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    keep your eyes peeled as of the first week of june ofr a magazine called Inspired Times, I was hired to do the front cover for the next 4 issues (a years worth)!! which is exciting. Its interesting turning a picture which is partof me in some ways and making it a product in many ways...having to use specific colours and things, the kinds of things i probably wouldnt have chosen myself, but just trusting in the job and the lady who hired me. a nice journey.

    So the first one goes on sale in a week i think, its national but not masively distributed...though i think borders stocks it. The magazine is all about positive and inspiring eco and spirituality based topics and is pretty damn good. you can sign up for them by mail order on the website too if you are interested in it :)

    so yea...let me know if you see it. the first issue will have a mini article about me in it too hehe.

    Come come come!! yea sure. i mean the price is high, i know. it does go straight to the poets to pay for their travel so pay what you can but if concs is what you can pay, hey its better than you not comming ;) so im happy.


    Hey everyone. was really nice seeing everyone who turned up for the last one,
    made a really nice vibe and a great blast from the past for me :)

    We are doing another one this thursday same place if anyone liked it enough to go again. heres the promo info:



    One of the country's most successful Performance Poetry events is slowly raising it's Bristol Baby. Bring forth a poetic revolution!... Failing that, just have a damn good time.

    With the HAMMER & TONGUE OPEN SLAM-SIGN UP EARLY- where you can strut your poesy before the city's baying crowds (3 mins max poems)

    Plus SPECIAL GUESTS- the best in poetry and spoken word from the UK and international scenes...

    featuring this month:

    PETE THE TEMP: UK slam champ, Radio 4 Slam finalist, Oxfords' pedal powered renaissance man

    SALLY JENKINSON: Doncaster forged, Sheffield honed, Bristol sharpened..."Incisive, insightful and utterly delightful"- Apples & Snakes

    Hosted by the Hairy Duo themselves: Johnny Fluffypunk And Fleassy Malay.

    Entry is a community minded £5/£4 cons.

    be cool to see anyone there!


    eeeep :D yay people comming!! its getting close now, getting a bit nervous about it cos the grand daddy of hammer and tongue will be performing so if we dont do it "right" we might get spanked bottys :p (if were lucky :p)

    Hehe wow what a great responce! Yea wikid.

    haha oh yea dates that helps :o its this thursday the 8th, from 8pm :) Its going to be a laff :D cant wait to see you weecab, its been toooooo long :)

    Hey guys come down to the new Hammer and Tongue in Bristol :)

    One of the countries most successful Performance Poetry events has finally got its act together planted a spring time nest egg in the centre of Bristol City ready to birth forth a poetic revolution.... failing that it's happy to just have a damn good time.

    Pack up your moleskins and come down to the Arts House on the 8th for an evening of linguistic war, a battle ground of words where only the most poetic shall survive.

    This month we are blessed to present to you:

    ROB GEE- Leicester's original motormouth. Performance poet, comic and reformed psychiatric nurse. Rob's clocked up over 2000 performances internationally and is the only performance to ever have instigated a fight at the Leamington Spa Peace Festival.

    "Dr Seuss for adults...unmissable!"- Planet S magazine, Canada

    "Didn't so much break the mould, as refuse to accept there was one in the first place"- Living Poets Magazine

    "He's a performance poet, but don't worry- he's not shit"- Jimmy Carr


    STEVE LARKIN- All the way from t'north via Oxford. Spoken Word Olympics World Champion and gobby genius

    "Leeds’ hybrid answer to Spike Millighan and Eminem…Poetry at it’s glittering rawest, acerbic, passionate best.” (Vanguard-Online)

    "Steve Larkin is a poet-philosopher disguised as club entertainer. Lacing profundity with profanities, deep tracks with cheap gags, he weaves comedy, politics and style to leave audiences laughing, thoughtful and infected."- Jim Thomas (The Ecologist)

    This months local guest: Kev The Poet, armed with a sack of superfoods and an afro comb he's ready to entangle us in the rhythmical lyrics of the cosmos.

    We will also be opening the stage as usual for the HAMMER AND TONGUE OPEN SLAM!, so bring down your voices, poems and rhymes and get there early to sign up to get on of the 8 slots!

    We look forward to hearing what lyrical gems Bristol has for us.

    Hosted by the Hairy Duo themselves: Johnny Fluffypunk And Fleassy Malay.

    Entry is a community minded £5/£4 cons.

    Beware: Poets have been known to stage dive.

    originally it was a mans cashmere and wool jumper xxl - then it got shrunk and it fits me so about a 16?

    i have another one that i'm doing while i wait for joss's wool to come in which is a really skinny one now but narrow on the shoulders and pointy! i have to thank fleassy hugely for this idea as having seen hers, i asked if i sent the a cashmere one if she'd be able to do one for me but i think she was a bit worried about wrecking i just did it myself as an experiment. i don't think you can really wreck anything - you can always use the disasters for something else. and the arms i will probably turn into slippers....and turn another old jumper into something a bit funkier and patchworky with the odd bits, blanketing them together...

    yay im so glad you did it :) it looks stunning :)

    Hehe Vampira it has confused me too as i did get a coupld of gifted ones but i dont remember anyone openly telling me one was for you :) so i'm just as confused as you are :)

    Awe, Amy! Say "hello" to her please! Have not spoke to her in ages.

    Yes it is! Pretty things! Floral things. Um... I love all the things you make/draw.

    Oh, Did you go to Elliott's wedding? Out of curiosity? How did it go? I could not make it.

    I did want to go but unfortunately there was a dispute between El and i a few weeks before and i kind of decided it was time to let our friendship distance for a wee while. :) Though i really hope it went beautifully. I've text Alicia a few times since then and before but never got a reply... not sure i have the right number now i think of it.

    Hmmm ok floral and pretty things... I could do a little painting for you in return for it?

    hey ness. amy and i are drooling over your clothes hehe

    I love the lotus top, is it still going? what kids of things are you looking for in return?

    OOOhhh hydra, which tree went to you in the end? i'm intruiged :)

    dj, these foetuses are all based around 7 to 8 weeks :) When you order one put a little note in that you like them and i'll try and got a foetusy one over to you (its so i can match it to the right address :) )

    Hehe glad they arrived safe. Pete thats so funny. i must have forgotten to cross your name off the list last time i posted out and so now you got two :) well SURPISE :D haha

    Posted then next batch out today :) Hydra, i did two tree based images, put them in envelopes unmarked, shuffled them about and one was sent to you and one to another address i got on the same day :) so i haven't a clue which one you will get but i hope you like it.

    Wow what a lovely responce from you all thanks :)
    Yes UMA i thought i may have sent it to you, you didnt request a foetus one but somehow i thought you might like it anyway, being a recent mama.

    However Twister if i do anymore or if you want any more let me know. Im going to carry on the £1 thing till i get completely sick of it so probably a month or so more.

    And why not?? I lurve surprises - gutted I didn't think of doing this myself. Payment sent - I will love whatever I get - but I particularly love TREES. XXX

    Hey Hydra, i had two payments on the same day, whats your name and i'll keep trees in mind when im packaging up and posting out.

    Twister, i posted a load out yesterday, im pretty sure i didnt send it but i will check and i will send you a photo of it too :)

    Sensi, the organica is an original which is in one of my journals but i could probably get a print of it done, i think i have a high quality digital version of it... or if you want an original i could try and do one. I'd probably ask £20 for an original custom piece though.
    Im afraid cant do it as one of the £1 pieces as i had to promise myself that i wouldnt start selling all my art for £1 haha just the little ones done in the name of the project. Otherwise i'd never make any money from it getting less than £1 an hour for working haha, some people have called me crazy but im really enjoying it.