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    hehe i'd like to think i was your spirit daughter moominmama :) cos you'd be a great spirit mummy :p

    I'll teach you to crochet if you like :)

    so far ive made one scarf, one tam hat, one head sock/darwstring hat and one pair of fingerless gloves :D

    Quote from pabsy

    have you taken any lessons yet Fleassy? just need a good instructor... and its healthy to be'll make you a better driver...its what makes women better at it than men..:wiggle:

    ahahaha..lucky we wont get a man looking at the crotchet thread huh?

    well ive ssat in the drivers seat of a car about 3 times. the first was quite sucessful. that was with moonie about 2 and a half years maybe ago. there the engine was runningwhen i sat down... put my seat belt on... good start... did clutch accelerator... squeaked. undid seat belt while car was rolling forwards. lept out and ran across the car park. *blush* :o

    second time it was a van and i had no intention of driving, i was waiting patiently for my socks to dry on the heater. and third time again was a van i was sitting avoiding looking at the steering wheel and chatting to my friend and drumming. tehe.

    so no... no lessons so far.. ..

    when im in a car and someone else is driving, i squeak non stop and cover my eyes when they reverse

    Quote from pabsy

    could be time i learnt how to do some stuff like that... i've never really got into anything like that before... untill i got a company car i had more fun messing about with cars.. i can fix your exhaust..give you an oil change...clean up your spark plugs etc.... but i'm pretty much lost with a needle and thread..:frust:

    well id love how to learn to do all of that!!

    except i dont have a car

    infact i've got a slight fobia of learning to drive to my dads dismay :p

    yaaay we can trade crafty crafts!! :D if any one wants to know how to macrame, dread, hair wrap, make clothes (thats sew or anything else) or wants someone to paint or draw with. then i'll be up for helping out :D

    and im up for learning ANYTHING new :D

    I LEARNT TO CROCHET!! i got a hook and a really old fashioned cool book for christmas!!

    so far i've made a scarf and im making a tam.
    I can do the single and double stitch but not the tripple. too confusing.

    The scarfs cool and the hats certainly coming along :D hehe

    now we can trade crochet tips!! hehehe

    Quote from StarFly

    I'll teach you at Corfe at Easter honey if you like :) how the bloody hell are you anyways Fleassy ? long time no see. Hope all is well with you and having a good christmas break from Uni ;)
    Loadsa Love and Sunshine
    Sarah xxx

    Ohhh its been too long hasnt it :) Im well life is hectic but good. Im very ungrounded and thats the way im loving it tehe
    I'd love you to teach me to crochet. my friends make beautiful hats and leg warmers andthings and ive had about 5 people say "i'll teach you fleassy" but none of them have :( but i shall learn!!! *looks determined* :p

    hows you? hows life? and charlie? and all the other scammpers??


    ...but INCREDIBLY painful.

    Other than that i have my belly, lip, two holes on left ear (all empty) and three holes at the bottom of my right ear (currently empty, one was stretched to 8mm, the top of the three went funny and closed up) And then i ahave the top of my ear done.

    I seem to have a things for piercings around haloween time, my last 2 piercings have been on halloween :)