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    Ta very much folks
    I went down to sign the contract and finalise details yesterday.
    I'm doing the first couple of weeks fom next Monday part time, mainly in Essex, then I move into house share in East London on Aug 16th.

    It is all going so fast.
    Interview to contract signed in less tahn 2 weeks.

    I've been offered a job in London starting almost immediately and I have accepted the offer.
    It has been 3 months of not working.. the only time I have ever been out of work.

    It is a Technical Management role for a waste treatment / recycling company.
    This is a new business within an established company and involves taking contaminated soils brownfield sites and making them safe and suitable to use for construction purposes.

    Initially I'm going to based in Charlton in SE London.
    I'm planning to live in a shared house with friends near Stratford in East London for the first few weeks until I find somewhere for the longer term

    This is going to be a major change.. I'm going to very busy!

    I would definitely not advocate the use of Petrol indoors.
    White Spirit is quite good for removing bituminous deposits and is safer than many alternatives.
    A domestic cream cleaner uses a mild abrasive and that may be worth trying for the white stains. Lots of elbow grease required though.

    Good luck!

    A couple of comments..
    Using 2.5mm wire in combination with the fine wire on the LEDs could make it difficult to get a secure grip in the screw connectors. make sure everything is secure once the screws are tichened as you don't want anything working loose.

    Different colours of LED require different voltages amd require the current to be controlled.
    This is addressed by the dropper resistor so you should get adequate life. Blue and white LEDs require about 3.5 volts, so 75% of the power consumed is actually going into the resistor as heat.
    Normal lighting arrangements would have several LEDs in series with one dropper resistor resulting in higher efficiency.

    Well... at the moment I think that Nick has got Dave by the balls.
    The Tories will be happy to press ahead with the things that they agree with the LibDems on which probably isn't a bad thing.
    They were diametrically opposed on some points, so whether there is going to be a compromise, or whether the coalition will crumble when they get to points of dispute.
    The danger is that being in power becomes too addictive for the LibDems and they effectively get absorbed by the Tories.

    I think we are going to be living in interesting times!

    Average Speed check cameras are very effective in bringing down speeds through roadworks and in the other areas that they are in use.

    The traditional fixed cameras are nowhere near as effective as many drivers drive as fast as they want, then brake through the detection zone of the camera.

    I don't think it is unreasonble to have a system that enforces speed limits that are appropriate to the particular road.

    However... how are such systems going to work with the main risk on the road... that is unisured / untaxed vehicles and unlicensed drivers?

    Many police vehicles are now fitted with ANPR systems that can identify the vehicle registration details. This does seem some thing of a Big Brother approach, but is it unreasonble to enforce licensing reglations ?

    it has finally happened....

    Nearly 18 months on, I finally get to leave at the end of this month.

    It's a beautiful day (Hey Hey)
    The sun is shining....

    Who want to be at work.

    I'm feeling rather demob happy today, pleased that the shit is over.
    I'l have more time to visit hippies...

    You have been warned!

    This may be a long shot but there is a quantity of boxes that need moving from North Devon to Derbyshire.

    I don't have the time to hire a van to sort this out so I though I would offer this opportunity for a van owner to earn some cash.

    PM me if you are interested

    I've dusted off this thread as the tour continues through to this summer.

    I went to to Birmingham, Windsor and Manchester last year and Wolverhampton last week.

    I'm currently trying to decide where to go next.

    Rocky Horror Company

    Mar 1 - 6
    0844 847 2315

    Mar 8 - 13
    029 2087 8889

    Mar 22 - 27
    0114 249 6000

    Mar 29 - 3 Apr
    028 9024 1919

    Apr 12 - 17
    01482 226655

    Apr 19 - 24
    01604 624811

    Apr 26 - 1 May
    01752 267222

    May 3 - 8
    01223 357851

    May 10 - 15
    01325 486 555

    May 17 - 22
    02392 828282

    May 24 - 29
    0115 989 5555

    May 31 - 5 Jun
    0844 847 1585

    Jun 7 - 12
    01603 630000

    Jun 14 - 19
    0844 8472499

    Jun 21 - 26
    0844 847 1660

    Jun 28 -3 Jul
    01224 641122

    Jul 5 - 10
    0844 847 2325

    They had a local Independent, UKIP and LibDem candidates who along with the conservatives polled only a tiny percentage of the vote so there was some choice.

    Unfortunately local elections rarely attract much support from the electorate. Is this really a "protest non-vote" or just plain apathy.
    Turnout in this by-election was actually up a little on last year when about 25% voted.

    I cerainly see the small slump in the BNP vote as a good thing as this is a target area for them.

    That's why I made reference to the TA as a possible model - semi-professional soldiers, including officers.
    I think that in many cases the county is too small a unit for successful organisation, and traditional rivalries may interfere with effective co-operation, the next county is often the "Back of the Map" and a bitter rival. If it is to effectively defend the country it needs to be organised on a larger scale, rather than just defending their own doorstep. x
    Having a national standing army or even a national militia with nothing to do does potentially run the risk that they would want to take control of running the country if they disagree with the leadership.
    There a a fair few examples in recent European history of successful or attempted military coups.
    A regional structure, with effective national co-ordination may be the best compromise.

    ooooops sorry I've done it again run my mouth for no reason on stuff I really don't give a shit about ,I must stop doing that.


    Going back to the ongoing militia discussion....
    Just because you own half of Cornwall does not make you fit to govern a nation, or to lead an army.

    If there were to be some kind of armed local defence force, it would need well trained forces, which is leaning towards the semi-professional volunteer soldier... more like the TA rather than an armed rabble.
    You need shrewd tacticians who can motivate their forces to control the strategy.. definitely not a task for amateurs.

    Arming a significant proportion of the population would inevitably lead to use of the weapons for purposes other than defence. This has been debated a number of times so I see no point in covering the same ground yet again.

    The Copenhagen treaty referred to by Mockton does not exist yet.
    There is a 200 page negotiating test which can be downloaded.
    Not once does it mention "World Government".
    This Guardian article may assist with deciphering it.

    I prefer to reseach facts rather than just believing stuff I find on the Internet which conveniently fits my world view.

    "Climate change expert" Lord Christopher Monckton is a heridtary peer who studied classics and has a background as a journalist.
    I have looked at his arguments denying climate change and these are generally discredited.
    He is trying to use "World Government" paranoia to try and wreck any potential climate change agreement in Copenhagen.

    I've quite varied tastes, so I'll post some examples of works that I have been fortunate to see. by artists that I admire.

    On White II by Kandinsky

    Bathers at Asnières by Seurat (this huge painting is in the National Gallery, London and I have a print on my wall)

    The Dance (second version) by Matisse

    We all need people who do not believe as we do; its how we learn to be polite and tolerant, whilst making coherent counter-arguements, rather than dismissive, intolerant and relying on populist ad hominem ;) :whistle:

    That's why we love ya Lee! :D

    I am still startled by the comparison of Obama and Hitler :insane:
    It is very difficult to counter arguments that are incoherent and rambling, mixed in with hippy phrases.

    I think you summed it up earlier on in the thread Jeff.
    Crap engineering.. or actually Crap design.

    Aircraft impact had been taken into account as a possibility when the WTC towers were built.
    They took the largest commercial airliner (Boeing 707), but did not consider the consequences of a full load of fuel.

    The aircraft impact didn't bring down the towers.. but it did provide the source of fire that burned up everything in the vicinity eventually weakening the steel structure. Once that failed the whole lot came down like a pack of cards.

    Who needs rabid right wing conspiracy theorists.

    A thermite reaction will melt steel, but I though the argument was that the columns were cut to give the controlled collapse.
    There are some very effective materials that can burn very hot and cut steel.
    Thermite isn't needed for a fire burn tons for weeks, there was many tons of combustible stuff in the building.

    Firefighters said they saw molten metal.. does not have to be steel.
    It isn't that difficult to melt the aluminium used in an aircraft frame.

    That's me done

    I find your association of Obama and Hitler highly bizarre.
    Would you associate yourselves with the views of the "birthers" and how does this relate to his fitness (as oposed to eligibility) to be president?

    If they took the trouble to hit the WTC with remote controlled aircraft, why bother using a cruise missile to hit the Pentagon? Why not use another aircraft, or just fake the whole thing ? If flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon, what happened to it... or did it not exist ?

    The so called "nano-thermite" explanation for the WTC does not hold water IMO. I understand the thermite reaction, reducing the particle size of the components may speed up the rate of the reaction, but does not increase the total energy produced.

    Google will bring back loads of conspiracy sites / videos - but also sites examining the claims made by the conspiracy theorists in critical detail. The internet is a big place and you need to use your own critical skills to filter out the speculation and plain lies.