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    Quote from Laney

    I got some grapefruit seed extract after I read stormys post.. my god is that stuff bitter :eek: I was dribbling like a mad old lady for about 5 minutes :eek:

    Yup that is the stuff..tis bitter ...but very beneficial :) you can put it in some juice :)

    Quote from starcatkel

    thannks babe i will pass that onto her, she gets told everyday!

    her coat is glittered like tiny silver and gold threads its quite a sight! esp under my work lamp!
    big hugs beccy x

    huge hugs to you Kel, your lovely man, and that gorgeous pussy of yours :D xxx

    Quote from HALES

    i agree with you to a certain extent stormy BUT i think i would (and have) done the same thing. you are prob right that he has a bad home life but i would always think of my own kids first. maybe if the police had been called they could have helped the lad in someway who knows? but in the heat of the moment i think our "proctecting our young instint" kicks in and off we go charging round the village with erm....... implements! LOL!

    It's ok Hales, I wasn't saying don't take things into your own hands by trying to sort it yourselves, we all want to do the best by our children ...BUT I was saying spare a thought that's all before we all chant this boy down the way folks have been, as he seems to have a pretty shit home life by what has been said!!

    Like you if I did find out that my boys had been doing that they would certainly get told, with consequences for their actions!!

    Quote from scarlettdee

    if we had called the plod all they would have done is have a word with his parents,who, judging by his actions/attitude and the state of the house ,are little more than retards themselves...

    Although yes it is sometimes necessary to police yourselves, and that this child in you case needed to be told. We know this all to well from having had a bullying issue against our eldest that today at last seems to have been resolved too...but I can't help think from what you have said about this particular bully's home and his parents, that this child is a product of a really sad and crap upbringing.... and I think I would have to have some sympathy for him in relation to this... although his actions were totally wrong and not excusable... and I would have to think how fortunate my own children are to have a loving and caring home where bullying isn't a part of their lives and maybe even their survival!!

    We have them in our Loft ...and I love the idea of them being there :) scooby doo eat you heart out hehehe.... they are beautiful creatures that fly around our garden at dusk in the summer :)

    The advice given is great so far for maintaining a healthy immune system but if you are already feeling run down try gratefruit seed extract, as it is a natural antibiotic that won't impaired you immune system like the over use of conventional antibiotics... it will help your run down feeling with a cold etc... You can get it from most health food shops or on line :0) Hope you feel better soon :)

    Grapefruit seed extract is an exceptionally powerful antibiotic, which is non-toxic. It is available in two forms: a solution in glycerine, and as a powder. The extract is made commercially by the rolling and fine grinding of grapefruit seeds and pulp from the production of grapefruit juice.
    Grapefruit seed extract inhibits and kills hundreds of different types of harmful micro-organisms, such as Staphylococcus, streptococcus, salmonella, escherichiacoli, candida and many others. It is highly effective, not only against bacteria, but also against a wide variety of viruses, fungi and parasites as well. However, it hardly affects the natural intestinal flora, which are necessary for our health. Thus it can cure an extraordinarily wide range of complaints and problems, without harmful side effects.
    Applied externally, grapefruit seed extract is effective against infections and inflammations, and a host of conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, athlete's foot, dandruff and insect bites. When taken internally, it can cure many diseases such as influenza, candida, diarrhoea and herpes. It is also effective against Heliobacterpylori, which is connected with gastric ulcers.
    Grapefruit seed extract has proved very effective against bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases in animals, birds and fish. It also prevents rot and moulds in fruits, vegetables and plants.
    Grapefruit seed extract is being used in hospitals as a powerful antibiotic and disinfectant. It has been used for many years as a preservative in cosmetics and hygienic products. It is also useful in the treatment of drinking water, and the treatment of swimming baths and sewage-water.

    Great domes PlutoPete :)

    I once had to help put back up a dome thats poles were also made of plastic not just the swayed and bent badly in the every so often gusts of wind that swept through the festi I was with that in mind I would make them from wood...tis more natural anyway than plastic :)

    Quote from TheSoupdragon

    Do people really go there?

    I can't say I know a Pagan or Druid in Derbyshire that'll go anywhere near the place - very bad vibes indeed, not helped by the deaths of two (or is it three?) protestors.

    Stonesy (my partner) is born and bred in Derbyshire but moved up to Cumbria about 7 years ago now... so it was when he lived down there so maybe folk don't do that sabbats up there anymore which is a great shame.... but he went back last summer (not on a sabbat though but a bank holiday monday in August) and there were loads of people camping up there leaving their crappy mess. Didn't know about the protestors deaths that recent???

    Quote from stardust

    you do retreats with the buddhafield community? i was on one a couple of weeks ago down devon way. we so need to meet up so we can work out how many of the same people we know!!!

    dunno green tara though...

    This was back when I lived down south Stardust... I went to a woman's retreat in 2002 near monmouth... we camped on a beautiful hill overlooking the river. I was in desperate need of some head space and I defo got it there :)

    I met the wonderful Varabhadri, who had such amazing peace surrounding her, who led the meditations and ceremonies as such in the puja....she has grey dreads and in her 60's I think... and been a buddhist for over 30 years... and then the other members of the order (going to use their Sanskrit names too) were Sripada, Sraddhadipa, Shuddhasara, Shuddhabba, Moksanadi and Taravandana... when I left I asked if I could take the beautifully decorated sheet of paper they had with their names on, which had been made to put on one of the Geo domes at the camp, so that I had a keep sake of a very special few days for me ....that's why I remember them :0)

    I haven't really seen any of them since (apart form a brief sighting on one of them near Brighton, as I think a fair few of them live that way) but I highly recommend their retreats, as they are very hippy with their Buddhism :0)

    This is green Tara ... I have been trying to get hold of a statue of her for a few years but no luck as yet mainly because they are so expensive!! But I do have a small statue of white Tara

    They are great goddesses/Buddhas to put on our shrines/altars for us hippy women :)

    Wow that is wonderful Stardust...the nice thing about a shrine or altar, is that you can put anything on them that you feel is right, like personal items even photos of loved ones!!

    I will have to dig out some photos of Green Tara's shrine at the all womens Buddhist retreat I went on with the Buddha field community, a few years back ... I love green Tara because of her mother nature ways :)

    Our village doctor owns a heard of organically reared cows..from what he has said to me on the two occasions I have spoken to him about them, he believes that the treatment of organically reared cows isn't that much different from non organically reared cows, and implying neither are treated very well.... now this is a part time farmer saying this and in my book that has to be a pretty good view point to take on board if you are looking for non biased view points as such, seeing as he is the farmer and not an animal rights/vegan/veggie!!