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    yep definatly much bigger since i last saw her! And she certainly has the look of her mummy in there now too!

    well done lady xx

    hey Anne i am glad you are getting on so well at college, i reckon there are many more differences than i thought between photographic art, and fine art (which is a good thing, coz we are all different eh!)

    i can only comment on what I know though, and i speak from a photography POV rather than an arty one

    will be interested what you have to comment on when i put some work up!

    the last image wasnt terrible, it was just distracting in places, at the end of the day its what you wanna do, and if that was it, fair play to you

    best of luck with it anne x

    at the end of the day Anne, if you arent prepared to listen to peoples persepective on your work, dont ask for it

    yeah they are good, but the first two are brilliant, its a shame you didnt continue with those images as both technically and visually they are very very powerful images

    to me it looked like two sets of images, two that were spot in, in focus, compostion was amazing and so was the colour balance, followed by two that were bleached out, out of focus and much much less thought into composistion

    all we did was give you our points of view, as many people do on photography, and offer ways you can improve stuff.

    i am personally amazed after two years of photography training that you produced that 3rd image particularly...

    I would have used another subject that myself, in order to get the pictures right

    glad you did well on your presentation though, i wonder what sort of feedback your tutor will give you

    man that has made me weep like a baby

    see i have BATTLED with other friends (mostly men) who see NO place in society for Anti-Ds, i bring up things like Pre-Natal Depression, where obviously the mother is important, but if her ability to look after her child is undermined by depression, Anti-Ds can be used to bring her to a level where she can look after babe and function normally, without feeling like killing herself/her child

    My friend went on them for 3 months after having her first child, and she said it was like a holiday from all the shit she was going through (i think her parents died in quick succession shortly after she gave birth) and she could give her child the support he needed.

    On the otherside though, i know of young (men mostly) people who have been placed on an ongoing anti-ds and they are complete messes. One bloke i know, has been on Anti-Ds for 5 years (hes 25) hes never had a real job, he lives in a council flat, doesnt work, doesnt have anything to get out of bed for, apart from taking his drugs. Now how are they helping him? he should be made to feel empowered to take a grasp of his life, and get work and move on, not stuck in a rut where he frequently feels he has nothing to live for.

    And another friend who is 22 is going down the same path, living in a hostel, waiting for emergency housing (even though he is 22, able bodied and able to work) and just filtering his life away behind a mask of Anti Ds

    So for the short term, i think Anti-Ds are very useful, they can give people that much needed break to get their heads straight, but no longer than 6 months OMHO, and after that, i think we should be looking at whats REALLY wrong.

    i totally agree that short bouts of AD's can really aid someones development, but they should never ever be a perminant option. I worry that the medical sector see them as a final thing, when really they should be a mere stop in the road before working on whats really going on.

    it makes sense though doesnt it, hundreds of pounds of money on different test and shit, or give them something that calms them down and hides any other side effects of whatever it is they are allergic too

    very interesting stuff

    hello, i would like to share with you, a story about a good friend of mine (we will call her Gina)

    Now Gina was on AD (Anti Depressants) for the whole time i knew her, infact, when i met her - when she was about 25... she had been on AD's for about 7 years.

    She was massively overweight, constantly having to take More pills to combat side effects she felt from the drugs (and more pills to combat their side effects etc)

    Now this was a vicious circle, she ended up living in an awful flat, with nothing to live for and very supressed emotions coupled with Anxiety.

    About 18 months ago, Gina STOPPED taking all her ADs, she started looking into her diet, and realised that she had a pretty full on allergy to wheat.

    shes (in 18 months) gone from a size 20, to a size 10 (and its clear thats her natural size, this isnt through crash dieting, this is just from coming off the meds) and she cut yeast out of her diet.

    She now suffers from NO depression, although she is obviously having to deal with shitloads of repressed stuff from aggges and aaages ago

    Upon vast amounts of research, she found out a really interesting thing, Anti-depressants are also anti-allergens. They not only 'combat depression' they prevent allergic reactions within the body (or rather, mask)

    shes writing a book on her discoveries, and firmly believes that AD are given as a cheap and quick fix, to what may actually be an allergic reaction to some sort of food or something in the sick persons lifestyle

    its amazing to see the change in her, she really has got her life back, but feels disheartened by the years she has lost, and wants other people to see what is really happening when doctors prescribe someone AD

    which i thought was really interesting...

    Any thoughts? xxx

    Very very nice lady, nice to see you know the difference between real citrine and burnt citrine too.

    i am very impressed! i quite often get offered cheap and wholesale bits of bead-strings, i will let you know if any come up soon xx

    wow sunny you have some crazy hair!! LOVE it i really do

    you would be great on the project i am working on atm, its all about freedom and that is some of the free-ist hair i have ever seen girl, work it!

    Dread sweet you look like an absolute beauty, if you ever want any shots done i would be honoured xx

    no i am doing art photography as much as anything else x

    no photographs dont have to be technically right, same as fine art, you learn the rules so you can break them

    however, its obvious that image is over exposed and it doesnt look purposeful (why would a burnt out image look purposefully done?

    if i were you i would take it into photoshop (at college or a mates) and when you change it to B+W you will have a whole scale of different filters to play with, then with a bit of work and dedication you could bring out the white in the eyes and teeth, bringing the focus back onto them rather than the white on the forehead

    i must add that the only reason i am saying all this is because the first two pictures are shockingly good, and it would be nice to see a consistancy in technical ability throughout x

    yeah i can see what you mean about them 'fitting together' however certainly on my course (which is the HND) we have been looking more closely at the importance of making every picture beautiful, and of course technically right

    which is why i think people are mentioning the white out, because its obviously over exposed so thats what the eye is immediately drawn too, rather than the face xx

    he was an absolute pleasure to take photos of! as you can see he is almost always looking into the camera like a true little model!

    cant wait to do some outside and in better lighting, hes a great baby model

    and yes, identical to his daddy! my favourite ones are the fourth one and the last one, just the look Ash is giving his daddy (who is like this big giant version of him!)

    understandable, tis just hard to find decent filters when your not using photoshop x

    i was just gonna whack some on and send them back to you anyway

    but yeah leave the first two just as they are x

    send them to me i will put some filters through and send you a bunch back (am fucking bored today - it would be a pleasure)

    by composure i mean the amount of head in shot, it works so well in the first pictures because its not filling the whole shot. if it is filling the whole (or most of the shot) then the eyes and ears and mouth shouldnt take up more than about 2 thirds of the picture.

    the reason i would want to edit the last one mostly, is because it looks a wee bit burnt out, overexposed, and a filter could help bring that down.

    i am sure there was a spoof newspaper article written about these freaks, something to do with loads of people living in real pain and sadness because they constantly thought about being with a gay partner, but battled through life as a 'true christian' it looked at (in a hillarious manner) how hard it is for families whose mum/dad are gay, lots of tension, abuse, anger and destruction... all so 'the church' can put a tick in the 'saved' box

    its exactely the same mentality that they used to try and make womens voices unheard, and made abuse of women within the home (rape, beatings) 'ok' but actually, its just hiding a problem and creating a whole crap heap of new ones, rather than dealing with it as a community, which is clearly what should have been going on all along!

    i liked the first one and the second one, lovely composure which i feel you have lost on the last two (maybe purposefully?) and they are just beautiful pictures on their own, not just as part of a set (something i am trying to get my head around in college at the moment, we are doing a sequence of pictures, but EVERY picture needs to look like a piece of art in itself, as well as working as part of a group)

    i love the setup though, make sure you keep the green piccies to show your tutor and maybe try experimenting with filters in the last two, green filter will make that green alot darker when you transfer it into black and white, and blue so will blue...

    hope thats been helpful xx Fi xx

    yesh there are definatly limits annie, for sure... but i know many mothers and babies who do this particular thing and they seem absolutely fine and healthy...

    certainly havent ever seen any reports damming it...

    Really!! see i make a habit of eating the odd thing off the floor (like if a chip falls onto dry pavement, i will eat it...

    is all good for ya at the end of the day, and i dont think its doing much harm to the babies!