni ways engrained and as she lives primarily with her omni mum it's not been possible to feed her vegan as it's a culture shock.

    The oldest said years ago that she wanted to be a veggie but I don't think she can get her head round it as her mum is an omni witch so downs anything to do with vegetarianisn. I don't want to add to that confusion for her therefore I let her make her own descisions and eat meat as and when she chooses.

    I hope they grown up to be compasionate to animals and not eat meat but i don't want to scare or push them into it. It's especially hard as they don't live with us full time and the rest of that side of the family are omni / old fashioned / slightly bigotted imo eeek.

    I'm in a position where I am honest about the issues and my views when asked but also don't wnat to alientate them over the issue so compromise my principles in the process.

    If only life was black n white haha!

    Have decided to keep chickens though as they eat eggs and the only way I know the eggs I get them are from happy ish chickens are if i look after them myself.

    The meat issue is harder, I guess the option I've taken is to quietly lead by example and hope they make the right descision over time.

    Love Claire

    Me and my fella are off this year... unfortuately can't take the kids... but it does mean we can drink and stay up late :pp

    Can't wait to catch more of the bands this year as last year we were tent bound from 7pm with the youngest!

    Good luck all!!

    For anyone deliberating about whether to go or not I can heartily recommend it! You'll have a great time and it won't wound your pocket too much either!

    See you there!

    Love Clairexxxx

    Quote from hippyvic

    I'm sorry Claire but I think some of your comments were out of order. Julian was making the point that men also go through hell when they are abused by a woman, and not 'whining' as you put it. I'm sorry but i, as julians girlfriend, know exactly how this affects him. Domestic violence towards women is listened to, dealt with in the best possible way and although for the woman who has experienced it it will never be forgotten, there are good services to deal with it. I have experienced abuse first hand when my ex husband used to be violent to me and I didn't do anything about it, me being silly i suppose and hoping it would go away and all that bollocks. And also, telling Julian to get a grip and join in, that is what he was trying to do and was basically told this wasn't the place for it. It has been getting to him all day and I don't think its fair. I will get off my soap box now!

    Eeek, just seen this. I don't think I was out of order, having re-read my post I see nothing I should apologise for. However I am very sorry you're upset. I genuinely understand all the points you've raised and wish you both well. I also hope you understand the points I raised also.

    Isn't it sad that there's so many lovely people out there suffering abuse? I'm sorry it happened to you and Julian, you both seem lovely. We're all on the same side here. If you still feel agreived or want to chat further please pm me as I think we have a lot in common.

    Love Clairexxx

    Quote from julianthegypsy

    Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I'm well aware of the violence that women suffer in a variety of horrendous ways. I remember arguing with someone on the death penalty thread that saying britain doesn't have the death penalty when there are up to 500 "honour killings" a year is ludicrous. It may not be legal but it's certainly a death penalty, just under a different name. Murder.. I've also argued on another thread about sharia, strongly against. I do wish you well and I'm NOT whining. Your statement that "It happens far more to men that to women", seems dismissive though and highlights exactly what I meant. There are many men who will testify to the violence done to them, not only by women but more alarmingly by the legal system when their marriages have failed. My ex was a psychopath yet I had to lose my career, my health, get bankrupted and go to court six times before they decided that my terrified kids should live with me. Just as many women are too often afraid to speak up, how many men do you suppose would go to the police to report that their wife had given them a black eye or worse. Add into that the fact that decent blokes can't hit back because they're brought up that way and that if they ever did cave in and lash out in self defense that they'd be immediately arrested because the cops would never believe them and you start to get an idea. My ex used to lock the door to stop me getting out then chase me round the house hurling things at me in attempt to provoke me into hitting back, because she was having an affair , I was divorcing her and she needed dirt on me in order to get the house and kids. She didn't want the kids, they were a means to the money. I do wish you well, and I take chazz's point about why they want to march alone. I could happily take part in a march about father's rights but I don't think I could march as a battered husband without a lot of support, the issue is so misunderstood that some lager lout might think I'm a wimp and have a go, and then I'd have to break his arms.
    Another example of what I meant is that when I took the kids to CAFCAS there was a big poster with a list of questions, at the bottom it said that if you answered yes to any of may be a battered "wife". I could of answered yes to all of them. Every hospital, social services office etc etc has similar posters, but all directed exclusively to women. It's still not enough, the violence is still there and there are increasing amounts of so called "honour" killings, genital mutilation etc which barely register on most peoples radar. They obviously need to be stopped. Good luck with it again, you do have my support in trying to end it as does ANYONE who has been a victim of abuse. When you're marching though, spare a thought for the blokes who've suffered just as much as some of you and don't see posters telling them who to call for help, it's just as wrong you know.

    Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier, I've been abroad visting my folks.

    You sound lovely, and it tears my heart in two to think anyone treated you so badly.

    I still think that it'd be a good idea for you to start something to raise awareness of this... but I don't mean to be pushy.

    I know women can be just as bad as men... I had a very bad experience with a so called friend of mine over a decade ago...

    Glad you've clarified your position as your first post wasn't clear to me...

    Love Clairexxx

    Quote from julianthegypsy

    Great, and worthy, but why is it always about men's violence? When will anyone ever do anything about women's violence towards's men? It seems to be totally taboo to talk about it and it's a nightmare. Let's see a demo about domestic violence in general and not aimed at men and I'll be there.

    The truth is that it happens to far more women than it does men, but that dosn't mean it should be ignored. If you feel that strongly about it why not arrange something yourself instead of winging about other people not arranging it for you?

    Having a march against violence towards women isn't a shun against the issue of violence against men. Issues such as these are always sectioned off, there are different charities / protests that deal with all sorts of different things. For example, just cos someone supports actions against cruelty towards animals dosn't mean they don't care or support actions against cruelty towards children.

    Get a grip man and join in!
    Love Clairex

    From an "only smoke when I drink" er

    Bahh how can you keep up will power when you're pissed! Don't even want a fag when I'm sober... 2 drinks on a Saturday night and I'm smoking like a 40 a day er. Gonna try hypno again, will try a woman this time cos the guy freaked me out... freaky old man delving into my unconscious... no thanks!

    Off abroad on Saturday so may see how I go in sunnier vistas!


    Quote from GreenFairy

    My Nans offered me a real leopard skin hat and gloves set she bought when she was my age.... That would make them about 60years old!!

    Dont really know what to do with them but im all up for having a look at some vintage things

    Wow I'll have them! :plol:

    I think even second hand leather and fur's pretty gruesome. It probably sends out a bad message wearing it too whatever your background arguments to it are.

    Having said that, I wear it! I have a penchant for vintage stuff... noones perfect and it's all been a long time dead poor things.

    soap nuts (or pods) are great for cleaning clothes in the washing machine. I put a couple of drops of essential oild in the fabric conditioner tray sometimes if I'm feeling extravagant! You don't need fabric conditioner with them so it's quite economical as you can also use the same ones a few times over. They're also completely compostable. See

    Vinegar and baking soda are indeed a powerful combination for cleaning yay!


    Quote from Laney

    I doubt I'll go again!
    Went in 94 and it was fab, went on '04 just to see macca, it was totally diferent and I hated it

    You should of hung out with meee more!!! baaaahh!