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    All my girls seem to fave followed the same pattern, as toddlers they have all preferred to be naked as often as possible, then grown into a very 'girly' stage where only flouncy dresses will do. My now nearly 7 year old prefers jeans/leggings and tops. They wear any colours and as I have 3 girls the younger 2 live in hand me downs. I love newborns and young babies in babygros and little knitted cardis, mine never wore 'proper' outfits until they were on the move.

    Minki Yoyo are pull up cloth nappies. I've never used them with mine as my LO's are lazy potty trainers who wait forever then go from nappies to pants in 24hrs! LOL but I have heard good reports on them :), not sure if you could adapt your stash to become something similar? :)

    ETA Pocket Bots do training nappies too :)

    You might well find that some of the BTP or AIO nappies are too small in the long run but also bear in mind that as he gets older he will grow taller and as they are more mobile toddlers can loose some of their baby chunk and slim out somewhat so he may actually suprise you and fit in them for longer than you think :), maybe try buying a couple 2nd hand to see how you go on, there are lots out there that suit different baby shapes, might be worth searching on some of the cloth nappy forums for some ideas (all my babies have been v small for their ages so can't really recommend 'bigger' nappies sorry) but maybe look here Good luck xxx

    My first baby, Madeleine, was a planned hospital birth, pretty straight forward, I had an epidural due to raised BP and pushed her out naturally after a 9hr labour. She was born on her EDD :D. She weighed 7lb 1oz.

    Second baby, Florence, was a planned homebirth but sadly I agreed to induction at 42weeks as was suffering with awful SPD and a manic toddler and much as I wanted a HB I wanted her out more. Was a very quick easy birth, she was born in just over an hour after they broke my waters. I used the gas and air for painrelief and she weighed 8lb exactly.

    Third baby, Hermione, was a home water birth. I again went to 42weeks but felt so much better at the end of my pg than with DD2 and was determined to have my so wanted HB. I woke at around 03.30 wondering if things were happening and by 05.51 she was here. I had no painrelief for her birth and she weighed 6lb 7oz. It was an amazing experiance and one I would recommend to anyone :)

    We are currently TTC no 4 and I shall def plan a HWB again :D

    big :hug:'s, I totally sympathise with you, I too went to 42 weeks with my 2nd and 3rd babes and like you had night after night of regular tightenings that fizzled out. It WILL happen (and I'll bet you'll be quick when it does ;)), ITA with Sarah, try and keep busy to keep your mind off things. I would recommend moaning ( I got so fed up with all the bh's when 'overdue' with dd3 that I moaned and moaned one night to DH. He told me to shut up and go to bed and that very night I woke in established labour, I am sure she was so sick of hearing me moan she just wanted to get away from me :o :rofl:).

    Sending lots of ELV's your way :D

    Mine love playing with tubs filled with dry pasta/lentils etc, they play pouring games, imaginary cooking games and if given paper and a glue stick will spend ages making pasta pictures. Save bottles and they are music shakers :)

    I second chalk picures on the patio/drive. Hours of fun and washes away easily. We also fill bowls full of tap water, give them a paint brush and tell them to go and 'paint' the house/fence/patio etc

    I love wooden toys and try to buy mainly wooden when I can. Ostheimer toys and the like are pricey but are fab quality and even my (almost) 7yr old loves playing with them, spends hours using her imagination and they don't require batteries!! LOL

    Awww sounds divine with the lights, would love to see a pic :), Hope everything goes perfectly and you get your wonderful HWB, sending lots of ELV's your way :hug:

    If you are going somewhere hot then you might be better going for a short wrap and using a

    carry rather than having loads of material around you, or maybe get a 3.6m wrap and use it for hip carries/rucks etc. Ellaroo wraps are thinner as are Vatani's (these are more expensive but def more supportive for a heavier baby than an Ellaroo IMO).
    Also as Sarah said, there are Solar weave MT's/SSC's available which are better for hot weather. Maybe consider a pod or
    also so you won't need to have any straps round your waist and hopefully allowing you to stay a bit cooler.

    I didn't use a liner, tbh the thought of a crinkly liner under my knees/bum doesn't appeal LOL. We did use the pool for a trial beforehand then stored it away so it was perfectly clean to birth in and IMO birth isn't a sterile thing anyhow so I was happy to not use a liner :). The handles were well placed imo and good for gripping onto as you push. I am 5ft 2 and they were just about right for me, I think if you were much shorter (shorter limbed) then they may be positioned slightly too far away.

    And as for owning your own pool...well it makes a fab ball pool for toddlers ;)

    I gave birth in a Made in water pool and it was fab :). It took less thn 10mins to inflate with an electric pump, took approx 40mins to fill and less than an hour to empty with a submersion pump. When we had a trial run it lost approx a degree an hour and easily reheated with the kettle. It was plenty big enough to birth in but not so big to take over the room iyswim. It has a padded floor so comfy on your knees.

    I wasn't in the pool for long as I had a quick labour but the water was heaven, I was able to totally relax inbetween contractions and didn't need any other painrelief apart from the water. If I have another babe then I'd def use the pool again :D

    I suffer too and have found that Naproxen works much better for me than Mefanameric acid, it is prescription only though. I take it with paracetamol and it usually does the trick :)

    I was told the tea was to help start you off so is that not the case then

    RLT is used to help tone the uterus and therefore help it to contract more effectively once in established labour, it doesn't help labour to start, some people take it all through their pg's but most instructions say take from around 36 weeks.

    I used it with all my 3 and had easy quick labours but as pp's show, you can labour just as well without, I guess it's a case of if you like the idea then give it a go :)

    Once you get to term clarysage can help labour to start as it stimulates smooth muscle, is nice with lavender as a massage oil or a few drops in your bath but must not be used before 37wks :D

    FS BNWT Chocolate 'Arrogant Cat' asymmetric split dress, one size (I'd say 12/16 would be the best fit). Really soft beautiful dress. Asking £15 inc postage (RRP £30) :D

    FS BNWT gorgeous green 'Like, Love' cardi with 3/4 lenght sleeves, size M, 100% cotton. I LOVE this but it is sadly a tad too small for me :(, would fit a 12/14 perfectly IMO. Asking £10 inc postage :D

    close up of middle pattern