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    The japanese tattoo is stunning, not seen a tattoo like that before. It's good to see so many people getting such unusual markings. I saw someone with an eye ball being cut in half, i'm not sure what that meant but it was pretty gorry.

    A little hint I've learned over the years is the more "fashionable" it is now, the "cheaper" (as in "tacky" or "naff") it will seem later. A commitment is a solemn thing, not something of flash, passion or whimsy (as all those things soon pass), so ere on the side of solemnity (although without heading into the funereal :D ). Look for things that speak of quiet endurance; oak trees, mountains, willow trees (which bend in storms), gold & silver (which dont corrode) and calm water (which flows round obstacles).

    I like what you are saying and i agree. Simple, beautiful and enduring.

    Wow, last time i went to an averbury solstice various people got naked and there was no where near as many people there. Shame to have missed it, instead i was sitting around a bomb fire listening to dubstep and a little to much drum and bass quietly drinking in all the things people were talking about around me as well as chasing around the puppies and the cat.

    Looks good though, try and go next time.

    got tips for what to look for when buying a trailor/van etc to live in. just about to start looking for something to live in with my partner all advise muchly appreciated :) we've not got a great deal of money either so hints and tips are really really appreciated :)

    hey you i hope you spend some time visiting me.. always welcome wherever i am.

    your life looks wonderful and you look so full of life and happy fleassy happy than i have ever seen you. we've both changed so much since we last saw one another!

    i will always love you x

    but he's less of a chance of sitting them, thats my problem and yes also.. how can they cover the same things as education will. how will the cover everything, to make sure the kid will experience all the different subjects and choose what interests it. getting a fake degree is besides the point, its the learning process which is the important thing,

    Hello Everyone. This is going to cause a bit of a stir but please listen to what i am going to say.

    I have a friend, who is home schooled. Great in many ways i see why you would, but have you thought of what your children will be missing out on. Intergrating with other people their age, getting into the scarps, miss-fitting behavours children need to get into to learn basic life experiences. Their first crushes, their swapping of best mates everyday depending on who has the best sandwich. What about having all the teachers and the disapline or lack of discaplin, don't you like looking back and thinking over them days at school the silly things you did, the teacher you had a crush on, the scary dinner lady and the best club you ever joined. What about those things, where is your children you raise so sensibly at home, schooled away from all that sort of stuff thats really i think benifical to their development.

    My friend Tom, he's been braught up at home. Home school'd always, never worn a hideous uniform, been away from his folks much and what else? He's never got himself the sort of qualifications people look for these days. He's so stuck these days and where do go and what to do, he's been raised without an ability to really get himself anywhere in life. I know you want your kid to grow up, follow in your foot steps, be pleased he wasn't schooled, pleased they had freedoms other kids didn't have, revel in the fact that their oh so hippy parents decided the best thing would be to give them an alternative education. But, is it really right that you should do that. Now he's stuck with only the skills his parents wanted him to have, braught up to work on a farm sure he's knows his maths, his english, no GCSE's though, no A Levels and no chance of Uni if he wanted to. All he's got his a few Adult courses he's eventually been sent on with Computers. But in this day and age are these qualifications really enough. His best bet is to work in Sainsburys, get some experience working in a shop then attempt to get a job in PC World or something because thats something to do with the only offical course he's been sent on.

    You may agrue you don't agree with such things as qualifications, but at the end of the day your kid isn't you and it needs the best chances in life and i'm afriad how easy is it these days to get a job without decent set of qualifications... HONESTLY. I'm not talking in an ideal world where that doesn't matter, i'm talking here and now and whats realistic. When you home school your kid are you giving them the all round choices and experiences that they need to make their minds about who they are or are you leading them down the path you want, where they have only the skills you desired and nothing else.
    My friend Tom rarely knows anyone of his own age, he knows a few from church and now mostly he's meeting them off places like MySpace, is that fair? Shouldn't he be going to see people his own age, his friends from school hanging out with them because he's been given the chance to have a group of friends he met at school, college or university. He doesn't get those chances because he's not been given the choice.

    The public system aint perfect, but it does give your kids a choice in what they learn.

    So if your going to home school your kid, how are you making sure he/she still gets good life experience, how are you making sure they mix with people their own age. How are you ensuring that when they are old enough to decide where they want to take their life that they can do it with the best skills, qualifications and understanding of the big wide world that they need to make the best educated decisions? I'm asking you is your desire for alternative life style really benifiting your child?

    bootiful! bootiful and i'm not just talking about the lake!.. was lovely to wave at you the other day! see your smilie face

    Meeep is adoreable, hope he lives to be a beautiful chicken.
    i once had a chick called Teddy!

    Quote from Earth Whirler

    Gulp. I think you're gonna be out of my price range!!! You'd have to charge a minimum of £10 an hour surely.....I'd better start saving!

    sheesh.. £10.. seriously? i duno how to charge for my time,
    *waits for hocker joke* thats a big canvas tho, i could do something smaller cost less and take less time. I wouldn't know when i could do it either right now. My summer job takes a lot of my time and involves travelling about i'd not be able to probably do it for a fair while.

    Now that is dependent on size of painting i suppose! I've never sold anything so, i guess i'd have to think about the price. For something as big as that, the canvas cos me £15 and if i spent as long as 40hrs on it.... eep i'm not sure.

    We don't get to find out how we did unfortunatly they won't tell us. Strikes.

    Its funny your mister said the same thing! But alas its a present for the parents! I'd do a commision if you liked :angel: it'd be a pleasure.

    look it up in the dictionary.. and come back when you've made your mind up :harhar: how much would you honestly like to understand anyway? i mean.. part of the fun is not knowing surely!

    I was just thinking Joel, that book you gave for me to read. The Eye one, beauty is hugely based on our morals i realise too. If you read that book the things they find beautiful are in some ways completely bizare, because they have no morals, no concept of reality and now real understand of rights and wrongs. The have no bounds and see things in such a twisted manner, in that sense they are completely free'd up from whatever it is that ties us to human nature. We find beauty in life and cheerish it. They seem to find beauty in pain, death and all that is "taboo". I totally off the tracks here as usual because i'm useless at understand things correctly. But beauty seems heavily based on morals, ethics, religion. Like you are saying in your post. It seems to be totally defined in the way we are taught, the way we understand what we learn. Someone just made a post about "how can we understand the meaning of life if we don't understand, understanding".. well i suppose you have to think perhapes there are different levels of understanding and if you understood for whatever reason that nothing mattered at all, then perhapes you'd be as fucked up as those kids in that book. We are at a certain level of understanding which helps us to live, which helps us to keep on living and not totally loose it. That level of understanding allows us to say things are beautiful and give meaning to our lives. Beauty drives us, if you were to say all living things, nature, the world and all ife forms are beauty.. you've understood something haven't you, something for yourself which keeps you holding on.
    So maybe i'm just repeating myself, but it seems to me 'what is beauty' is an impossible thing to define, because each person who see's the world there way will say something different and maybe because we're baught up in the same societies we'll see things similiar to the next person, but what we veiw as beauty someone on the other side of the world might not. But i recon, beauty is what humans are in awe of. Who do you know stands somewhere in this world and isn't totally in awe of this earth in one form or other? Maybe its a beautiful view, a child, an old person, the rain, the lighting, the night, the sun, the stars theres always something natural or made by us they are in awe of, religion or faith people are in awe of that but whatever you think its still created by you or someone on earth to some degree. I doubt i'm making an sense, or saying anything vaguly to do with your thread but hey it is fun wrting it all the same. All thats useless without some crazy knowledge some well respected crazy philosophy dudes, but hey i'm cool with looking like an amateur

    Well... now i can boast a painting i did got "pwooooarr'd" at :D and how many artists can say that! I get the marks back next wednesday i'm so damn nervous i didn't do enough supporting work for it.. so i may get a bad mark for it.. but ahwell, better luck next time... *bites nails*

    Thank you for all your lovely, supportive comments its really incouraging to hear what people think of my work. Its going to my parents when it is returned and they are excited to *finally* own a piece by their daughter.. s'only taken 5 years of them asking me for me to actually make 'em something.. hehehe!
    Cheers once again for all the fab comments.
    (Dok yours was possibly the biggest compliment - you know what i'm talking about!)

    Hehehehe :D

    Quote from PeacePiper

    Not the best description but the word that came to mind was "phwooarrr!" ;) tis bloody awesome! :) never seen trees looking so treeish!


    wow...that is wonderful..i want to walk inthat wood...:)

    That you can, it exhists! They are woods in Aberstywth!!!


    thats lovely dandy :) its really nice seeing you paint in different styles since you went to uni :)

    Ahh! Well i think uni has taught me how much more satisfying painting from life can be and its improved my paintings skills amazingly and i've still so much to learn. Painting is hard work, specially when your trying to represent something but its utterly wonderful feeling you get when you look at something and it really reflects what your doing! I've totally left the abstract would behind i think, photography, painting and drawing from the real world are what its all about for me. I adore it. Its wonderful being able to see how my skills are growing and being perfected!


    Absolutely fucking stunning. Nice going. :thumbup:

    :D Thanks Dok!!!!!!

    My final painting i spent about 40 hours on this baby!
    I did a project on the local nature around my area particularlly the wiggly trees and the things people have etched into the bark over the years... spent the longest on it in the last few days, was working on it even when i had stupid food poisoning.. :eek: I'm apsolitely wrecked now and want to just hand it in!

    What takes the piss with all these strikes and everything we may not even have our work accessed, which takes the biscuit... worked so damn hard and possibly for nothing. Argh!

    I'm kinda blind to it now and only see where i could do better but i've had rave reviews from my flat mates altho i have to admit i don't think the photograph does it justice!

    Poor immune system, i try to eat as well as i can and it makes no difference. Specially in the colder weather, i tend to get really quite ill on a regular basis... bacically my immune system is a pile of shit! I eat plenty of fruit and take certain vitamin tablets aswell. I don't eat much cheese currently, as it cause my skin to get quite bad i think i have a mild allergy to dairy anyway everyone does really, but it causes my skin to get bad. Uhmm.. so yeah advice would be useful! Thank you.