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    Quote from Earth Whirler

    You look very very stoned in that last picture :reddevil:

    Errrrrr ummmmm hehehe :angel:

    Quote from sunny

    There's some great pictures you've got up there! I really like your whole site, especially that you have an animal welfare page. It's nice

    Aww thanks Sunny, still loads to do on the site, especially the animal welfare bit but my motivation has a gone a bit at the mo :0/ By the way loved your pics too :0) wonderful atmosphere to them :0)

    Love and light to you both
    Xxxx Stormy xxxX

    Fab pics Sunny :0) I love the round house its beautiful :0) Looks like you had a wicked time living there :0)

    Love and light
    Xxxx Stormy xxxX

    Ps: could really do with that wood pile for our fire hehehe :0)

    In recent years and the more life's journey continues I find myself becoming more and more spiritual. I used to be very grounded in everything I did, spirituality wasn't so important. I was brought up a Christian but gave up god when I was about 18. Then for a while didn't believe in much at all, though paganism - ancient sites and gatherings was starting to become more appealing.

    And now I take my belief system from paganism/wiccan/druidism, angels, spirit, buddhism, native american culture etc... I don't feel I can be one thing, as life is too rich and diverse for me but if anything I call myself a pagan as that can encompass many beliefs, especially stuff that is non-institutionlised.

    The more life goes on the more I get drawn to spiritual people and them to me. I have had quite a few experiences now!! Some folk may not believe my experiences but to me thats ok, as I know what has happened to me and that is all that matters. I believe the more you work with it the more your vibration rises and the more intune you become. That is my experience anyway. In the recent past, before moving away from each other, I used to work with a very close friend of mine who is a spiritual healer, when I connect with her I really feel the energies we have, and she often confirms my thoughts.

    The important thing is to be grounded and I am :0) And trust in your intution and this is an important key to what you can achieve.

    At the end of the day, each to their own!! :D

    Love and light
    Xxxx Stormy xxxX

    Well I am in the mood for doing a photo session too hehehe (hope I don't bore you too much !!
    Lewis and Smartie

    Luke on one of dads bikes

    Lewis and Stonesy

    Our goregous old gal 'Ambient the Ambulance' :0)

    My soulmate Stonesy :0)

    Stonesy and Stormy (me)

    Lewis and me :0)

    Stonesy make us a cuppa hehehe :0)

    Stonesy checking his GPS by a standing stone in Scotland :0)

    My little Star, the last of my original three dogs!!

    Love and light
    Xxxx Stormy xxxX

    I am with you on that one Earth Whirler. Clear definaitions are important for those who want to make sure they are 100% veggie or vegan (well as much as humanley possible).

    I think it is great when anyone cuts back on animal products, as Claerie says it all helps the cause. But clear definition is important to :D

    Love and light
    Xxxx Stormy xxxX

    Quote from Kat

    Im thinkin gof going Vegan though.. but slowly.. Does anyone have any advice? what to eat to stay healthy?

    Hi kat :0)

    The most important thing to have as a vegan is B12 as this is something that vegans don't get very easily, apart from fortified foods like yeast extract and some soya milks. You can also get it from sea weed, and there is an argument that root vegetables take it from the soil, so eat root veggies.

    Diet for anyone is about food combinations too, not just vegans. For example if you have iron enriched foods you need to have a source of vitamin C to help the absorption of iron into your body. But don't then guzzle loads of tea as the tannins in it depleats iron. Then you need Vitamin D, which again can be derived from fortified foods, and sun light, to absorb calcuim from foods like seseme seed, nuts, pulses, leafy green veggies etc.. While caffine prohibits it!!

    I have been vegan for 17 years, and my son who is nearly 7 from the day he was concieved. I am on my second pregnancy as a vegan (well 3rd actually), and our health hasn't suffered yet but then I know enough not to let that happen. When I first became vegan there was little on the market and most things were made from scratch, now there is alsorts of yummy goodies. I am pasting some links for you below, to help you on your way.

    I am vegan for animal rights reasons but yes health has also become a huge issue in recent years. Especialy after all these scares with meat/dairy products - e coli, BSE blah blah!! My ethics keep me vegan and my anger about animal abuse fuels my choice!!

    I believe the best way is to use all your veggie food up and restock with all vegan, and just go for it rather than take a period of time. That's what I did, I lapsed once on a chocolate bar a few days later ( and I am not going to kick myself over that one) but then after that, there was no looking back :0)

    Here are some links for you .....

    At the end of the day it is your choice but good luck and let us know how you are doing :0)

    Love and light
    Xxxx Stormy xxxX

    Yeah you can get vegecaps but doctors dont prescribe these, only healthfood shops have products with these. There is something called gratefruit seed drops, this is a natural antibiotic and can be bought from the healthfood shops. Also to boost your immune system try echinacea, the native americans use it. It is a purple corn flower and grows on the plains of North America. Brilliant for boosting the immune system :0).

    Even look up a homeoapathic alternative and buy one, I have a good family homeopathy book I refer to and then go and get a remedy if possible. I am not a professional but I use them for my own family and they do work. I gave my son chamomillia for his teething and colic when he was a baby, it worked a treat. Then Stonesy was ill the other day being sick and stuff (ok he was on the lash the night before) but he was unusually quite bad with it the next day, so I let him suffer all day hoping it would work itself out of his system naturally He he he and then gave him a remedy in the afternoon, in an hour or so he was up and about feeling better. All self help and cheaper than going to an alternative therapist.

    Sometimes we have to give into conventional medicines as there are limited alternatives but where I can I will always opt for alternative remedies first :0)
    Love and light
    Xxxx Stormy xxxX

    Quote from Paul

    What do people do if you get prescribed a medicine and the capsule casing contains geletin?

    I had this a while ago and the doctor said there was no alternative available

    On the very rare occassion I have gone to the doctor and had an antibiotic (try to go the alternative medicine route firstly) I did have the same problem but I emptied the contents (throwing out the outer capsule as it was geletine) into a piece of squidgy bread and made a dough ball and then ate it quickly coz the taste is disgusting. Fortunately, that has only happened to me once in all the years as a vegan, as ethically conventional medicine is not for me but sadly I didn't have a choice that time.

    Love and light
    Xxxx Stormy xxxX

    Quote from Dandy

    cooool, where abouts do you suppose it is... any ideas and i'll venture forth to find it!

    It used to be on the road that comes of the main sea front road that you are on. Near the castle bit on the right hand side as you come away from the sea front .. . sorry I can't be more specific but I don't know the name of the road :0/ Hoping it is still there for you but this was a few years ago now!! It was there for quite a few years.

    It was run by a grey haired man, always had loads of hippi stickers in the windows, a brilliant notice board for selling old trucks and burners etc, events and stuff, and was very rustic inside with wooden floors and huge wooden tables, and the vegan crumble with soya cream was to die for

    Love and light
    [COLOR=darkorchid]Xxxx Stormy xxxX

    Looks lovely :0) Reminds me of when I lived by the sea in Hastings about 7 months ago :0( still I am in a beautiful place now :0)

    And you are right near the alternative technology centre in Machynlleth, and also about 20 miles away from you is a place called Cymtydu (near New Quay) on the coast, where we used to park up and stay. It is a fairly secluded bay, with a population of seals, who swim in the water right near you, and we even saw dolphins come in there one year we were there :0) worth a visit if you can get there.

    Is Y Craigs still in Aberwyswith, it used to be a really good hippi/traveller cafe where you could even take your dogs hehehe and made nice vegan/veggie food!! Haven't been that way for a few years now.

    Have fun at uni :0)

    Love and light
    Xxxx Stormy xxxX

    Quote from Doktor Atomik

    There's some talk of a permanent campsite getting set up at Avebury, which would be kinda nice. Bizarrely, it's an idea supported by the police.

    Can't see that happening myself, I think the NT would have something to say about that!!

    What a nice idea though :0)

    Love and light
    Xxxx Stormy xxxX

    Quote from Doktor Atomik

    Living on the road can be a bit of a nightmare these days anyway. I'm not sure it's really possible anymore - well, not in a way that would appeal to me. I like the idea of being able to move around and just park up where you feel the urge, but fat chance of that anymore.

    Scotland is still ok for travellers (they are more leniant and more space there - Glenuig near Mallaig is a place we have stopped for a while. And if you can bare the cold winters but down South ain't so hot. I remember traveller watch in Cornwall!! NASTY!! The lands owned by to many conservative tossers, the "get orf my land" knobs :frust:

    Ahhh Starfly, I play didjeridu too, badly, but I have two lovely didjis I don't do justice to . And I play the guitar, like you I can play a few chords, oh and recorder/irish whistles but I don't play any of them very well. I took the guitar up again about a year or so ago now - self taught hence being so bad hehehe!! no I can play a tune and sing along :0)

    Love and light
    Xxxx Stormy xxxX

    Quote from Firinne

    Finally got the pics up! They're all here:

    For some reason lots of them were very blurry, no idea what that could be ... :rolleyes:

    Great pics, and good to see some of the old faces from previous gatherings and stuff, including Arthur Pentdragon and the Arthurian Warband folk :0) A good friend of mine used to be with them, and brought Arthur to my house years ago, a very interesting man and a good front man for the cause :0) Thanks for sharing them with us :0)

    Love and Light
    Xxxx Stormy xxxX

    Quote from Doktor Atomik

    Castlerigg's a spectacular circle, but it's just too popular. Long Meg's fab, and it has the advantage of being near the Organic Mill in Little Salkeld. But my real choice in that neck of the woods wood have to be Swinside.... best stone circle by a long shot.

    Hi Dok :0)

    Long meg is only a couple of miles away and we go and pay our respects quite often :0) And the Organic Mill is Fab isn't it, I spent loads of money there recently but came with some really good organic food for the store cupboard hehehe :0) Castlerigg would be good to go to meet folk though, as sometimes we crave some other like minded folk, we are very rural where we live and we don't see that many people anymore, but that is cool too!!!

    Love and light
    Xxxx Stormy xxxX

    Quote from StarFly

    Are you going down for Samhain Firinne ? I hear stormy that everyone dresses up and its a big party for Samhain - am really looking forward to it - we've even postponed the house party we were going to have just so we can be at Avebury instead :wiggle:

    Anyhoo Love to you both and hope you have a wonderful time wherever you are on Samhain Stormy

    Sarah xxx

    Hi Sarah :0)

    Yes, folk do dress up for a party the night before (well they did last year but we didn't make the pub party) and then on the 31st Oct there is a procession through the stones and ends up with a firework gathering :0) a few miles away from what I can remember. It was a great few days, and worth going to :0)

    Have a great time if you go :0) We will have a great time somewhere up here :0)

    Love and light
    Xxxx Stormy xxxX

    Quote from matthew

    I don't think thats true.. however wich way you vote, i think politicians are more pissed off with not being able to get any time talking about 'real issues' .. this conference is being side tracked by the Brown/Blair debate [within the media] obscuring most of anything of importance.. Trust well thats something personal.. i trust the politicians i vote for.

    Ummm, no offence and all of that but I think you have been sucked in .. look at recent events in Iraq and all of the cover ups??? look at past events when things come out in the open that were covered up?? How can you ever trust them?? But hey each to their own :0)

    Quote from Alasdair

    How do you vote, Matthew?

    Errr looks like Labour to me

    I live to far away now to go to Avebury but I was down there last Samhain (pagan new year) and had a groovy time with lovely people.

    If you can try and get down there for this years Samhain :0)

    We will be going to either Long Meg and her daughters or Castlerigg this year, and doing our own thing to celebrate our ancestors etc... Only 5 weeks away now :0)

    Love and light
    Xxxx Stormy xxxX