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    It is a beautiful Idea , part of your first husbond would be part of that child.
    If I was in your situation I would do the same. Its also fantastic that your current partner is supporting you.

    I wish you luck. :)

    i really want to go and i hope i get money on time. unlike last year when i left it up to wes to get the tickets and the bugger didnt, more reason to hate him thats all.

    finger crossed, toes crossed, legs crossed, arms crossed, eyes crossed.

    Quote from Kaiya

    Nope never tried them, thought about it but you have to keep buying them? i like the fact i have one moon cup and don't have to worry about it.

    They last about 6 months or so.
    perosnally i would buy new re-usuable pads every few months too :vomit: .

    plus theri natural and biodegradable and still better than disposable products.

    is it me or is the mooncup quite big? much bigger than i expected :eek:

    I used to suffer from nightmares alot as a teenager and sleeep paralysis i tend to only get nightmares now if i'm stressed/upset about something.....only now n then they come randomly....or its ghosts/spirits and i just tell them to bugger off.

    i never used to be able to go back to sleep, i would be awake and scared all night after waking from a nightmare but i've managed to train myself just to ignore it. "theres nothing there, its gone now, go bakc to sleep"

    or i'm just mad. :insane:

    i hope u recover soon :thumbup:

    Quote from Kaiya

    Ok, so i have had my moon cup for months now.

    I love it
    but the first 3 days of my period it annoys me. It constantly needs emptying and it leaks. It is fine after about 3 days though.I don't mind the emptying to much, but the leaking is irritating. I keep meaning to buy some washable pads..but have never got the money. Why does it insist on leaking on the heavy days of your period? Is it worth getting a bigger size? i always check it is fitted properly..the other thing is that if i lay around in it it moves upwards and is hard to get out. It never slides down or feels like it is going to fall out though...does anyone else have that problem?

    Have you tried Seapearls? no leaking, discreet.

    it would take me all day to list my psychic and spiritual expiriences.
    when i draem of lots of brightly coloured small fish, somebody dies soon after, is troo.

    my friend who was missing, appeared to me in my kitchen kinda in my minds eye i felt his presence, so i asked him where he was and he said in a quiet voice "i'm under water" later that day they found him in a river.

    i've always seen spirits n ghosts or whatever u wanna call them, as a lil kid they didnt bother me i was quite happy to watch them , i didnt know any different...or what they really were maybe. but as a teenager it got pretty bad and i often woke up and saw something above me or coming at me, i'd scare my folks to cdeath screaming.

    my dads always seen things too and my aunt when she was a teenager.

    i dont see much anymore cos i dont want to but i sense them and sometimes i can touch somebody and get strange visions.
    one woman i dint know i met in a pub radnomly one time touched my ahnd and i saw two dogs, i described them to her and turns out they were dogs she had when she was younger. weird.

    Quote from reggaegotsoul

    My mate is on citalopram dont know about you but she is hhyper as fuck on them , tought about giving them ago myself , never seen someone so bouncy!:)

    ah that explains alot!, but at least i'm in a much better mood which is the point :D .

    I was on fluoxitine for about a year, untill i randomly started suffering side affects such as nausea, sickness and dizzyness. weird.
    i dont think they really werked well for me as they are presciribed to bullemics and i became bullemic on them:rolleyes: . my own fault i know but mle.
    then they gave me Mirtazipine which made me sedated and frustrated.

    am now on Citalopram, which is brill. werks wonders .

    if the fluoxitine is werking for you , its all good.

    has anyone else had side affects from anti=deppresants?.

    Quote from Naeni

    But is it not hard to group people like that? When I think of feminine I think of the media sterotype of frilly dresses, pink, bows and ribbons and flowers, long flowing hair, giggles, big eyelashes...though I find that wrong...

    I have many friends with this opinion , however i beleieve its not right, i embrace my fememinity, i am a girl ,a woman ,and femenine, i guess it does also come down to personality, some women seem less feminine and some men more that some women (if that makes sense).

    I gave up not trying to be "girly" a long time ago , its what i am, part of who i am .

    the stereotype has nothing to do with it.

    wow i really like this idea.

    i like holiday/party photos with some random person starting at the camera in the background. very funny.

    my sister n I were gonna stalk a family in universal studios and try n get in all thier photos. thought it would be funny.

    our daffs havent started to bud yet but i have two rosebuds growing and a fusia that has bloomed all year. and i saw Lambs last week on my way to Haverfordwest.

    new or used dont mind.

    short or tall. dark, fair or ginger.

    must give me lots of attention and make me feel special.

    long hair preferable but not essential.