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    Brighton isn't godless, it has many gods called by other names! ;) Nor is it Godless, God is anywhere where His people are and there are true followers of God in Brighton. (when I say God, I mean the true God of love, not the fictional gay-bashing God.)

    Fraid you can't escape God! You can try though :angel:

    Originally Posted by doctor jezz
    Apparantly there is a bit in the bible saying that heaven has only 144,000 places and if you count up all the saints etc it mentions it already exceeds that.[I]

    it doesn't say that word for word about there being only 144, 000. It does mention that number of people but it never says that these are the only people who are getting into heaven. It's in the book of Revelation at the back of the bible.
    It seems a bit odd that jehovahs witnesses have to go round trying to get people to convert to jw if there's only 144, 000 getting into heaven. Surely they would have reached that number by now.

    nope that wasn't sarcasm. that is genuine. Jesus has the authority to tell demons to get lost and ghosts too. So tell that ghost to go in the name of Jesus and it will. If it doesn't then it will listen to one of Jesus' followers.

    all i know about what the archbishop said is that the media misquoted him.
    i don't really know exactly what this all about to be honest though.

    of what i understand about what he said, the media has blown it out of proportion and quoted him out of context. go on the archbishops website to see the original transcript from which most of the media seems to be getting this from.

    some catholics accept divorce by the way, it depends on the individual 'church'

    tamed dolphins! A crime against nature! :P

    Of what i understand of 'religious christianity' with its rites and rituals, as far as i'm aware, people find it hard to believe in grace. ie, their being saved from their bad deeds without works. People can't seem to accept it as a free gift, and though the ten commandments are a set of good rules, because of Jesus we're no longer bound by just trying to get all these rules down to a T. Because nobody can keep all those commandments, plus Jesus said that even an angry thought or lustful thought is as good as doing that sin! Just to make things even more challenging :P

    so that's why i would say that what i believe is more of a spiritual belief than a religion.

    religion= following a set of rules

    following jesus ie what's been called christianity is not a religion, it's a relationship with God, made possible through Jesus' death and resurrection. The whole point of Jesus coming was to free people from the 'law' that the Jews were following, the old testament stuff. Because no matter how ahrd people tried, they couldn't keep all the law, which is just as true today as it was then. Jesus came to cover all our sin and all the bad things we've done so that we are covered, even if we screw up we are given the choice of forgiveness and being seen as perfect in Gods eyes.

    christianity the religion is following rules and rites and trying to live life following the christian teachings, but not paying attention to God Himself, not getting to know Him, essentially.
    That is what Jesus was against.

    Quote from Atomik

    And everyone's personal relationship with god is different.

    everyones relationship with God is different, but in essentials, the same. Like take me, ses and ruthy for example. We all have a personal relationship with God, and it is different because it is personal. But He is the same God. I haven't even met ruthy, and i still know that we follow the same God.

    What makes you so wise and informed about who a christian is and what they follow?

    for new year i was at my brother and i's friends house with loads and loads of music centre kids, teens and variables + a bunch of proper adults/parents too. It was basically the hoodlum kids in the massive lounge and the 'grownups' in the kitchen.
    Lots of people getting drunk, taking photos, making out, eating nibbles, dancing to load music. The usual stuff. Met a national celebrities mum and was in conversation with her. she spoke very quietly and i'm going deaf anyway!

    Bit boring really, but i caught up with lots of music people so that was good i guess.

    Was better than the highly stressful new years i had in 2005 in london. ugh.

    Essentially my values in regards to sex and marriage are the same as ruthy, there's another bit we haven't covered yet.... where the bible says 'do not be unequally yoked'.
    I believe that it is better for a christian to be in a relationship with another christian. Not just to be difficult, but because then they are able to share a deeper relationship. Also, as a christian, we should be putting God first, putting God above our partner/husband/wife, and if they are not a follower of Christ also, then chances are they're gonna feel miffed and underloved, like they're not fulfilling you somehow. I would imagine.
    If i were to be married or in a relationship, i would want to share everything about myself with this other person, and when you're in a relationship with God, it's hard to share that in any deep sense with your partner, if they don't also believe.

    i'm not saying that heaven is full of puppets, i'm sorry if i insinuated that to your mind.

    I believe that the sex drive, 'lusts of the flesh' if you will, are all part of the fall, the sin in this world. It wasn't originally like that. And even if we are attracted to people, we still have a choice to act on that lust or not.
    I don't think that choice would really be choice if we were given a load of 'safe' and right options...

    Quote from elfqueenofrohan

    funnily enough (well not very humourous really) I researched that line to see if it was actually said rather than made up for the film a night to remember. and i found a religious (i assume) website that said..

    O.o this was rather a worrying thing to read and i hope that's not what you meant when you said what you did!!!!!

    what i wrote about the titanic was a throwaway comment. i don't know really what i think about it. God is the ultimate judge though, and as Creator i think He has the perrogative to do whatever He wants with the world. It just so happens that He loves us and is not a God that toys with people for fun as some people may think. I don't know if i think that the titanic situation was indirect or direct punishment from God, but as i said before...there are consequences to sin. This world is full of it.

    Quote from Atomik

    So you think that god suffers from a fragile masculine ego and feels the need to demonstrate his power in case people feel he has [strikethrough]a teensy willy[/strikethrough] a lack of omnipotence? :whistle:

    Ah, that old chestnut. If god existed before all else, then god created sin. You'd think he'd have seen that one coming, eh? Why not create a sin-free race of people to sit at his side in heaven without the inconvenience of the mortal realm as a staging post?

    you are assuming that God is male. He is both sexes, and neither at the same time. It's just easier to refer to Him and as He coz he'she is a mouthful. I don't think it's about Him being fragile and needing to prove Himself. He doesn't need to do anything. He's God. He doesn't need us. But He loves us and decided to create us.

    I think i like chesnuts. I think that if He created a sinfree race, then they would be like puppets right? The point is, He's given us the power of choice. Therefore we can choose to do things that are wrong as well as choose to do right things. I cannot claim to know all there is to know about God, but i've been thinking recently that perhaps the whole sin thing has a point in His plan.

    aren't you going a bit off-topic dok?:p oh no she di-uhn't!

    Quote from John

    Ruthy, Ses, Lozi... if God helps people (f'instance, with healing) then why aren't Christians significantly better off in all aspects of their lives than atheists and people of other religious beliefs?

    If we suddenly had health and wealth and were well off in all aspects of our lives when we found Jesus, .......that would be stupid. What would be the point in us being on earth? We may as well just go up to heaven straight away.

    I know of some 'health & wealth' churches in america and in the uk who believe that you havent got enough faith if you are poor and ill. That makes me annoyed, because whilst i do believe that God heals, i do not think it's biblically correct to assume that everyone has to be healed and everyone has to be well off and doing well in life.
    It may be part of Gods plan for you to be poor and therefore be able to reach and help those in a similarly situation. The being ill may be part of the faith building process in your walk with God, learning patience and dependence on God.

    Alot of the suffering stuff that happens to christians is character that i mean...that as christians we are equipped to deal with these situations, and should be lookin for ways in which to serve God regardless of what happens to us. It's easy to be all "yay God!" when stuff is going well, but it's a test of faith when stuff goes wrong.

    Quote from elfqueenofrohan

    I am very sceptical about this. Prayers didn't save anyone on the Titanic, except those who built rafts out of chairs to keep themselves out of the water... don't they say God will only help those who help themselves?

    with the titanic, someone did actually say "not even God copuld sink this ship" that was just asking for a sinking in my opinion!
    As for the innocent people concerned, yes that was awful. Bad things happen in the world. Just remember that massive tsunami that happened, not to mention 9/11....

    These things grieve God too, He's not sitting up there with a lightening bolt orchestrating puppetry. He cares what happens to people, but this world is full of sin and as a world full of sin, there will be twisted people abusing others, just as there will be consequences to how humankind has treated this world.