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    I'm surprised to see such fear of the unknown, disgust of differences and judgmental 'views' on here. Peace dudes :pp

    I'll be giving them a try, once I feel ready to date again. I'll let you know how I get on - there's a beardy one, which looks fun, that I may try:

    I rediscovered one of my teenage outlooks on life recently. As the great Bill Hicks once said, life's a ride. It's to be enjoyed. I'll be applying that same approach to online dating. Sure, there'll be some jokers - but hopefully some weed tokers too.

    Hahaha, awesome! I'd thought of doing the same myself years back :) There's plenty of gyms around that price - mine's a little more pricey at £27, but still not bad. I also thought of YHAs - some of them are pretty lax at letting people wander in and out, and they often have cheap laundry facilities too

    Haha, wise. As long as you've got a safe net to fall into :) I helped my aunt put up a timber home a couple of years back now, and it's that ideal balance: she's close to nature, and living on the land she's nurtured, but it's so much better than the breezeblock farm building or caravan she had to survive in since I left home and she got kicked out of her rented accomodation. You sound like you've got your head screwed on :)

    I'm calling it a night now - but hopefully catch you real soon x

    And I look forwards to getting to know you Thistle :)

    Hindsight is good, helping build us stronger. Regrets can sap our energy, make us anxious, fearful of f*cking up again. The only difference between the two, in my own mind? Perception.

    I'm only 29. There's some things I regret. Many things I look back on and wonder what would have happened if I knew then what I know now. Failed relationships, twiddling my thumbs, not travelling enough. I'm sure when I reach your age, I'll have many more, and it'll be even harder not to view them as regrets. But I'll do my best :)

    I'd also try not being too envious on the many free spirits on here. I've lived in caravans and boats, and have thought about vans. They are so liberating and close to nature, but when there's a leak; you're having to carry services many have grown accustomed to being pumped into their homes; when a neighbor forces the council to pay a visit....there's benefits to having a dry home, that's not such a struggle to keep warm, and when you're not in fear of being evicted.

    Right now, I'm happy to be sat from my room supping a cold one - liquid DnB lulling me towards bed. Not very 'hippy' - but, like you, I'm still here because I feel this community is more of a kindred spirit than any other Forum on the web.

    Let's hope we both find some answers to our life's unanswerable questions :)

    Quote from Cookie Monster

    I've always been a man of science and this all looks like bollocks to me. First Law of Thermodynamics anyone?

    quote that

    I'm afraid we're a bit screwed, all we can do is damage limitation and hope that we haven't damaged the earth beyond repair in the last 200 years

    Quote from shibari.surfer

    reduce the height of waves breaking on the beach by between 10 and 20%

    sadly that figure is a lie, posted on sites such as A1 surf thanks to chienese whispers

    i'm studying renewable energy bsc just outside of falmouth, and it appears the british surfing association pulled that figure out of a hat. in actual fact, the figure would be nearer to 3%, if that

    my course director has done the research :)

    i feel surfers against sewage are a much better organisation to follow...the bsa are rude, and run by somebody who lives in london and i wouldnt consider a surfer

    on a lighter note, you seem really well clued up on environmental issues :D

    sadly i haven't studied it in detail, but i know a bit about it...

    you're right about the viscosity problems, it gets worse when the weathers cold...engines tend to clog up and not run efficiently.

    biofuels are certainly a good thing, though if you're writing to government bodies might i suggest protesting the current bio diesel reulations? currently for it to be sold without affecting manufacturers garuntee, only 5% of actual bio diesel can be mixed in...this is what could make it on to forecourts.

    there are other issues facing bio diesel....they are carbon neutral, but the infrastructure (sp?) surounding it...such as the engines themselves will have some carbon input, and (though i'm not sure) i'm guessing to make the higher quality bio fuels, some nasty chemicals are needed.