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    Yep, love the stuff for lots of reasons, not least seeing it covered with bees every summer. I've used it steeped in water and also just laid leaves on the soil under my pea plants :)

    I used to like email but now I get waaaaay too much of it - even when I've filtered out the spam - and find it really annoying!

    My android phone does this, but not my android tablet.To get round it on the phone i found that if you want to start a new line at the end of a sentence, if you put a space after the full stop THEN press enter/return, then it seems to do what you want it to.

    BUT if you then go back and edit the post, it takes all yr spacing away anyway! :(

    The bass that kicks in halfway through The Chain by Fleetwood Mac (aka the bit used for the Grand Prix); Never Tell by the Violent Femmes (all of it, but particularly the last bit where Gordon's voice is cracking; Wide Open Space by Mansun - the whole thing but especially that spartan guitar intro; Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (I'm not a Smiths fan but Johnny Marr's guitar solo at the end makes me catch my breath every time); Lydia Lunch's version of Gloomy Sunday (it's the sax, innit!); the line 'It ain't coca-cola, it's rice' from Straight to Hell by The Clash; the bad recorder at the end of Eminem's 'Slim Shady'; Fairport's 'Fotheringay'; New Model Army 'Here Comes The War'; The cooing thrummy noise in the background of Kate Bush's Night of the Swallow; Ghost Town despite its ubiquity still does it to me; Zadoc the Priest; the crescendo bit in Day in the Life; Nouvelle Vague's remake of the Killing Moon; Oh Bondage Up Yours - especially the intro; Soul Rebel - all of it!; the lyrics to Californication; Leonard Cohen's Avalanche - especially the way he delivers the line 'I can feel you when you breathe'; Damien Marley's Confrontation;.. is that enough to be going on with..? There are many more. It's surprising that I don't spend my life in a perpetual state of heightened emotion!

    We're on the dividing line - supermarkets, fast food and housing one side, open farmland the other, so I guess our local foxes get the best of both worlds. It snowed again last night, and still no tracks, so not sure where the big lad is now :(

    Couldn't help thinking 'Lord of the Flies'. Ok, that was a fictional tale about schoolboys, but I'm not sure that adults wouldn't revert to weird behaviours in that kind of constructed cutoff community.I really like the idea of small focused *villages* with a mix of privacy and community, but I'd also like there to be ways to still be part of the bigger world community..

    y'know, maybe it sounds strange, but I've never minded working for *twats* - as long as they're a twat to everyone, and make it clear what's expected of me.

    If you're doing most if the work and running the business, why not start having a serious look at the business side of things - your dad won't be able to do that for ever! my guess is you can do it easily, but you need the confidence to know that you can! :)

    How old is he, Gee? Am just wondering because there's a generational thing - my dad sounds a lot like yours.I felt I was the one who 'let the family down' too - my sister seemed to do everything right - I did everything wrong. But last week we spent some time together, me and her, just on our own. And she told me her perception - that mum and dad preferred me, because I 'smiled more' and was 'easier to get on with'!I guess what I'm saying is that we just don't know, and sometimes we try to guess and we can be so wide of the mark. You sound like a talented capable bloke, but your dad isn't giving you that respect (are you younger than your brother?) and mine doesn't either - I think we're fixed in their heads as being permanently 11yrs old!That said, no one should be taken for granted, and you've been through the mill these last few months. But he won't know that, to be fair. What you could do is remind him - when you are in a good mood - to say please and thank you - and set a good example by doing that too. And like Grendel says, I don't think there's anything wrong with asking to be recompensed for work you do - it sounds like you could easily get work with someone else, with your skills, even in the current climate... Good luck, and remember we can't always change how other people behave towards us, but we can change how we respond to them..

    Update: it snowed the other night, and *someone* ate the food again. I still haven't seen him but there were tracks across the garden that looked more fox than cat, and one print weaker, like he still couldn't put all his weight on his paw... I'm hoping it's him, and that he's ok...

    AAAAAND you can get puppy cams, that you strap on their backs so you can see where your puppy goes, thus satiating your need for gadgetry. Win-win :thumbup:

    Looking through a glass the other way. :)

    I'm not too sure it's not here and now, but just harder to access. Maybe industrialisation and capitalism colluded to trap it in a bell jar and pull its legs off just because.

    It's probably fair tbh...I've never seen a member of the fairer sex reading either. :D

    Oi oi! They *did* have a women's interest section (but I must go back and see how it was labelled). It was a huge rack of celebrity-focus, real-life lurve stories and cooking/fashion/homestyling tips. I am underwhelmed...

    An old building in Edinburgh just up from the Scottish parliament has been renovated in a really modern way. There's something about the mix of natural and ultramodern that sits very comfortably with me - and so it is with hippy-ness and technology.
    They don't need to fight, they're complementary.

    but this is too hippy for words. Quick, someone, invent plastic..! :panic:

    Update: not seen him since Friday night now, so not sure if he's still around though I'm putting food out in the same place each evening. Something is eating it though, and I don't think its our cats - though it may be a neighbouring one...Can't ring the RSPCA till I can see him and don't want to drag the Selby Wildlife lady here on a wild [STRIKETHROUGH]goose [/STRIKETHROUGH] fox chase.... :(

    ... I have heard good things about the Real Seed Company , who only do traditional non hybrid stuff , that you can then save your own seeds.

    Real Seed co are brilliant - some stuff better than others but the heritage mange tout I bought five years ago also produces excellent peas when I've left the pods to mature - every year I save some, and almost every one sprouts.

    THere's nothing wrong with having a crush on a lump of metal. How do you think car manufacturers sell so many vehicles?

    Yeah, but Audis are just characterless status symbols driven by wankers. Sir Killalot rocked. ;)

    ^^ *not apologising for any stereotyping* ^^

    Never built a robot but I did love Robot Wars. Had a bit of a thing for Sir Killalot, if it isn't too weird to have a crush on a lump of metal.. ;)

    I think my vet would probably be ok - he's a very kind man - but of course I would have to pay him, and I would struggle to do that if it was very expensive.

    I just popped out to see if I could see the fox. The chicken's gone - though that could have been another cat or fox - but my boy cat came out to keep me company and he was very wary when we got to that part of the garden; usually he bounds around, so I think maybe the fox is still in that area.

    How much do foxes eat? So far (if he's eaten it all!) he's had liver, and a takeaway tray full of chicken. I know they are scavengers as well as hunters, so what else can I feed him on, bearing in mind that he's poorly and won't be able to hunt/scavenge much for himself? I'm kind of hoping that if he gets some good food and a bit of care and attention, he'll start healing himself..

    Thanks all! Really appreciate all your advice. I've tried a few of the links - the lady at Selby Wildlife was fantastic. She recommended the RSPCA but they won't come out unless I can see the fox, but now it's dark and I'm not sure where he is. I've just taken some chicken out to where he was hanging around though, so hopefully he'll find it, and in the morning I'll see if I can spot him again... :(Ps I asked her if the RSPCA would euthanise him and she said she thought they wouldn't if he could be saved. But if they won't come out she said she'd come and help me trap him so that we could get him to a vet. Hope I can still find him tomorrow xx

    So today there's a fox in my garden. Broad daylight, it limped past without stopping. Spotted it a couple of times, and then again as I was coming back from the supermarket. I feel sorry for it. It isn't dying, just wounded but obviously I can't get close enought to see what's wrong with it. It's a big one too. Both my neighbours had poultry until it was killed by a fox (which may or may not have been this one?) and I have lost a bird, and maybe the stray cat that used to visit us too... But I'm reluctant to blame this fox for everything. According to the urban fox website, it's ok to feed them so I've put some food out tonight for it because I don't want to see it starve. What would you do?