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    ... the average private rent in this part of town is £350 a week for a one bedroom flat, and that's before council tax and bills! ....

    How MUCH??! That's around a month's rent for a house, garage and garden round here!Mind you, we're not within spitting distance of Canary Wharf, so why would anyone want to live in Yorkshire... :P

    We're house dwellers but had a problem with mildew because of a leaky gutter that made a wall damp and spread to the interior of a wardrobe Main thing is that if the problem *is* mildew, it's a fungus and will spread so you'd need to treat affected clothes. Sunny days are best, get clothes out, hang in the sunshine, and wipe with a vodka solution (a waste, yes! But I know hubby's Iron Maiden jackets thrived on this treatment!) and then sprayed with tea tree/distilled water solution and brushed down. Remember to wipe out the inside if the cupboard too!

    Ok, I'm going back (eeek, 20 years!) but an old mate of mine had psychiatric and alcohol problems and wanted to work in art therapy. She told me that the feedback she got was that her (past) issues wouldn't prevent her from doing it, and would be valuable in some ways because of her enhanced understanding. However it was pointed out that it's a difficult area to get work in because there aren't that many jobs. However, someone has to get the jobs, and I don't see why it shouldn't be you! :)

    Still, check with uni and anyone else that can offer advice.

    I think I see where you're coming from; did one unwittingly do more good by embodying abhorrent ideals..? Whereas Jesus led by example..?

    The road to hell, they say, is paved with good intentions, but for me, the fact that we still have folk idolising Hitler and everything he stood for makes me think he didn't do any good at all - you could argue that the holocaust has caused further pain and suffering further down the line, with the creation of Israel, and the appalling treatment of Palestinians. Jesus on the other hand was a 'good' dude. He cared for the vulnerable and the dispossessed..Anyone who would kick over a moneylenders table - in a temple! -has their head screwed on right, imo. It's just that, like any dead celebrity, they become legendary, stories grow up around them, and the icon grows rather than fades. Then nutters get hold of the myth and use it to support their own agendas... :-/ so, like you say the way it's been interpreted over centuries has had an impact, but so have the people, acting in their faith, who have dedicated themselves to making things better for others, less fortunate...

    But oddly, I was thinking about this yesterday. It's too late to go into detail, but I did have an idea..I'll try to explain it when not falling asleep!

    Also because of legislation passed a few years ago, shops that sell herbal medicines cannot make claims about the products because most of them are traditional remedies rather than *tested* pharmaceutical ones (so, as I recall, a shop in the Eurozone can't ever say something is 'healing', for example). Can't remember all the detail, but vaguely remember it happening. However you can research the herb online then buy it from somewhere else...

    If a jury is considered to have been unduly influenced by media coverage, can't a case be thrown out of court because it's seen to jeopardise a 'fair trial' or something..?

    (can't google, am using my phone to post!)

    Laptop died several months ago and cash is tight since we moved house so I'm using an elderly desktop machine when necessary. That means the moby's now taken the place of the laptop for my social media stuff, whether Forums/FB/Twitter. Although I check in more frequently by phone, my laptop visits tended to be lengthier..

    I'm with you on this - there's stuff happening that makes me very uncomfortable. Accusations wreck people's lives, and although some people are later found to be guilty, it's not always so cut and dried. Can't post a link because I'm on my phone but in today's guardian there was an article about 'My Husband, the Rapist'. Made me pause for a very big thought...

    when i was a teenager the pubs were allowed to kater for our age group in the villages and towns in that our pub had the garage converted so that it had a pool table and arcade games and a duke box which we wasted and enjoyed our pocket money on, we were allowed into the bar to get a soft drink and crisps

    Never been in a pub like that, but it sounds like a great idea!

    Please post recipes!... Thai broth! Hot & sour tofu soup! Pasta e fagiolii! All of the others mentioned! Taste buds are tingling with anticipation here (my peppery mung bean and leek is pretty damn good on a cold autumn day, btw!) :-)

    It's blackberry time now you can make blackberry and apple jam ,pie and you can make blackberry vodka , its great stuff you loss days if you drink to much :insane:

    could you post destructions for blackberry vodka please! I have blackberries. I have vodka. How much of one do I put in t'other?! :-)

    Neighbours eh! Mine told me I was awful for leaving my poor cat out in all weather while I was at work. He'd sit outside her patio doors, drenched, and she'd have to let him in so he could get dry in front of the fire. And sometimes she'd give him bits of her dinner.

    Which is fine except I already had a catflap...