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    Your post just sent a shiver throughout my body Kitten, thats wonderful news!!! Congratulations honey.I hope that you now have a happy and healthy life ahead of you.Go grab some excitement and enjoy your newfound peace of mind lady. You deserve it. You're one brave person. So happy for you. Love love love :D

    Give Lee a big hug from me will you honey.I'll charge one and send it to you, filled with healing vibes and more love than you could fit into the ocean.

    Theres a lot of mums out there that wouldn't be putting in the hard work that you are hun. They would be too wrapped up in what all this was 'doing' to them. I have so much respect for you babe, i can't express how much. I hope that i would be such a wonderful support to my children under these extreme circumstances. Sensi, you're amazing honey. Big hugs to you too strong lady.Never change, cos you're lovely just the way you are, and a credit to the title MOTHER :Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Dibdabs, so sorry to hear that you're feeling so low hun. I think its a true mark of strength that you can find the courage to reach out to people on here and ask for some support.We all need some at times, and although none of us are physically with you, our arms are all around you, surrounding you with everything you need. Ask and you will be given my lovely. Anything you need. We're all here nad we feel for you deeply and will do anything in our power to see you through this bad patch. Remember thats all this is, as others have said, it will pass honey, and when it does, you'll be feeling more whole again and your smile WILL return.

    Try to spend some time doing things that feel good. Maybe a nice long soak in a hot bath, with incense and soft chilled music.Followed by a nice long walk (as has been suggested, always good for the soul) to wear yourself out a little.Try to work on expending some energy and tiring your mind out.That way, you'll be able to sleep and hopefully wake up tommorrow feeling a little stronger.Then the next day, more nice things,wear yourself out and it will just keep gettin easier and easier.

    Hope this helps and that you are feeling better soon my lovely.

    We're all here to keep you afloat anytime.Just kseep reaching out your hands, and we will take them and help guide you through. Much love to you sweetheart.Hold on and keeo going.:)

    Aw glad to hear you had a better day today then hun. You can't but smile in this glorious sunshine can you.:D

    You're making me jealous with all the talk about 'fires out back' tho,lol.I want a garden!!! lol.Love to sjare a fire with you guys.

    Hope you had a nice time honey.

    Hope you get that quiet.


    Healing hugs and much love to you Vikki, hope the memory of today fades quickly and they get you sorted out soon hun. Love love love to you lady.Thinking of you.:)


    I hope this doesn't sound harsh hun, but seriously, try not to worry about it being bad news until you see the specialist.It might be (as everyone else has said) nothing to worry about, and then you'll have wasted so much energy on what if's. Use your energy to think positive and hopefully all will be well. You can deal with what happens once you know all the facts. Sounds simplistic i know, but at least have a try eh. We all spend far too much time on worrying about things that very often never happen. Saying this with the greatest concern for your wellbeing honey Sending you some strength and love. xxx

    Aw hun, what a beautiful soul your lovely boy has.Even when he's going through all this, he still thinks of others,bless his heart.I could cry! I know it must be hard to see him like that, but it just goes to show what a wonderful job you've done in bringing him up to care about other people,he's a credit to you honey. And just like his mum i bet.

    I think the birthday thread is a fantastic idea too. I'm sure there will be loads of people who will want to help him to celebrate his birthday and send their good wishes.I know i'd love to, if thats ok hun. We all want to let him know we're thinking about him, so thankyou for the opportunity to show him we care too.You're a fantastic mum Sensi.

    Hope you're finding some time to see to your needs periodically sweetheart, you're in my thoughts, as always.

    Big hugs lovely lady. xxxx

    i'm feeling quite odd & empty at the moment :(

    I can imagine you are honey. Only to be expected.Be nice to yourself for a while hun and take things easy if you can. The shock of this will be with you for a while, so try to be as gentle with yourself as you can and expect a few waves now and then. As these other lovely ladies have offered you some support,please take some honey.It may really help to relate to people who have been through this.My heart goes out to you all.I've never experienced this myself,it must be very hard to go through.

    Love and strength angel.Hope you're ok soon.