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    lots of love sarah, as you know my daughters are similar ages (16 & 18) and we're going through similar stuff with uni for the eldest and college for the youngest.
    as long as it's for the right reasons and not a knee jerk reaction i think it will work out well for you all.
    but hell yeah, i know exactly how you're feeling right now

    pump outs are smelly.
    i am not sure how far you'd get without gas on board.
    smaller boats are more unstable than bigger ones.
    go for the biggest you can afford.
    don't get rid of everything, you would be amazed at how much stuff you can have on a boat!
    look for a boat with a calorifier already fitted for your water heating. if you are on a mooring with hook up then you will have hot water, and if you are cruising you will have hot water. i must stress though, hot water will be the least of your problems believe me, it's light (electricity) and heat you will need most.

    so how old is too old to rediscover your sexual nature?

    i've been prompted to start this because of personal feelings but also reading the thread about BDSM, and reflecting on the posts of other members of the board who are, let's say, over a certain age and have ....interesting sex lives.
    i'm not talking about going from men to women, gay to bi, straight to gay.
    it doesn't matter at all whether you prefer same/opposite sex for the purposes of this thread.

    but what if you have had a really 'safe', predictable, vanilla, maybe even boring, infrequent or non-existant sex life and sex drive for years and then - BAM.

    something happens, you become confident, horny and up for (within the realms of safety) just about anything again?
    you realise that when you were 19 and thought you were all that, you didn't know the half of it and laugh at your young self for being a bit of a prude!

    is it better as you get older? and those stats that say men are in their prime in their 20s and women are in their prime in their 30s all bullshit?

    well done kaiya, congratulations :clap:

    you seem like quite a different person now and you should be really proud of yourself.

    lovely, i always get a thrill when i see a badger.
    a guy at the yard has a wildlife camera, we use it overnight trained on the boxes of new horses sometimes to check out their nighttime behavior, if they're boxwalkers, stressy, haymonsters etc.

    i think sleep apnea happens many many times each night too. i have experienced what you described and it's scary but i think it has to be much more frequent to warrant diagnosis or treatment.
    hope it doesn't happen again x

    i would go with your gut feeling, it looks clean enough but if he is messsing with it he will make it worse.
    one of my dogs, Odin, got the tiniest scratch on his back foot and licked it so much he caused his own infection!
    be prepared for it to cost though....
    hope he is better soon beachy xxx

    i thought about stewarding! was worried i may not be old enough as i'll be crossing over form 17-18 in summer and i thought that even my eighteendom would be branded too young. is it not a 21+ thing? cheers though!

    i think it will depend on the festival TBH. my daughters stewarded with me before they were 16. you won't know until you ask!

    another way of getting to work for a ticket is to go onto festival websites and look for a bit about volunteering or stewarding. the shifts are usually 4 or maybe 6 hours per day and include a ticket in and a hot meal ticket. i've done it several times and found that most will even try to move shifts around for you if there's a particular band you really wanna see, or in one case, put you on crowd control right at the barrier of your chosen band...........

    good luck.

    I normally go for guys with longer hair and dont mind facial hair at all, but I think I find you more attractive as clean shaven skinhead Paul. Just my opinion. You are beautiful inside however you look on the outside.
    (That makes me a hippy, right?)
    Pass the bucket.

    No burner lit on the boat since sunday cos of work patterns between the two of us and the steel was cold to the bone.
    Lit it about lunchtime and it's toasty in here now anr I can hear the steel cracking......o love that sound so much. Wearing a t shirt. dogs basking. Won't have to sleep in my hoodie tonight!
    Its cos since sunday we have been working, him on 12 hr shift and me getting up, being outdoors in the cold and wet with the dogs and horses then going to work and getting home about 11pm. No point lighting tje burner when nobody nut the dogs are here. Andy now on 4 days boff then I'm back to earlies next week so we won't be so lazy and cold!

    It's noteable how many new members begin new threads which read just like this.
    And then the reactions and then how long the threads, and indeed the members, last here. This is a very open forum but it's not a naturist forum primarily.
    It makes non naturists feel uncomfortable.

    Out of sorts. Keep sneezing so I hope I am noy going to get a cold but I did get soaked yesterday. Had way too much to drink this last week and thqt always makes me feel down. Wish the weather would stop being so shit and also wish I hadnt cut my toe. I want to do some work with my horse and I can't get my joddy boot on for all the plasters.