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    Quote from GreenFairy

    Do you eat honey? Ive herd that a vegan diet would not eat honey because it was made by insects.....

    Is this true?

    The ethos of a vegan for most is not using or consuming any animal products whether honey, leather, silk, wool, meat dairy, eggs etc...

    So no I don't eat honey :)

    When I was in hospital having my eldest, his dad used to bring vegan food in for me, so I had a secret stash in my bedside cupboard... their only options for vegans was the Indian food because where I lived at the time had a large South Asian community....which was great but every night played havoc especially when just having had a baby!!

    I think over the years I have learnt that it is unlikely that I will get a vegan option in some places, for me or the children, so I have always carried food with me especially where the children are concerned :)

    Quote from stardust

    woah stormy.....your buddha is georgeous!

    I know he is a bit sexy isn't he :D ...all respects to Buddha ..and probably not appropriate for me to say ...but he is lovely representation :)

    How many acres have you got up there, and so far how many people live there?? I know you need about an acre a person to sustain them... I do believe but don't quote me!!

    And what do you all live in... communal house, vehicles, Eco village??

    Sounds a great place and some photos would be cool :) sorry the geek in me wanted to know is there a web link??

    That is true Stardust but then I personally would find it hard to start asking questions by just going up to some randon horse drawn traveller...I personally would feel a right tourist .... there are a few seasoned travellers on here that did it for years like Vern... if anyone is going to know he will :)

    I couldn't correct you if you were wrong... as I just don't know :harhar:

    But even so I still not liking the representation as much.... what I do know is that there are many hundreds of buddhas... so yup you could be right!!!...where is a Buddhist when you need one ...UMA????

    Quote from Zambaku

    Aye, I'm a bit worried about the food and water bit myself.

    OOOOO your ancient ancestors would turn in their graves :D

    But seriously how sad is that... that our culture has lost the fundamental basics of survival... even Ray Mears was expressing how much we have lost in time... and one of the only tribal people he could relearn from what we have lost to our knowledges, was the aboriginal peoples!!

    I think that is sad... and I am endeavoring to learn as much as I can about food for free from the wild :0)

    Well, I think it is about creating what you think should be a shrine to Buddha :)

    I have an alter with Buddha, and white and green Tara on it among other pagan stuff... thats the eclectic belief system I have... this is an old photo of it as I have moved now and not taken a photo of my alter now...

    and I think it is important to find a Buddha statue that you relate to and love... Iam not into laffing Buddhas myself... I prefer the more traditional look :) although I am not a practicing Buddhist, I do respect Buddhism hence my alter...and I loved this Buddha when I first saw it...

    Even if the protesters do go...folk still go there for the better half used to always go there when he lived in Derbyshire!! so yup I reckon there will be something as usual for solstice...all I personally ask is just clean your litter up after the last time stonesy went down there folk had left a right mess ...rubbsh disrespect for that ancient site and the Eco system that supports it!!

    There is no doubt in the world it can be friend has 4 children, 15, 8, 6, and a few months old and she is home educating all of them... she seems to cope but she has had some experience now!! Early on she did have the eldest two in school at a couple of points in their education but not for long as it didn't work out for them, so they are all at home now.

    Education otherwise is a good home ed organisation.... and there are others...the legal definitions is that every child should have an education but it doesn't state what that is apparently from what I have looked at... so there you go :0)

    Just make sure that Becs gets lots of her own peers to socialise with too and that she is happy to do it.

    My only worry would be having a new born and trying to sort her ed out..but I am sure you will suss it.... I was pregnant when I was home eding Lewis and it was hard coz I was knackered all the time... Lewis has had a school ed and home ed although not for that long .... but I never had any probs with the education authorities!!!

    Good luck gal :)

    Quote from stardust

    don't buy anything off ebay with out going to see it first.....ever!!!

    I bought my ambulance off ebay with out seeing it and it was a fantastic buy ..the best ever!! But then I also bought a caravan last year to put in our woodland, and although still an ok buy the person selling it failed to tell us everything about it and there was a hell of a leak at the back...I have done a lot of work on it to get it up to scratch since but yeah that wasn't so great!!

    But yes there are always going to be dodgy folk where every you go who may not be so kosher

    But then my first van was a private sale and we checked it over blah blah, and although it looked great when we first got it... all seemed to be sound...the problems a rose one by one a little time after!! Partly age partly the engine was to small for the wieght..and being novice at the time we didn't realise...especially as we used it all the time and previous owner used it just for holidays!!

    Quote from welshlamb

    Excellent. Anyone remember the Stop the City demos in the early 80's?

    I am in town that day so shall certainly get along, camera in hand to record the event - expect some rather dodgy policing though!

    Yes I do :0) I was at one of them....and my ex went to all of them...and he always dressed in a suit so that he could get away with stuff hehehe where the obvious hippy punks were getting arrested or moved along!!

    So yeah when I read this post it reminded me of that :)

    Also a bit like reclaim the streets too in the 90's :)

    Quote from Jeanette

    I definitely wouldn't take a pram anywhere near the London Underground as I did try this once when my daughter was about 5 months old an it was a nightmare.

    I used to do it on a regularly basis with my eldest when he with a toddler, and I lived near london... and I have to say having a three wheeler made all the difference as it would bump up and down the steps easier than a some pushchairs/prams... Coz lets face it not many people offer to help you...they just bustle by in to much of a hurry to notice you struggling .... but hey you in the end it just became the norm and you get used to doing it. Fortunately a few more stations have lifts now too :0