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    A teaspoon of marmite in ye veggie gravy gives more taste, some extra vits and makes the colour darker (so meatier looking). I also just roast loads and loads of veg.. squash, garlic, parsnips, carrots, fennel.. blah de blah... :)

    I found I got really restless, not just sort of irritable, but like I couldn't sit still, almost twitchy. I was very unrelaxed I guess! I kept going in the shower (a bath might be good, I didn't have one) and I found it relaxed me and took my mind off of it for a bit. It was only for the first week or two.

    Don't know if that's any help but I was one of those smokers that loved their fags.. Still do to be fair, I just don't smoke anymore.. well unless I'm very mullered. :D

    That's really quick! I'm on a 12-18 month waiting list to get into a Welsh NHS Dentist, and the one they allocate might be 1 hours drive away from where I live. I can get emergency treatment if I need it but I was told several times that if I go to the emergency clinic with a pain, the dentist will only look at that one pain. No check ups or any other preventative treatment allowed! It's better than nothing though!

    My other half recognises that bus!! He reckons it has always looked like it was well looked after, parked on flat land etc.. So it looks like it'd be a good buy!!! I think he'd had half an eye on it as a live in for himself!!! Small world! :)

    I thought mediatation was observation of the mind, not responding, not becoming involved/reacting and observing the mind until you reach a peaceful state. You can use breathing/visualisation etc to help slow the mind or to focus yourself in the beginnning because the mind is a tricky one... it doesn't like to sit still and will try to jump about. I was taught to be careful not to simply concentrate instead of meditate.

    Thanks Starpoi! I didn't realise I will be able to get a smaller back. I'll ask the piercer chap about it when I see him later on then!! I like the idea of a smallish ring, the piercer guy also said you have to be careful to avoid the 'cheese wire affect' (nice!!) with too small rings as they can cut through lips??

    First off lovely piccie and thanks for posting it! I had my lip done, but thought it would be a wee bit closer to my lips than it is.. it's definitely not a labret. But it is a bit further away from the bottom lip than the one in your piccie.

    The piercer said to start with the 1.2mm (as I wasn't sure about a ring) and if I want a ring (which I might eventually) he rec'd I stretch the hole first with a 1.6mm stud after it has healed and then use a ring. He showed me suitable rings and said a 10 or 11 would be good for my lips, not a 12? I thought i'd just see how it settled and go back another time to get other jewellery. I'd ideally like to wear a ring some of the year and a small stud other times.

    The back on my 1.2mm isn't tiny.. but I just reckon I'm more aware of it at the mo becuase it's all new!!!!

    Yeah!!! I think they're lovely.... and I'm stoked I finally got it done. Is yours centre or to the side. I like to the centre more, I've just got a wee stud to start but might go for a ring later... I'll see. Do you use the soft backs? My piercer mentioned them as an option if they do damage your gums or teeth?

    Blimey!! So did you get into the habit of pulling it with your teeth as well??? Or did it just sorta rattle around? I've been trying really hard to just ignore it.. although I have been doing a lot more from the side of mouth today! :)

    Thanks Stardust! I had heard it can rub the teeth and gums?? But only if it's not in properly? I figured I'd let it bed in for a while and just see how it's doing. I've also heard about soft backed studs you can use.. would they be any good for you?

    Hello! Thanks for all the advice, I guess after searching on line and getting loads of conflicting info, I thought it best to ask you guys, as I'm sure more than a few of you have direct experience. Cheers!

    Thanking you for the advice. I'll not twist it then!!! So the first time I wash it will be tomorrow morning after a shower. I have Himilayan natural rock salt or kitchen sea salt that you can grind. Would either be ok?

    Thanks again for the quick replies. I've wanted this for ages, and really want it to happily settle. :clap:

    I've just had my lip pierced :clap:(waited 2 years!!!) and after reading other ukhippy threads discussing them, I've got a couple of questions. Do you guys rec just salt water or tea tree as well? If it's diluted.. how diluted?? The piercer suggested savlon spray, but I noticed some of you guys warn against this. Also, the other threads seem to stress not touching it ... when I bathe it with salt water should I still give it a twist though?? If anyone has any advice, it would be appreciated!! Some other info I read on other sites is suggesting mouth wash and all other random sorts of oral cleaning.. is that necessary???? Thanks!!!! :thumbup:

    I found liquidy things like cuppa soups/miso soup really helpful with the not eating. When I get anxiety my throat really tightens and if I even remember or tried to eat I couldn't swallow food. Warm drinks/soups really got me started because it seeemed to help me to relax my throat as well. I also started to observe my breathing when i tried to eat because I noticed I was taking very shallow breaths or holding my breath which didn't help.... So long deep controlled breathing and something very simple and liquidy to eat got me going.. then you can have little bits of bread soaked in the soup after a while. It seemed to slowly kick start an appetite after a while and the warmth of the food seeemed to spread through me and warm me up.

    I hope you have managed to have a bit of something to eat and that you feel better soon.

    Hello there!! I just wanted to say a big thanks for the lovely shorts and top. I got them through the post this morning and they are perfect.:clap:

    I'm not sure why the title's changed?? I'm 34 and the clothes fit me?? :D

    Very happy!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!

    I love to do the big veg soup thing.. and I've got one of those hand blenders (tescos £3).. which I sometimes use to give it a different texture. If I'm flush I'll add a dollop of Elmlea or cream.. and if I make a big enough pan it can last for days. I sometimes add different veg on day 2 or 3 to keep it going. I also put 'surprises' in the bottom of the bowl; like fried quorn or different cheeses (stilton etc) or cooked pasta.. so that if I start to get bored after a few days of veg soup.. it changes the taste. I've managed to feed me and my fella on this for days, when we've had to live on a handful of coins.. It's healthy and tasty as well.