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    [quote = ShockwaveRider] Otherwise it can be a lonely path[/quote]
    and here was me thinking the path just was.........
    and wasn't one of the practice's also stillness within oneself and in solitude? Also as I have said before on the walls of the Potala was the words a thousand monks a thousand ways a thousand ways and I am walking my path and my way the one that is correct for me and as a chela this was the essence of what I was taught to find the truth of the axioms or teachings in my life the practice in my life and to follow the path that was correct for my learning. That is the wonder of Buddhism because no one can tell you you are on the wrong path because the path you are on is the one that is correct for you and your leanings. So unless you are a Lama or ven Abbot I doubt that you know my past learning my present learning's and the possibilities of my future learning but when you do I would be very glad to take refuge with you, but until then I will stay under the refuge of the Ven Chinrob Nobel


    Oh boy do I have a treat for you guys! I try not to tell too many people about this place as it's so bloody gorgeous I wouldn't want it ruined.

    Isn't this attachment to the impermanent???


    Why do you identify Tibetan Buddhism with the "true lineage"?

    because my name is Karma Tashi Tobjal which is from the Tashi temple in Tibet about 100 miles from the Nepalese Border

    I was taught that some still need the order of the monastery to be able to continue their learning as they need the ritual and discipline of the temple for their learning. There are also those that no longer need the ritual but express them in there daily life. When I left the temple I was told it is easy to find that stillness and peace here now find it and express it in you daily life and not within the temples. Yes I will stop by a temple to sit in stillness the last one was a week working at a zen temple the time before that was with the esthetic forest monks, because wherever someone sets up some shrine be it only some prayer flags or even a solitary pray wheel will not peace be found there?


    I don't think it's fair to say that war is a product of disagreement.

    So if its not a product of disagreement what is it a product of being happy with each other :whistle:


    The problem with the individuals in an army, is that however nice a person they are, however noble their reasons for joining, however much they believe in protection and defense; each and every individual allows war to continue.

    I am sorry to say but as long as any person on the planet disagrees with somebody or something, as long as people see things as negative destructive etc and their way constructive and positive there will be war. Don't blame the soldier look at your own duality as you are also responsible for war.

    Well by that definition I am a hippy as I was one of the people that squatted Stonehenge and helped start the Free Festivals but as far as I am concerned I am just little old me.

    Maybe thats just a case of - A rose by ant other name would smell as sweet :hippy:


    Once again Wally, i have no idea what your point is. There's a huge speach there but it doesn't seem to have any kind of direction.

    Maybe the point is too simple, If you wish to live by one part of a duality then you help to create the opposite facet so that you can feel good.


    In the second world war the army and all the conscripted men we're fighting for the survival of this country.

    Well known true stories about World War 1 and world War 2. One Christmas the German and English troops sang carols to each other and then went into no mans land and had a party. They decided not to go back to war so their own sides shelled them until they went back to war - well the ones that were allowed.

    I did end up nursing one of the survivors of WW2 and he said that none of the soldiers really wanted to be there but they really had no choice, he also said the ordinary German soldier felt the same but they had no choice. Well they had a choice don't fight and die or fight and maybe live.

    You may not believe it but I have seen grown men cry for there mothers, void themselves through fear. I have counseled men, who came back from war in the Baltic States, as they could not sleep with the picture's of what they had seen.

    So in my mind as long as someone thinks they are right and another is wrong they themselves continue the need for war by there own action.


    Would it raise the status of the profession and more importantly, the quality of politics if all MPs were required to have a post-graduate qualification, or even a university degree?


    No-one is allowed to pick a career because they enjoy doing it,

    Well I did, maybe looking back didnt make the right ones :hippy: but hey I made the right choice's for me each time I decided to take a job. I am doing that right now so to me that is only an excuse not to take responsibility for your own path that you work. :insane:

    What about poor labour the working man?? wouldn't it be a very select form of government only able to be accessed by a privileged few, isn't that what the last revolution was to stop think he was called Oliver Cromwell lol


    But Chris Keates of the NASUWT said the licensing scheme would give teachers "the long overdue recognition that it is a high status qualification".

    This is what they said about the new Nursing degree and diploma but when I was assessing them on the ward it really emphasised the theory practice gap they had. So that when they brought in Mentoring for a minimum period after qualifying. Mind you then took away Whitley council and so payed everyone less. But then that's the way of the learning's of this time in the worlds evolution the richer get richer and the poorer get poorer. :whistle:

    :insane: I'm not convinced that being an ex-para gives me any privileged insight into world politics, but did give me good eyes to see what was being fired at me and exploded around me when I was there. All wars are used by every major power to take the opportunity to test their weapon systems, in fact I am convinced some big very big superpowers, when god isn't telling them to go to war, they start them to test their new weapon systems, well it is the arms business that is the most profitable lol. The weapons used over there were Russian and Chinese and we are not talking 1 or 2 little pop guns but full cache's. It I remember right they managed to stop a full shipment of Chinese armament. Don't think they were giving them away do you?? As far as my limited information goes on the Irish politics I was always let to believe that Libya and USA were mainly the financial help, mostly USA :hippy:

    Well yes but it is more opium for the families so they feel good about their son's or daughter's going over to war and them seeing the coffins coming back yes. It is the old story opium for the mass's to keep them quiet and obedient, hence the saying yes


    how does that make 'squaddies' any better than doctors, nurses, teachers, carers and even shop keepers

    It doesn't but it is called psychology if you watch the tv or listen to certain radio stations before the governments declare war on anyone they play music to give the general mass's a sense of belonging to this great country stuff. It makes it easier for the forces to send their soldiers to war. This hugging day is to help the families feel that their sons and daughters are worth something so its just opium for the mass's sorry :hippy:but they like it. :whistle:


    how many people or what type of people do that

    I do, as fear is only the fear of fear itself and it in reality nothing anyway only a negative perception of something that in reality just is.................................


    Well I am going to put a spanner in the works now lol, I am ex para and was in Ireland, and one of the things people don't realise that Russia and China were involved in Ireland lol Falklands was not just about oil but about the antarctic gap for access in case of war.
    Tibet was about the Chinese needing access to high altitude to be able to fire there rockets further as is Afghanistan. The problems in Africa are nobodies as there is nothing of strategic importance there.

    It is very nice pontificating about the rights and wrongs of armies fighting and war in the world but in reality the only wars ever fought have been for land which = space for people and the obtaining of goods for continuation of the country involved. Never has a war been fought over ideology or religion they are the excuses that the mass's like to hear to make them feel good. One of wars between the English and Scots the battle of Callodon would not have been fought so late the problem was the English army had run out of beer and they refused to go and fight so they had to wait for more to come before the battle was fought. Not much has changed lol forces good place to see the world and get pissed.

    On a deeper level this world exists buy polarity so as long as we and that's all of us have had the wish for the excess of one part of the polarity the other will exist by virtue of the universal laws of live.

    The Dali Lama was tempted by a car and a bicycle he used to ride and even though he was told that the Chinese would come and destroy Tibet he did not believe the Oracles of the Potala. So he went and talked with the Chinese and the rest is history. The Elders were a bit wiser and disappeared before the Chinese came but my guides were all shot in the head as were thousands more and they just sat there and smiled at the officer about to shoot them. A few went into deep meditation and burned themselves and the entombed died instantly when there caves were opened by explosives.

    Unless anyone here has that sort of belief and will willingly see everything they own be taken and smile and be pleased for the takers and can sit smiling while there family are raped tortured and mutilated, and still smile and say that's fine. To see the women hang themselves after killing there children so that they will not be raped by the soldiers coming and you could still sit there and say that's fine I am at peace and its just there karma or some such crap and mental masturbation, then be thankful that someone is willing to give up their live to try and protect you. I was at Windsor Great Park when the women and children were being systematically beaten by the police of the time yes I fought with them to try and let the weaker people escape one women lost her child as she was about due with child. I wish I had been quicker to go to her rescue as were a few of my friends but I live with that picture still in my head. When we were at Stonehenge it was some of the forces lads from Bulford that came and gave us food so we could eat.

    I wish we did not need war of peace but we were in the middle path but at the moment we are not and mankind has a lot more learning before we are able to make that transition. I like the freedom that the Armed force's give me so that I can walk the woods without any worries, yes I yearn for love light and peace but until that day comes I will happily hug a squaddie (hope its a female one) and their families who have lost their sons and daughters.

    Think this shoud have been in the rant section lol :hippy: :whistle:

    I wonder whether the financial payments to all the boys parents which stopped the court case he had 4 years ago will now be null and void and they will no longer need to be silent??? Just a thought as that sticks in my mind more than anything else at the present. :zipped:


    One wee question to end on? Wouldn't the moon & star orbits have been different back when it was built? Soooo that means ..? Erm.

    Funny you should say that lol :D watched a program about 3 years ago which was looking at the theories of Stonehenge, The Great Pyramid and the Aztec temples. They had a program that was able to look at the position of the planet, the stars the moon etc. When they looked at the planetary positioning of now (well 3 years ago lol) and they could find no match at all. When they started taking it back in time they found that all the three Sites where pointing at the same planetary position and star in the sky which if I remember right war orion but the name of the star I might be wrong with :hippy: