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    Windows. Used the regedit Run command to sift through the possible registrations but the IT dept have put in company name rather than serial number, bah! Reluctant to install anything though - they tend to frown on that, but if there's a simple-ish solution, am happy to try it! If not, I'm back at work on,Monday and I could try asking nicely :)
    Thanks for yr help btw!

    I'd be interested in using a linux-based system out of curiosity and the anarchist punk part of my psyche loves the idea of stuffing one to the big boys by using only OpenSource. But the Adobe suite is industry-standard and it's what I know and have used for years. There's handy cross-platform stuff, like InDesign being able to use Photoshop docs without converting them to jpegs/tiffs, which takes away a time-consuming irritation (same with Illustrator files). I used to use Flash/Dreamweaver/fireworks a bit but am really out of practise - it would be useful for future work options to get back up to speed, with Adobe's web suite. The plus side is that, if I can get the serial number out of our IT dept, I have found the discs to install Adobe's creative suite & web premium which I can use at home as long as I work at the same place (Adobe lets you install two copies for home and office use). Unfortunately my efforts to grab the serial number off my work machine didn't work :( Grrrrr. Incidentally my one experience with Audacity (free audio-editing software) left me up the creek when I edited a bunch of speech segments and then discovered that the cuts weren't accurate with the final playback, though they'd sounded fine while I was selecting them...! :(

    Out of laziness I've stayed with the same bank (one of the 'biggies') for 25 years, and they have handled the majority of my financial transactions, including my mortgage and credit card. The service they provide has not always been good, and after a fairly unhelpful discussion with them this morning, they've really pissed me off. Since they do not see my loyalty as being worth anything, I don't see the point of staying with them, especially since they aren't particularly ethical, and don't offer anything special other than familiarity. I have a small overdraft, a regular wage and a credit card that I make regular payments to. Any suggestions for banks that operate ethically that might take me on and how I would go about it? Has anyone else changed banks, and are there any fees involved? I wondered about Triodos, or the Co-op? I'm keen to hear your advice and experiences.Thanks lovely hippies x

    I signed up, but haven't been on for a while, and also signed into Diaspora, which I really liked. Though the community was a bit snobby about Windows users.... :)

    I like it very much - my mum used to teach calligraphy so am reasonably familiar with it. There's only one tiny thing that probably most people wouldn't notice. I'm reluctant to mention it because it's so nit-picky, but because you have asked for a critique I will. What I notice is, you have done a very beautiful page but every time you've started a word beginning with 's' the angle becomes more upright. It's almost as though you are struggling to get the angle back - or maybe I had too much beer last night and my eyes are still funny..!

    Just be prepared for a few years wait after planting before you start cropping - I bought my tree from a National Trust apple day and it's just completed its third year with a sign of an apple....maybe next year.....:insane:

    I planted a Bramley tree twiglet and an eating apple tree twiglet (not sure what sort but it was a spontaneous purchase from Wilkinsons) on my old allotment and the following year I had two or three fruit on each... Their poor spindly branches were a bit weighed down though. Guess it depends on the bees as well as the weather!

    So I know a smidgin about apples: I make pies with Bramleys, I juice and eat golden delicious, galas, coxes etc - ie I use them raw.

    But I've just spent hours poring over a fruit tree list because I want to plant a few apple trees. So I've got my head around dwarf, semi and standard sizes, and even get the Group 1, 2 and 3 thing, but reading the descriptions I'm baffled by what they mean by 'dessert' apples - bearing in mind that other types in the same list are described as 'eating', 'culinary', 'cooking' or 'cider'. So do I cook a 'dessert' apple or do I eat it raw for pudding?

    Google was no help at all!

    Cheers me dears!

    I'm putting out food daily - a mixture of seeds, food scraps, cereals but the little birds are sitting around the bird table looking hungry while four fat squirrels and five greedy magpies scoff the lot. Squirrels are a real problem here - they've been barkstripping mature trees and almost ringed one of the sycamores. They're cute and fluffy, but they're also killing the trees :(

    I was driving home from the pub late one night (it's ok, I was sober!) and dropping off friends, one of whom is a notoriously quick driver. I was ambling along about 20mph because it was the time of night that cats tend to be the main road users. All of a sudden I saw a tiny cat, right in the middle of the road, bouncing about. As I approached, it made no attempt to get out of the way so I stopped the car and Mr S wobbled out to see what was happening with it... Well, the tiny cat was chasing a teeny tiny frog. Hubby caught the frog, the cat ran away, we drove on and let the frog go in the pond. Double win for slow driving! :-)

    So we've opened up our fires, have a reasonable supply of unchopped wood, but both me and Mr S are new to this game. I was looking to buy him an axe for Christmas, for log-splitting (yes, yes, some men get aftershave, cufflinks and man-bags, but I don't think he'd ever use any of that stuff, so something sharp to wield would probably suit him a treat). But the more I read up, the more I'm not sure whether an axe or a maul is the right thing. Also, what weight? He's quite strong, but we're both getting older, and from what I read, wood-splitting is more about technique than brute force... Any advice for a rookie log-splitter? :)

    Enjoy that, as I hit my 40's and stopped smoking, I developed boobs, and most men have been talking to them and not me since :( I hope they will disappear as I hit 50 :cry:

    I stopped smoking and hit my forties but still didn't get boobs (well, at least not of any size that you'd expect a reply from if you talked to them.. !) There's nothing else for it, men have to address my brain :-[

    Visitors will be arriving at Christmas and we intended to make two big pots of casserole - one for the meat eaters and one for the veggies. Usually I would make ny veggie version with quorn, but one guest is vegan, so Quorn isnt suitable, while another isn't vegan but has a wheat intolerance. I'd like to add something 'protein-y' to the veggie option so it isn't *just* veg - and something that won't spoil if it casseroles for a bit longer than intended. Any suggestions or recipes gratefully received! :)

    ... she dumped her wheelchair by making adjustments to her diet ...

    Am not minimising the impact of this horrible illness, but my mum's had MS for more than 25 years. She went to a doctor in Loughborough who tested her for food intolerances and cut loads of stuff out of her diet. No cows milk, no yeast, no tomatoes, potatoes, citrus fruit, tea or coffee.. She couldn't have fruit tea in bags because tea bags are made with aluminium, and she was sensitized to that, so she had to buy loose fruit teas..She lived on gin, chicken, apples and rice for quite a while, but she'll be eighty next year, still isn't in a wheelchair (traditional medics said she'd be a cripple by her sixties) and in the interim has dealt with breast cancer, diabetes and cataracts.I know it isn't like this for everyone, but if Linda can stay positive, active and listen to her body she may be able to extend her periods of remission. These days mum can have a bit of potato, tomato, yeast-risen bread, or beer, but when she was first tested she was absolutely strict about cutting out everything that she was told to - there was no cheating, and, after a couple of months there was a tangible difference, and she said she knew, from the pain, if she'd accidentally eaten something that she shouldn't. My love and best wishes. PM me if Linda would like to talk to my mum xx