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    If you are set on using the hardboard, and I wouldnt, then you need to condition it before use. you need to brush water on to the dimpled side and make sure it is really damp, and stack the sheets laying flat and dimpled face to dimpled face. leave for 24hrs, but not more than about 48. the fibres in the board swell, then when you fix and the board dries it will tighten up. Even doing this does not ensure that it will not blow, however if you dont condition, it most certainly will! Good luck.

    Sat in the van on a campsite near Tavistock, listening to the rain on the roof. Got caught in a storm earlier, walking the dog up on the moors. Water running out of my boots by the time we got home! Oh what a great life, I love it:thumbup:

    Can't be doing with that Xfactor stuff!!

    The biggest problem you will probably have with 3.5 ton is staying within your weight limit. I suspect that with a 100mm of insulation, a woodburner, water tank and a full tank of fuel, you will be on the limit,if not over.
    Lots of motorhomes being pulled by VOSA for being overweight!! Probably find the weight issue is more important than the size.

    Hmmm, not sure about all that potential. When I offered my Iveco on here, the only real interest was from Harry, and he missed out by a couple of days.

    It sold via another forum, it failed its mot, on a loose wire on a rear light!:whistle:

    Why no photos? I know it's a bargain but seeing some photos would help. Bristol is a long way to travel on the off chance is a good vehicle...

    I dont have any means of taking photos, and loading them on here. I know there are some members in this area, that you might get to look for you.
    I sort of figured, I can get £500 if I weigh it in, but if someone can make use of it for the same money then that is a better outcome.
    I really just want to get shot of it and get on with my life:)

    Long story short, I have just purchased my dream live in, so the old Iveco 75e15 ex prison truck has to go. I was going to weigh it in, but thought someone on here might be interested.

    It needs work doing on it to tidy it up, and the mot expires on July 27th!!

    It is a really good starter, bit of a plodder and doesnt like hills, although got me around Somerset,Exmoor,dartmoor, and Cornwall in the last year.

    3 x 8owatt Solar panels ( 12 months old)
    3x 125 amp leisure batteries ( 9 months old)
    2x125 starter batteries ( 3months old)
    180ltr water tank fitted
    cassette toilet
    Shower room, although shower is broken
    water heater needs repair/replacing

    It has large fixed bed at rear over garage, with tailgate that would allow motorbike etc to be carried.
    Stacks of storage space, dining area to seat 4, 4 burner hob,oven, small fridge.

    This would make a great project for someone, or maybe gut it out and use parts for another project.

    still taxed until March 2014.

    No photos, no haggling, if you want it, its in Bristol area. Pm me for details.

    If it hasnt gone by the 26th I will weigh it in!!!!!!!!!

    I think they all make it up as they go along. I am insured through Flux, 7500Kg and I was able to get breakdown cover included. I am also a member of the Camping and Caravanning club, yep £40 ish a year, you can then join RAC Arrival which is exclusive to members, and that will cost you about £125 a year BUT they will not cover selfbuilds over 3500KG. Good luck.

    At 19 years of age, you need to look at your licence, and talk to insurance companys. I suspect that most of the suggestions are out of your reach!!

    In most of the fridges, if you look inside down in the bottom corner at the back, you will see a small clear disc. that will show the small blue flame that indicates its working. You do have to sometimes move your head about to get angle of view correct to see flame.

    External are best for avoiding condensation. If you use internal the glass is very cold and the moisture collects between the glass and the cover, so you still end up with a wet cover to store. External not so good for stealth/wild camping!!:)

    Just out of intrest bluemerle, who have you gone with? We are with Flux for our Leyland Roadrunner, but it would be nice to have other options.


    Having phoned around, I ended up back at Flux. Managed to get a better deal this year. £550 including HGV breakdown/recovery. It was the best I could find, so happy with that.

    Hi Folks, can't believe i have had my truck for a year. So insurance due on 27th and looking for reccommendations for companys that will insure 7500kg self build motorhome.

    With Adrian flux at the moment. But was insured as second vehicle as i still had my car, so no noclaims discount!!
    I am 59 with clean licence and full no claims and they still took £650 off of me, my eyes are still watering!!

    So you big truck people out there, who are you insured with, is it as sole vehicle along with your noclaims discount etc? by the way truck is not registered as motorhome, but Adrian Flux didnt have a problem with that!

    Look forward to your replies.

    Thankyou in anticipation.

    I think i prefer to be on my own, i just find it easier to do my own thing, mostly walking with my dog, which i know some people would find very boring! Not travelling anywhere at the moment, my bestest buddy broke her ankle just before Christmas, in plaster until early feb and possibly end of March before return to work. So for a while the truck is parked up and i have become carer,cook,shopper, wheelchair pusher etc. Its ok we have only threatened to kill each other about 4 times.:clap:

    there are a couple of things you can do to help aleviate the problem. cut 2 holes in the wardrobe door one at low level and one at high level and then fix a couple of louvres over them. the louvres not only tidy up the hole but also help the air flow.

    Also if you have enough depth to the wardrobe, fit some insulation straight on to the back wall, this will reduce the coldness of the wall and help with the elimination of the condensation that in turn is causing the mouldy smell!

    The easiest solution that can be done immediatelly is just prop the door open an inch or so.

    We all create moisture in everything we do and we need air flow to help it shift.

    If you put clothing in the wardrobe when you have been wearing it, then it will contain moisture, even this small amount is enough to cause the problem.

    In the past i have installed a low whatt tubular heater or a light bulb in the bottom of built in wardrobes, as even the tiniest amount of heat will cause convection and help the air to circulate.

    For winter use a tie down strap to go over the whole thing is a good idea. Google is your friend for this. Alternatively a really long ratchet strap!

    Agree with this completely, have seen far to many destroyed because they had not been secured properly!!

    On a slightly different note, if you end up with a cotton or polycotton one, do not let your son play with any type of bubble blower that involves soap suds. When they touch the awning they destroy the water repellency and you will end up with a leaking awning!!!

    Good luck and best wishes for the start of you new life in a caravan.;)

    Great advice Bluemerle :) though I'm not a fan of panals on the roof myself, when I quit work next year I'm planning on a panal I can place leaning on trundle to make best use of the light rather than it just facing upwards

    Yes, i hear what you are saying Jay, and i did consider going down that route. However you still have to move the panel around to maximise its potential, and you also have the security issue and even if its secure if you leave your home the panel is very vunerable to vandalism!!

    My setup is 3 80watt panels into 3 125 amp batteries, does me just fine at the moment be interesting to see what the winter brings!

    I dont make manycontributions to this site, but i do check in and have a read on a regular basis.

    I am a bit surprised that when there is a thread that i can comment on, through my last 25 plus years of experience, that not only does the Troll choose to ignore my comments, but so does every one else. I believed valid contributions would be welcome!!!!!!!!

    Hmm, the word Troll springs to mind!!

    Buildiing regs do not ask for CE mark on woodburner!
    Building inspection for installation of woodburner does not cost hundreds of pounds!
    Inspection looks at location of fire with regard to minimal distances from combustible surfaces etc!
    Inspection checks that you have installed the correct size permanent open air vent!
    Inspection checks flue size and position re combustables etc.
    Building regs do no physical inspection of the actual woodburner!

    CE mark shows that item complies with a set of minimal standards, and is not proof that other products are not superior!

    In the last ten years i have had several cases HETAS engineers doing incorrect installations. I have also had more cases than i can recall over the last twenty odd years of dangerous installations, with regard to gas heating, electrics, plumbing etc etc and dont even get me started on some of the gas heating work done under the "warm Front" scheme.

    I have a CE approved gas hob and oven in my motorhome Installed and signed of by an approved installer. My understanding is that you would applaud me for having done it all by the book? However if i close all the windows in the motor light the gas hob and then doze off, there is a fairly good chance i wont wake up again! So how has Ce mark saved me?

    I have nothing more to say as it becoming very tedious!!