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    Oh Muffy, I'm sorry to hear that you and Nos are having to go through this. You know my story, so reassure him that things do work out. It is hard though, especially with having to cope with what our Bipolar heads tell us. But it will get sorted. I do think they just are in the habit at the moment of denying everyone, and hoping that no one or few people will appeal the decisions for ESA and DLA. Love to you both!

    It must've been a friend that reported me because I was reported no less than 5 times. I find it difficult to believe that 5 random people were pissed by my picture.

    Just so you know, and so you don't go on a friend's witchhunt. I'm on Facebook myself, and you and I have mutual friends, and I saw this photo pop up in the "add someone to your friend's list who knows some of your friends." Personally, I think it also is a beautiful photo. But I thought you should know that people outside your immediate friend's list were able to see it; so it could be any 5 people that are in some way attached to any of your friend's from the site that reported it.

    It's repugnant that they banned you for this, or even asked you to take it down.
    Sorry you lost your photos. :(

    Realising I over paid my phone bill by two months as I switched companies, and forgot that I pay in advance for service. So instead of having to pay more money like I thought, I'm getting a refund cheque for two months. :woohoo:
    I love it when I make financial mistakes that get me money back (usually it's the other way around and I owe something I didn't realise).

    Tron: Legacy in 3D (can't find an appropriate geeky emote to go next to this)

    Loved it! The 3D was excellent, the storyline carried on from the original, and Bruce Boxleitner (sp?) was even in it a few times. Not to mention the Daft Punk soundtrack, which I must own at some point.

    So it seems that there is a consensus developing that stronger strains should be more expensive (talking about dope), rather like beer verus spirits, which makes sense. People don't go out and neck a bottle of scotch the same way as they neck a beer, why should they with dope? If the price and regulations were sensibly structured then it would simply be a choice between an instant hit (scotch), or a mellow smoke (beer) sounds sensible to me. Ben, you might be dreaming, but actually your opinion is at least as valuable as anyone elses, if not more so, since you are a teen who knows first hand whats going on. Making people think about things is the whole point of the thread, who knows where it might lead, or who might be reading this?

    Sounds really reasonable to me, and actually the pricing thing is a bit in place already anyway. Stronger always costs more, like your example Julian of how scotch costs more. Not just that, but the stronger the scotch the more it costs. Again, usually even with alcohol, if it's strong stuff, you don't drink as much. You have a finger or two and are done. I think the same would apply to stronger strains of cannabis. If it's cheap, you won't get as stoned/high might possibly use more, but won't get the effects some people claim the stronger strains to have. If you prefer to have stronger stuff, then it will cost more, but overall the ideal would be for the person using to not use as much, so makes it value for money.

    There was a documentary I mentioned on another thread (can't remember which one) with Howard Marks talking about how he felt all drugs should be legalized. Interestingly, by the end of his own documentary, he'd decided that certain drugs (such as heroin and crack) should not be fully legalized but provided to addicts in a safe environment. During the documentary, he took the idea to an ad agency, to have them come up with advertisements and packaging even for what it would look like if you could say buy cannabis, mushrooms, acid, cocaine, or ecstacy legally. It was all done to be marketed to adults only. The way the ad agency did it, was actually quite subtle. For instance for acid, there was lots of colourful bubbles and it was just called "Tripz" and each package they'd designed would contain 2 hits. It was done in a very tasteful manner, and would be something put in adult magazines, or commercials run after the watershed, etc.
    Clearly stating that this is something for the adult consumer, and not for under 18's.

    Just as someone could get in trouble for supplying alcohol to minors, the same should apply if someone was caught supplying these now legal drugs to minors.

    I hope one day, in my lifetime, I will be able to see the "War on Drugs" end, the drugs to be legalized for adult usage, and the money saved going to help support education, the NHS, and various other services that are being systematically "cut" because there is not enough money to go around. Which, really is the key, I feel to the whole argument. How much money is spent not just in the UK but worldwide on the "War on Drugs" and have things really gotten any better? Are drugs really any less available than they were when the "War" started? I think not. It's just like taking millions (more likely billions) of pounds and just burning it in a big bonfire. It is not doing any good, spending the money the way it is being spent now.

    Not to mention the fact that people who have addictions (which is in part a mental health problem) are being locked up in prisons, instead of getting the treatment and help they need. This again is something that doesn't just happen in the UK, but in other countries as well. This leads also to overcrowding of prisons, and terribly murders and rapists being released early because the system is too clogged up with addicts or people caught supplying drugs to other people.

    It's really quite saddening.

    I guess its just what your exposed to, round my way most of it is smelly horible shit,...

    It also depends on what's in it. i got some stuff a few months back off of someone i didn't know very well who said he could get 'good stuff'. what i got looked good, smelled good, but when it burned there was a black oily residue. i mean the ash itself turned into this black residue. i've been smoking for about 15 years (mostly strong strains that would be probably classed as 'skunk') and never seen anything like it before. there was obviously something added to it, either to bulk out the weight or something. it was absolutely horrible, and when i had smoked it, i felt more paranoid and a bit weird compared to other times.

    if people want to knowingly fuck themselevs on the stuff they can go right ahead, i'd just like to see a differnt mind set of enjoy it for a giggle, not get off your tits and drop your marbles.

    This is the thing, though. Because some people can not control themselves, those of us that can should not be punished. I've always preferred to smoke stronger strains or "skunk", as I see it as more value for money. I can have a tiny bit, and get the effects of a mellow high, pain relief, decrease my anxiety and depression levels (problems I've had since I was a kid, not caused by smoking), and actually get some sleep instead of being cursed with constant insomnia. When I've used stuff not as strong, I end up smoking more. Instead of one spliff having two or three. Not to get off of my face, but just to get the same relief that I got with the stronger strain. I can't see it being right to demonize stronger strains of weed, just because some people will abuse them. There is also the point as well, that kids (this includes teenagers) just shouldn't be smoking. Up till you are 17-18 your brain is still developing, so yeah, if you start smoking at 14-15 you will potentially be opening yourself up to more problems, no matter what you are smoking. That is where good drugs education would come in, not just scare tactics like "Reefer Madness."

    I personally think that Skunk is much more dangerous than ordinary cannabis and would try to significantly reduce its use by making it class B while traditional weed/hash is class C

    It would be good to see Amsterdam style coffee shops - for the over 18s.

    Surely people realize that the Cannabis sold in Amsterdam style coffee shops is some of the best in the world, and would be classed as "skunk".

    Like this, but some of the points raised on here will be commented on in the 'other thread'.
    First thought tho' as this is the one dear to my heart is, how would you differentciate between skunk and weed?

    I personally don't see how this could be done. I've smoked "weed" and "skunk" on various occasions. Only difference I've ever found is with skunk you can have 2 hits and have the same effect as smoking an entire joint of something that has less quality. In my opinion, skunk is not bad (i've never had additional problems due to it's use, but then again i didn't start smoking it till i was an adult) it is value for money, if used in a reasonable manner, as it lasts longer because it is a bit more potent.

    If cannabis were legalized, I wouldn't want to be spending money out, on something that will not have the same effects such as pain relief and muscle relaxation. It would be nice to know however that what you are smoking contains no additives, has not been sprayed with anything, and grown in a manner that the what was used to grow it can not harm you either. Which is all something that isn't known when buying it on the street at the moment, unless you really know the person you are getting it from.

    Interesting article about cannabis potency. In which, they basically compare smoking skunk as doing a shot of jager instead of drinking a beer. From NORML, for those that don't take a look. They state several times it is a myth that cannabis today is exceedingly stronger than that of the weed (though they do say it might have double the potency(that is from 2-4% upto 4-8%) about in the 60's and 70's and how this myth is just another scare tactic from the government to keep something that should be legal illegal.

    That's what you're doing wrong. I'm not sure if you live in a house or some other sort of dwelling, but either way they'll be intimidated coming so close to a place where humans live. Place it at least 20 feet away from the dwelling if you can, and as others have said, hang it somewhere so they can look around them for predators whilst feeding.

    Though it's not attached to the window, my bird table is less than 3 foot from a window, and the only problems I have ever had, is when the more skittish birds are eating and I walk by and startle them. They do come back though, right afterwards.

    I didn't have to apply or anything. I was quite pleasantly surprised!

    That's the brilliant thing about them, you don't have to apply. Just they automatically are issued to people on certain benefits, when the temp is 0 or below for 7 consecutive days. It says "average temp" so I'm not sure whether that is average per day, or if they average it per week, because it could be 0 or - for 6 days, but one day be 1 degree, and I'm not sure if that means that then they aren't required to pay it.
    It does make it easier though to actually turn the heating on, without being too worried about what the bill is going to be like. :S

    I've had loads of little birdie visits today, including a robin? This leaves me quite confuzzled, as I really thought robins were only about in Spring time. He was a pretty little thing though, came back a few times and posed for a few photos as well. :)

    The BBC weather forecast.....

    Its claiming that down here it will no warmer than 4 and no colder than 3......except that its minus fricking four! :eek:

    The conspiracist in me wonders if they do this intentionally at times to keep from having to pay Cold Weather Payments to so many people that are supposed to get them. But that's probably something best for the Lizard Lounge.

    "If you feed them, they will come." (Kevin Costner in Field of Birds)

    The first winter I put a bird feeder out, I barely had any little birdies come and use it. Not until the very end of Winter. I left it out there (it was a suet feeder) and eventually the birds started using it. At first, it was mainly Starlings, who seemed to always bully away the smaller birds.

    Since then, I acquired a bird table, and I fill this with seed and things, and all Spring/Summer I had lovely sets of doves, wood pigeons, and towards the end of the summer even magpies coming to eat off my bird table. The little birds, started coming back, as the Starlings didn't seem to want to come around the bigger birds, and the bigger birds didn't bully all the little tits that would come and eat the seed or suet balls I'd given them.

    I've just run out in the snow to feed my birds, as I realized the table was empty, and there was several tracks of bird feet where they'd been hopping around looking for something to eat.

    Be patient. When other sources of food are depleted, they will be grateful for your feeder. Just be sure to keep filling it when it empties, as the birds can become quite dependant on that source of food to sustain them through the Winter and to sustain them and their babies in the Spring.

    utterly selfish, stupid, ignorant, twatish people that can't see how their behaviour affects those around them. i'm beyond fed up with it now. it's making me ill, and unable to cope with life, and i really can't let myself go down that downward spiral right now, i have to be strong.

    there is no advice/help I could offer; but you will be in my thoughts. sounds like you've had one hell of a year (or two) and could use a break. hoping for you that the kidney problem finds a way to clear itself up, without more hospital visits and such. take care of yourself. xx