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    I have just suss out that I know you from luton university and stuff in the area hehehe I am just PMing you :) I used to have dreads when you knew me though!! sorry was nosing at your profile and recognised you :0)

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    The exodus lot's music was a bit to much Rave for me, they were pill popping, needed high energy music, l did go to the Farm a few times, burt a bit OTT for me, i like chilled.

    Yeah but point was that they have the experience of organising such is their experience you need if anything...what you decide to do at something you organise is up to you.

    Sorry I just assumed that you didn't have any experience...sorry if I was wrong there :)

    At the end of the day you need some dedicated help and a space to have it in :) Good luck :)

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    Think l need to get a festival going in Luton or close by anyway. I know times change, move on and all that. i just yearn for a festival where no one cared what you wear, and certainly no high heels, chilled time, friendly people, campfire at night with a beer and a spliff. Miusic and activities in the day for adults and kids, and those of us adults who not grown up yet, is that too much to ask ??

    Get in touch with some of the old collective called Exedous...they would be able to help I am sure :)

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    Just had a worrying thought would this site (UKHippy) be in danger of being shut down? perhaps this thread should be deleted?

    NOOOOOO way...that would be giving into them... anyway they need this forum as a free source of information so they would be shooting themselves in the foot!! It would be the last thing I did on Tribal Living...they can shut us down before I give into them!! WE STILL HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTEST!! when we start questioning whether we should write about something like this, then I worry about the future of our planet and the ethics of people like us!!

    Anyway, sometimes we have to stop being afraid of them.... DON'T LET THE BASTARDS GRIND YOU DOWN!!

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    Went to IOW last week, not bad,, but far too many girls in high heels. Want to go to a few fesrtivals this summer, but where do the hippies go these days. I want chilled music, maybe a bit of rock. i want a family friendly attitude, l dont want to be body searched every 5 minutes. I want to sit round the tent at night with cool people and a spliff..........HELP .............

    You just missed the Strawberry fair in Cambridge, which is always held on the first weekend of June :)

    If you want a truly free hippy gathering...try Stonehenge or Avebury on the solstices/equinoxes (or any sabbat)...faily that be ready to splash the cash as some of theses pay festis are a pretty penny :)

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    I went to ROTW in Hitchin last year, its not a camping festival. Its basically a few stages scattered around the town centre, lots of baseball caps and hoodies. In one of the parks they have a childrens arwea. that was quite cool, bit more chilled, but no music. Not a bad day out,. but very crowded.

    Some old friends of mine used to organise the Triangle festival in Hitchin ...but I am not sure if it is still going now... and I used to go to the Girls school there so it is another place I know hehehe

    I didn't know that is where you lived Jenni I lived there for a few years (Lewis was born in the L & D) so I know it very time I am down visiting friends that way I will let you know...

    I disagree strongly about smacking full stop, as some of you already know from a thread about this when this forum first started.

    I have never smacked my children and never will...I don't think you can justify any physical punishment in my eyes. I stand by my beliefs in the fact that in my opinion, violence can breed violence ...and I think smacking is showing a child a violent act. I have never had any violent tendencies from either of my children which I think has proved to me that the no smack belief works in our house. I believe in time out and talking to them but still having clear boundaries as parent and child ... I am a believer in discipline but believe there are better ways to discipline than empty threats either.

    Oh yes there have been times I could have but I haven't because I wouldn't.... I realise that it is my own anger and I don't want to show my children that hitting out is a good way to resolve problems. Communication is a much better way :)

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    I find this subjective appraisal of the requirements for vaccination extremely dangerous, anyone consider the fact that the reason their offspring is free of the diseases is precisely because the vast majority of people do vaccinate their children.

    Having a vaccination doesn't mean you won't get the illness and pass it on anyway!!! so whether you are vaccinated or not, the illness can still be around ...but if we all had life time immunity from contracting the illness as children.... I believe that on the whole the illnesses would have practically if not died out naturally by now!! There are arguments to say that vaccinations have kept those illnesses going!!

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    I'm not sure where we will be progress wise next summer but if we need any workers, I will let you know!

    The neighbours have been twats, the estate agents slow and the solicitors slower but James finally signed the papers on Friday and shoud be officially land owners in three weeks :D

    We're going to be planting a LOT of trees. We are looking at getting a grant to regenerate the existing woodland too. It's exciting!! :happydanc

    Good on you both and I am really happy for last you won't have anyone saying to you "get 'orf my land" hehehe

    If you need any info about grants then let me know, as we have a woodland grant scheme (Forestry Commission) on our land, that earns a little bit every year for us to help maintain the trees lasts for 10 years and it is on its 7th at the mo.... but there are certain things you have to contractually maintain with a grant otherwise you are at risk of having removed or paying it back!!

    Anyway, you probably know about all this already but if not I have some links if you need them :)

    Bloody hell Dok I told you to keep that a secret...tut tut!!

    But it is true they have mass sex orgies up in the rural North, something about dark nights, nothing to do and savage barbarian attitudes I think :D

    Now vitamin K was the only one I did as it is not a vaccine...the reasons being that babies have been know to bleed to death in the past due to their blood not clotting through lack of vitamin K.... I have known one mother who has refused it on all her 4 children...and they have been fine... and I did say OK but in hindsight I do wonder the real necessity as my diet is rich in vitamin K so my children should have inherited it...I think it is to cover themselves legally at the end of the day!!

    Saying all of this it is one think I didn't really research before I gave birth which led me personally more to having it done!!

    Here is some info on this for reference ...

    looks like we need to split this for animals with glasses and one for a steve dating thread hehehe gunna get some photos of sky and Annie (my son's winniepigs) for Steve to drool over hehehe

    I just tried to get one of one of our dogs but they were to excited to sit and pose...will try again when they are mellowed out...then this can be the animals that wear glasses thread :D

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    For example, the Rubella vaccine given to school children protects the vast majority of women during adult hood (this is shown by the number of immune women during ante-natal screens)

    But that doesn't take into account those who have had natural immunity from contracting the illness Like I did!! How many of those screened women developed their immunity through having the illness as children!!

    Quote from DreadyGeordie

    If you have been vaccinated, and you have converted, if you are continously coming into contact with wild type infection in the community, then your immune system will kept being "reminded" to produce IgG antibodies, and you will continue to be protected (preventing spread in adult communities).

    But having vaccinations doesn't stop you getting the illness... and therefore the spread doesn't stop unless you get life time immunity from having the illness... so if you get the illness and you have been vaccinated then you are protected for life (you could relate that to the first part of this post too).

    Quote from DreadyGeordie

    I cannot think of any infective agents which have died out naturally. Diseases that used to be killers (in the UK) that have become rare in modern day, have done so because of better sanitation, understanding the diseases and mode of transmission, abilty to treat the disease and vaccination programmes. The only pathogen thought to be completely irradicated is the smallpox virus, and that was achieved via a world wide vaccination programme.

    I agree about the sanitation and improved living conditions but as quoted from

    Vaccination programs in the late 19th and early 20th century decimated the populations of many countries where government sponsored vaccination programs were introduced. Japan suffered 48,000 deaths from smallpox vaccination; England and Wales experienced 45,800 smallpox deaths in a population that was 97% vaccinated against smallpox. Australia and Germany combined with a total of 120,000 deaths from the very smallpox for which they had been vaccinated. European deaths amongst the vaccinated portion of the population totaled 3,000,000. Deaths from smallpox vaccination programs began to decline when a revolt against mandatory vaccination programs emerged from the chaos.

    So the programme of smallpox vaccinations wasn't without its fatalities sadly!! And I am not sure if it has been totally eradicated to be honest!! And frighteningly, it is still sitting in laboratories, and can be used as germ warfare!!…hives/april/smallpox.html

    Quote from DreadyGeordie

    The majority of people who sero-convert (produce IgG antibodies against the infective agent) post vaccine are provided a life-long immunity to many of the dieseases vaccinated againt.

    Unless those people have had the illness too, so then their life immunity is there.

    never the less I appreciate that you have given some good arguments on here, even if we won't agree on all of them :)

    Wow that is so funny and cute all rolled into one hehehe

    Lewis, who has two guinea pigs in his life, laughed and said "what a strange guinepig" when I showed it to him... he loved it ... he is still giggling and saying it is so funny :D :)

    Every discussion and point of view can become personal when it involves peoples lifestyles and belief systems...we are always going to think that as individuals, our beliefs are the right ones for us!!

    But to end on a high note then this is one bit we can agree on :)

    Quote from Little Mouse

    My final point is that vaccination of children is a personal choice, but I think people should be aware of the actual facts and risks of both vaccination and non-vaccination.

    Quote from tekno slave

    Well the same could be said of someone who believes in what that site reports...:whistle:

    But this is a circular argument and people are entitled to their own opinions! :)

    I believe what I have found out through many links not just on the internet... and from seeing with my own eyes my children and friends children who have healthily grown to adult hood without having vaccinations...I think you could call that actual evidence fact the website I linked was one I found recently!!

    But as you say everyone is entitled to their own opinions!! and to add, do what they believe is to be right!!!

    Quote from Little Mouse

    Once again, one single reference. It's written by someone without any medical (or even scientific) qualifications and hence I can't take it seriously.

    Well maybe it takes a little life experience not to except some things at face value!!!

    Quote from Little Mouse

    It would be nice if you could keep personal comments and assumptions about me out of this debate please.

    Well I actually find that you are also casting your own assumptions by saying >>>> "I don't just decide my opinions and make sweeping statements according to what 'feels' or 'seems' to be true" although that is not why I said what I did, I was merely pointing out an obseravtion.

    Quote from tekno slave

    No but having the vaccination does help the child fight the symptoms.... have you not read my posts?

    Well again that is what you personally believe I don't believe that, so we have to respect each others beliefs!! ... I believe that good diet, good living conditions and general well being is just as effective!!

    Quote from technoslave

    Really? all I saw were some percentages... how large is the sample they were taken from...

    What you read the whole website and its individual links to articles etc..???

    No, I don't wish my children to be ill but if they are I will nuture them through it, as I have done with chickenpox that my son had when at the time there wasn't a vaccination but still a risk from side effects and possible death... and as healthy beings I have faith that they will be ok!!

    But how do you know that your childs immune system wasn't weakend by the vaccination programme in the first place?