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    We have now had 12 years of no TV and throughout that time TV licencing have sent us an average of 2 letters a month. Now I know I could ring/write them and stop it but I also know that they will restart the whole process after a year, this combined with my rather stubborn nature in response to officialdom has meant that we now look forward to each letter arriving to see which of the 3 standard formats it will be ( its quiet round here!).
    The thing that really gets to me about it though is that they assume that everybody HAS a tv so if you don't have a licence you must be breaking the law.
    Now it used to be that the detector vans went round and could check if you had a tv switched on and if they were close enough could tell what channel you were watching. Once they found you with it on the inspector called immediately and it was kind of difficult for most people to deny that they had a TV when it was on in the background. However if you have a flat screen (LCD) tv they can't as far as I know pick up the emissions from the screen which they could from the old cathode ray tube type TV's so you need not fear the detector van anymore unless you have a tube tv and even in that case they are unable to distinguish between colour or black and white. So if you are struggling to pay the colour licence buy a black and white one, saves a fortune and keeps them off your back.
    Or you could be like us wood dwelling hermits and spend your days hoping and indeed dreaming that they really will send someone out, who after walking (no 4wd for TV licencing) the half mile to our shack, through the ford and four gates and an overfriendly collie will finally give me the satisfaction of being able to tell them to f**** off. Told you it was quiet round here....

    Happy trails, Whiterabbit

    Just one thing to bear in mind on the "does size matter" front in regard to land is that in order to qualify for full agricultural permitted development rights (easier planning for sheds etc) your holding needs to be at least 12 acres. This restriction does not apply to forestry.

    Well its nice to see that I can get my daily tool building fix on UK Hippy now. theres nothing so satisfying as finishing a "project" and firing it up for the first time (hopefully working!) I like the sandblaster, I once managed to frost all the windows in a brick office building whilst blasting the walls unable to see for the dust! Do either of you find that some (all?) gas bottles have a galv type coating under the paint whick can make them difficult to weld without a good grind first? And I was wondering BikeBodger what are the inherent problems with a wind powered compressor? cos I was thinking of using an old compressor pump thats sat in the corner to build something like that

    Just a couple of pointers in this. Please please make sure that all combustible surfaces are at least 16" away from your burner and from any uninsulated stovepipe when its fitted. The radiated heat can easily cause wood or ahem curtains! to burst into flames so cover and insulate any wood etc by your burner and stand it on a fireproof (paving slab) "baseplate" on the floor. When you see a van go up due to unwise fitting it doesnt half concentrate the mind!

    As to gas bottle stoves, I have a love/hate relationship with them, I have made a few of these for trucks and even tipis but the metals quite thin and never seems very substantial, especially when the lights off and its glowing!. Having said that we have the most horrible looking old bottle burner in our truck, I was going to make a new range with an oven when we got it but after using the bottle burner a couple of times I realised that it was actually the best sealed burner I'd seen and stays in really well all night so we ended up keeping it. I'm actually embarassed by it cos everyone thinks I must have made it.

    Stovepipe is very expensive for what it is. You can, if your sensible how you fit it you can use the steel industrial dust extraction/aircon pipe. It costs about £5/metre in 150mm dia and you can get bends etc as well. I have made a chimney from 5" water pipe but its heavy and the work in making decent joints is quite a lot. I did one for a mate 12m tall and I still wake up in the night thanking ..... ( insert your preferred deity here) that I didnt have to be on the roof while he fitted it. Though I did make the brackets :whistle:

    Ok, I have tried both Fox and Badger and both were absolutely disgusting! particularly the fox, if you have ever smelled fox that smell seems to permeate the meat. The Badger was oily and tasted very musky, nothing like ham whatsoever.

    But Partridge, mmmmm you lucky man!

    Tipi's ? we love em! great spaces for doing whatever you want, a rainy day doesnt seem so bad with a fire and being able to stand up, early summer mornings you can just lie there whilst the nylon nightmares turn into little ovens in the sun. we seem to have ended up with 5 of the beauties somehow! Festies are great with that immediate sense of "belonging" wherever theres a tipi field. Unfortunately the days of free glast tickets are no more but it was good while it lasted, I can't help but smile when I see the tipi rentals, summat was lost when that started. Now for the BUT's. First they are not that quick to get up , overnights are no fun. Takes us about an hour with our 18ft to have it lined and all finished. If its raining stay another day, wet canvas is very heavy and gets mouldy pretty easily if its put away like that. Mice also like to spend the winter turning good canvas into holey canvas, beware!. The worst for us has been squirrels, put our 14ft up in a wood for a few weeks an the little dears had eaten half the smoke flaps. Camp site managers may look a little "troubled" when you start putting it up, hiding the car with the poles round the corner and booking in before they get the full effect can be useful. As to poles, I have a love/hate relationship with those, I hate the work that goes into a new set just finding the right size tree to cut takes ages let alone stripping them. I actually like having them on the vehicle travelling, it gives people an idea of what your about and its amazing the people who come over to talk to you when they see them. I do still have happy memories of driving out of glasto on day2 with a full set of poles (19fts) on the roof of a fiat panda, nudging people very gently with the tips cos we had no horn. Its beautiful looking up at the crown once its all up, such an organic shape somehow.For all that I love tipi's I must say that tents are very practical especially the small size they take up when packed tho they've got no soul, but if I had a choice today I would think about making a small yurt. Lets hope my significant other doesnt read this as thats sacrilege to her!


    For what its worth its illegal to shoot deer at night (1 hour after sunset till 1 hour before dawn) in england and wales with or without the landowners permission. This is not the case in scotland where deer can be shot at night if they are causing "damage" . So basically if you see anyone shooting deer at night they are acting illegally and you should ring the police.

    Hope you do better than my visit to the vets - took stray cat who we called "oscar" to vets to have him looked at and booked in for castration if necessary. Vets laughed at me as "he" was apparently a "she". So booked "her" in to be spayed and changed name to something a little more female. went to collect "her" after the op a few weeks later only to be told by same vet that it was male after all , had already been castrated but they didn't find out until they opened it up! 5 years of training for that! and to add insult to my poor injured (by vet) cat they actually sent us a bill for it all :(

    I was on a permaculture course once when we were all asked "what do you like most about yourself" I can't remember any other answers but one has always stuck in my head it was from Mike Feingold (I'm sure some of you will know him) and he said (paraphrased) " That I need very little to live" and when you looked he was right, he had a laptop and a few other bits which he could carry with him but nothing else , yet he's probably done as much as anyone to spread premaculture in the UK and elsewhere. Those words always come back to me when I look at the enormous pile of tat I have collected and it encourages me to give away what I don't use to someone who will, I just wish I could be a bit better at it!

    I'm with StormyPagan on this one we tried not to give our little boy, now 3 guns etc but he just picked up sticks and pretended they were guns instead. I can't say he got this off TV we don't have one, or Electronic games,no-one plays them in our house, So I am forced to think its most likely nature not nurture that boys want guns,girls want dolls. I do worry though about the trivialising of death in games and on TV and would'nt want either of my kids exposed to that until their a lot older.

    Quote from s0ck

    I find builth is usually more full of cruisers than superbikes......its a 27 yr old festival. theres music and alcahol n lots of funky stalls what more do u want.

    thats kinda like the attitude we get from the chavs who live in builth wells.

    negative attitudes.

    a sense of humour :rolleyes:

    You know, I'm going to eat humble pie here!, I checked the facts for muntjac calibres in the BASC website and they categorically state that not less than .240 and give as a ref the deer act 1991. So I just thought I'd check that out and muntjac and chinese water deer are NOT in the schedule of species for the 1991 deer act. This has the effect then of placing them in no "official" category regarding minimum calibre so it would appear to be legitimate to kill them using any calibre rifle or in fact shotgun and whilst I am NOT saying this should be the case you could legitimately shoot them with an air rifle!. Seems ludicrous but there you go.

    Ater that "deer" crack i'm going to get picky! Muntjac are classified as deer in england and wales (dunno bout scotland) and the min .240 applies to them equally, though there is currently a review by defra underway which seems likely to recommend the change in the law to allow .22 centrefire to be used for "smaller deer" Never liked muntjac much meself always thought it was a bit stong flavoured but they are getting pretty common here now so maybe time to think again?

    OK couple of quick points, firstly a .222 rifle is illegal to use on deer in england and wales. The deer act specifies a minimum of .240 developing at least 1700 ft/lbs muzzle energy thts in england and wales though in scotland you can use a .222 on roe.Secondly, I eat meat I have killed and eaten everything from a rabbit to fallow and red deer also sheep and goats. Now as far as I am concerned I think that if you are not prepared to do the killing, dressing etc you have no moral argument to justify you eating meat, if you couldn't kill it then you shouldn't eat it. Rabbits,deer etc are a wild food just as much as pignuts!

    just realised that the expression used ws .222 for "intermediate game" not sure whats meant by that so I apologise for assuming deer!

    Heres something scary from the BBC educational website:

    "The RSPB[FONT=Trebuchet MS, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]1[/FONT] conservatively estimates that there are around 9,000,000 cats in this country and they kill in the region of 275,000,000 small animals each year. That figure of 275 million includes 55 million birds. That only works out at about 30 kills per cat per year. As many cat owners will testify, their cat may make 2 or 3 kills per day if it's a very good hunter. These numbers are astounding! It's difficult for people to visualise or otherwise comprehend just one million. The entire human population of Britain is less than 60 million and yet cats manage to kill almost that many birds in Britain alone, every year." :(

    hard to believe isn't it!

    OK Dolly, no your not being thick, but the reason that the feeders are out is to "hold" the pheasants in an area so they can be driven by the beaters over the guns on a shoot day. Hand feeding holds them better as they have to turn up at the same time twice a day usually in response to a whistle to get their feed but its a lot more labour intensive so lots of shoots now use feeders and just rear a few thousand more to compensate for losses. I promise you that the pheasants won't starve they are quite capable of finding what the need its just that if you remove the food they will move away from the area where people want to shoot them

    Oh I forgot to say does anyone remember the canyon all lit up with candles at night? that was so beautiful the kids were totally enchanted by it and my little girl wanted me to have my birthday party in there, not a bad place to turn 40 I thought!

    I know this threads a bit old but in case you want it here's a quick lesson on trashing pheasant feeders. Just get a bucket of water and tip it into the (full hopefully!) feeder In a day or two all the grain will swell and begin to sprout permanently blocking the feeder and its very difficult to get that swollen grain out. As for snares/traps etc don't rip them up, piss on them, its impossible to detect and I can't believe its illegal and any fox or in he case of traps smaller mammals will give it a wide berth for some time.

    And now for confession time, I was a gamekeeper for a few years until I saw the light :whistle:

    The turbines thing is interesting Crap Muppet, I feel a real NIMBY hypocrite for having opposed a wind farm near us especially as I actually have my own wind generator. The problem that I see with windfarms is that very rarely are they owned locally, the one going to go up 300 yards from my cottage was owned and controlled from germany with each turbine being 80 metres to the hub giving an overall height of 140metres thats BIG!, the farmers whose ground they go on are always in favour as the payment per turbine is usually in the region of £5000 and I know of one "poor hill farmer" by Newtown who has 44 turbines on his land! The big buzzword now is "community" windfarms but this generally equates to the building of a village hall\school or something similar by the developer as a bribe to the local authority. So whats the answer, probably offshore wave power as there are always waves but the wind is rather more fickle and the sad thing is that if the government spent the premium thats given for "renewable" energy on energy conservation we would achieve a real benefit for the country. I think ( can't remember the refs) that if we all used low energy light bulbs and turned off all appliances at the wall at night we would reduce electricity use by 10% better that than to increase the generation capacity using renewables surely?