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    Hi honey, I'm home.... :)

    Been a while. My, how the kids have grown!

    Hope everyone is keeping well. Drifted away around 2013 but great to see the site's revived <3 xx

    Think you may have been after my most prolific posting period. I drifted around 2013 I think (sorry Paul!)

    Even forgot how to use the site and hijacked your thread to say Hi, hence hasty edit... :blush:

    Hi Sensi, am seeing my folks tomorrow and asked them to take a pic of one of the two beds - hopefully I'll be able to download it and send it to you, so you can see if it would be suitable x

    Not sure this belongs in Philosophy, but it had to go somewhere..

    I was thinking about scratching itches, and how on a physical level it can provide relief, but it can also make the irritation worse. Then I started thinking about metaphorical 'itches' - habits, temptations, urges.

    On the one hand, we're encouraged not to scratch because it makes it worse, but then there are popular ideas like Oscar Wilde's, "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself"

    It kind of makes sense, but it also sounds selfish, and it's not necessarily a wise course of action (look what happened to Dorian Gray after all...!) Should we always scratch that metaphorical itch - succumb to temptation lest it eats us away? Doesn't it reflect an 'every man for himself' mentality? Or is there something to be said for stoicism and resistance - gritting your teeth, and refusing to scratch the irritation until it just goes away?

    I sometimes wish there was a *like* button for posts like Sues, above :)
    Atomic is right too - there are basic survival needs that we have to meet but lots of work isn't 9-5 and it doesn't have to be boring even if the hours are typical...
    Remember the old adage, 'find a job that you enjoy and you'll never have to work a day in your life...' x

    I've got to plant a new rhubarb patch this week - the area has been sheeted for a few months and now there is a mat of brown grass roots on top of soil that is fairly compacted. What should I do about 'no dig' in this situation? Surely I should clear the grass roots because once they're re-exposed to light, they may well start sprouting again, and wouldn't there be a risk of crowding out the rhubarb plants? (I also want to plant gooseberries, redcurrants and raspberries in the same area...)

    My concern with FBs privacy settings is that a) FB have been known to fuck up when they make alts to the system so what you thought was private suddenly isn't. b) I know people whose accounts have been hacked - often their own fault but nevertheless disturbing c) you can't control other people's posts - ok, so you can refuse to accept being tagged, but other people's posts saying 'I saw *Spiralite* drunk in charge of a bulldozer' could potentially still be seen. And that's ok to some people, cos it sounds like I might be a right laugh, but if I later need or want to apply for a job with a large company, one of the first things a lot of HR departments do before offering a candidate a job is to google you. So the law student who poledanced in clubs to pay her tuition fees doesn't get the job she wanted because someone put her photo and real name on their - unprotected - facebook page...

    It'd probably be worth doing a quick google check to see what chemical base the graffiti paint is - it *could* damage the polyester or, more likely, the plasticised backing... Acrylic base would probably be ok, but I wonder whether an acetone base would make the fabric bubble or wrinkle?

    I don't use my 'world of work' name on FB - similar reasons: there is someone in my past that I'd rather not have to deal with. It's also safer because your digital trail is less obvious - despite privacy settings, there are people who have been turned down for jobs because of info leaked on facebook. I'd rather keep my jobface separate from my socialface. So I don't publish my location, workplace - or use an unobscured photo as my picture.

    Paranoid?? Who. Me?? No way. Those barstewards really *are* out to get me! ;)

    [quote='FriedOnion','']But hasn't FB & co. gone that way now? The few times I use it I find the information rushes past my eyes to the extent that I don't bother looking.True, tho FB posts tend to be considerably shorter than the wordy convoluted emails I get in my work account!