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    I think even men should shave their legs and pits....and be at least trim in other areas. I've never been able to enforce that on any though.

    I shave my arm-pits sometimes :waves:

    I just generally see body hair as a bit gross. I mean, its a well known fact that hair traps smells. If I am going down on a girl, I don't want my face in loads of smelly hair!

    There is also another simple hygiene thing to consider- no pubic hair = no chance of crabs/lice. Maybe the reason many people prefer less hair is that we have a bit of an evolutionary psychology based preference for less hair because of this health-factor?

    Does that mean we are god?


    We are NOT him, but he is all of us

    That is to say: if you conceive of the word God as indicating 'all reality' , and you believe yourself to be a part of reality, then it is perfectly logical to believe that 'the stuff of divinity' is within you. How else would mystical communion with God be possible?

    we are all one.....

    If we are all one. If reality is all one. If all the universe, all of nature, and all things that exist can be viewed as one thing- this is what I call God. The all inclusive, the nature that runs through all things (including each of us), that from which nothing is seperate.

    THAT is why there can only be one God.

    If we interpret the world as having many Gods, and I understand why people do that, then we fail to see the common reality that unites them all- the one God.

    We are not him, but he is all of us.

    When the people asked Buddha "Who are you?" , he simply said: "I am awake".

    This question of 'Who are you?' is at the heart of Buddhism, and is given an especially clear focus in Zen Buddhism. For me, Buddha's answer "I am awake" is very insightful: instead of identifying with the objects of awareness we experience (our bodies, names, jobs etc.) his words suggest that we are the very quality of awareness.

    So: you cannot stand-apart from yourself and experience it, you can only be it.

    By learning to fully 'be here now', in still awareness, you can come to understand what you are.

    I think many religions included teachings about suicide that suggest those who die from it will be punished- however, this is probably more of a practical thing to try and disuade people from doing it more than a reflection of theological.mystical truth.

    I have been deeply touched by how loving the nature of 'God', which is within all reality, is. When we look at our day to day experience, every moment gives us a fresh chance to change- and in that sense reality is inherently forgiving.

    As for suicide, seeing as nobody can really penetrate the mystery of death until it is their time- I think you might just need to accept that the fate of any one who dies can only be known by that individual.

    It's easy work. If you end up working for a company you dislike, which in my case is pretty much all high-street retailers, then you really don't need to care about the job at all. I always felt like the less I did at work the more my colleagues seemed to like me :s