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    tosspot of a neighbour,I,ve been laid up for two weeks and barely been out of the house,[been in house cos i cant use steps up to get in van]. so i get a lift to local supermarket and fella on door seeing crutches and splint says use one of their mobility scoots,so off i go getting supplies,as i,m going around my cunt of a neighbour see,s me and calls security saying i,m miss-using the chair and there is nowt wrong with me. I,ll swing for that bastard yet, fucking shelf stacker.
    by sheer chance nurse from clinic was there and able to vouch for me,he got called to managers office,dont know the result,just hope it,s not back to unexplained nails and the like again

    Wow, that's totally out of order. What the hell is wrong with that guy!

    Seeing a beautiful photo, painting or other piece of art on tumblr, pinterest, facebook or wherever, and the person who posted it hasn't provided a source, or otherwise given credit to the photographer/artist. How is that fair? :curse:

    Oh God yes! I thought it was just me. It puts me off bothering with pinterest, and it's put me off facebook to an extent. Why do folk do this? I LOVE art, and waste more time than necessary trying to find the artist of something amazing stuff that's been reposted with no link or attribution, often to no avail.

    Disclaimer: I'm fully aware of my neuroses and this is a rant thread. :angel:

    Mixed feelings on this. First of all, yeah, it's shit that people don't even seem to even think, let alone care, about stuff that's going on in the world (though we should remember we can't read people's minds), and it's crap that people say simplistic shit like, "Six of one, half a dozen of the other". :rolleyes:

    BUT I've seen some stuff being passed around the net in the last few hours alone that's just unnecessarily gruesome and arguably disrespectful to the victims. Some people seem to think that having a stronger stomach somehow means they care MOAR. That others might (understandably) find such images distressing doesn't automatically mean they don't care about the circumstances that led to those images.

    It was on Sickipedia - there's a big difference between posting something offensive on there, and actually targeting people with offensive shit, surely? I mean, what's the likelihood of someone who's going through a personal tragedy involving a child *actively looking for things to upset them* such as Sickipedia? I mean, fuck, what the authorities have actually done is draw attention to this shit, so surely more people will have been unnecessarily offended. :insane:

    It's like the facebook pages or causes that only exist to try and get other pages closed down for having an offensive premise (eg, wishing soldiers, babies, disabled people etc, dead). Seriously, what's the point of linking to those pages just so that people who might be upset by them *really will get upset by them*? It's nuts. I'm not saying it ain't tasteless but it's usually tongue in cheek anyway. Better to ignore it surely. :S

    If vulnerable people are being targeted with seriously nasty shit however, whether in real life or online, that's obviously harassment. I just can't believe that the above "sick joke" scenarios are being treated as if they're the same thing.

    Lets hope there is something as good as an institution as the british pub for the next generations to get wankered in find mates discuss politics bands life and most importantly find love or just company when your old etc etc, cant finsih this statement oh ramble ramble nostalga fred dibnah steam etc etc.


    Not going to watch that video, sounds too awful. She shouldn't have done that.

    He's still not been charged with anything. He's been arrested on suspicion. The police'll have to charge him or release him by 5PM, or get the courts to give them more time.

    Surely he must be tired, I can't see he'll be getting much sleep, and so many questions. We can only hope there'll be a breakthrough soon. Then it's in the hands of the legal system. My thoughts are very much with the little girl's nearest and dearest. It's heart-rending even to just imagine what they must be going through :( The people of Machynlleth have been amazing, and I hope that can be of some small comfort to April's family.

    He is now trying to warn others of the dangers from wood-burning stoves

    That's perfectly understandable. He doesn't want anyone to go through what he went through.

    about which he said there was ‘total ignorance’."

    Thing is, you're not dealing with a bunch of inexperienced imbeciles here, nor folks who don't give a shit about safety.

    I `d also add to that "total arrogance"

    Hmmm.... :whistle: :zipped:

    Hope you are well Fly, saw you were about briefly earlier so thought I'd post this now :) OK we are planning to visit France in the near future :waves:

    I'm going to be having some surgery done in a few months, then I'll be out of action for a few months after, then on the waiting list for another lot of surgery, and again will need another few months to recover.

    Sooo, if we can squeeze our finances we'd like to do it this Autumn/Winter before any surgery! If we do, we'll let you know. We're thinking of going to Paris and then down to the Rhône-Alpes area, where Simon's relatives live. If so maybe we could meet up somewhere in between :)

    It's pants. Successive governments seem to have been doing their best to push people into sink estates and onto the streets. I saw this on the BBC news website this morning, and a few articles down was a headline saying house prices are rising. Nuts. With all this and private rents being sky-high, plus the changes to housing benefits, the ConDems seem determined to increase the gap between rich and poor more than ever. :S

    I'll remember the 'It's not really a debate though, just personal preferences' line, though, when I next discuss GMO vs organic, television vs playing in the meadow or Humvee vs bicycle.

    Will you, or are you simply taking the piss? There was me trying to bring a less antagonistic approach to the thread. Myself, I'll try to withhold from making too many assumptions before the outset of that hypothetical discussion.

    The arguments about BO are loaded with ignorance

    Insults and assumptions aside, I really don't believe that if someone never washed - no matter what their diet consisted of - they wouldn't start to get pretty smelly by almost everyone's standards (certain fetishists not withstanding, and I do mean fetishists, not nature lovers ;)).

    What I also find interesting is the lengths people will go to justify something which is unnatural, e.g. circumcision

    That's got nothing to do with the thread. I absolutely wouldn't defend circumcision, but to equate it with female genital mutilation really would be ignorant, since the latter is specifically designed to cause sexual dysfunction, amongst many other reasons. Again, another issue...

    And to return to the debate/personal preference thing momentarily, if it ain't a debate, why not just have a poll and do without the thread - it would have saved a lot of pages of posts...

    Blimey, was I not quick enough in responding? :p You only need to ask me once! :pp Maybe it was worth a discussion I guess, maybe things don't need to be so polarised, or at least not argued in such an insulting way. :S

    But it seems to me that one side of the discussion is either motivated by a need to counter an established redneck myth of 'smelly hairy hippies' or to lead the Aquarians into a new age of capitalism.

    Not sure where that leaves those of us who never shave :hippy2: but don't want to make a bunch of assumptions about those who do, or those who prefer those who do (sorry if that's a bit convoluted; I do that!) Sure, I'm not at all keen on the infantilisation of women/misogynist marketing thing, and there's no way I'm going to start feeling pressured into shaving parts of my body, but I'm not going to accuse every person who likes a bald foofoo of being ignorant of brainwashed.

    Aside: Apologies - I've quoted from just the one post instead of two. I'm not very well at the mo and would struggle to rectify that just now.