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    ok trying again
    macrame shell necklace
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    Macrame multiweave

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    Feather Fascinators

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    Tigers eyes and feather necklace

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    Feather fascinator

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    macrame and brass leaf necklace

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    I was teaching Creative Journaling for a while when i was in the UK. If you want to look at some of my journal pages then they are on my website: and parhaps you can get some inspiration for ways of exploring using the page. unfortunatly i dont have any of my more recent stuff on the website but still it gives you an idea of how divers things can be :)

    I write, but i write performance poetry. I've actually self published two poetry and illustration books but never anything published through a company. I've also been considering trying to get some of my stuff published in magazines or books... but i never have the drive to put it out there haha. Might try writing some travel articles. i say do it... finish it and send it out there :) who knows :)
    I've been teaching creative writing classes recently which has been fun :)

    hey lovely people
    not been around a lot i know, its hard i not live on a jungle island with terrible internet access in thailand haha... buuuut all that aside...

    I lost my digital camera...then i was sent a little one as a gift, which was nice but terrible in anything other that full sunlight and even then the quality was pretty crap.... then i dropped it on (reasonably soft) wood floor and the screen smashed...and it has no view finder so its pretty hard to take decent photos with at all because it was hard enough to focus in the first place let alone without being able to see what im taking a picture of.

    ...soo short end of it... for my birthday i got a collective of about £280 (in thai baht and pounds) and im looking to invest it on a camera (i know thats not much, im hoping to get second hand) and i remember seeing these cameras other people had which were not SLR's but similar in quality, you could change lenses etc but they were smaller and looked a bit like old school film cameras...i saw them made by many different companies... not unfortunatly my internets terrible and theres no shops on the bay i live in and no where on the island i can paruse a selection of cameras soooo im comming to you for help.

    any recomendations on light weight (traveler friendly) decent quality cameras, or anyone know what those cameras i saw other people have were?

    I like being able to have a decent zoom, and a good macro ability. it doesnt need to be super modern just good.

    the one that just broke was terrible, a coolpix nikon thing and gosh caused me so much stress... its a shame it broke though i was planning on selling it haha.

    well.... ok ...sooo ...any ideas??

    Thanks everyone!

    you should look at japanese landscapes, i was just in a small island in south of japan called Yakushima and i think you'd draw a lot of inspiration from the nature there. A quick way of getting a vague idea of what its like is to watch a film called princess mononoke which was based on this island.

    ALSO you could try a jewelers pen drill which with some of them you can slowly adjust and bring up the speed and power.
    they are like dremel except they either have a dial you turn to bring the dspeed up or a good one will have a pedel like a sewing machine, they are amazing for detailed work too.

    i use an archemedes jewelers hand drill for drilling through metal, i have drilled through silver and copper at a 0.05 size with it so it might well work for what you want... you might need to get like diamond drill bits or something to get it through stone though.

    beautiful, when i return to england and settle somewhere yurt like i will definatly be comming to you for an ivy/oak and butterfly inspired one :)

    thanks feanor.
    well i went and got 2 jabs today in a moment of fear, but at least i will worry less now. i didnt over load myself with two much, just two that stood out to me. tetnus i think is wise because im the kind of girl who cuts herself a lot. and hep because my dad got it when he was traveling. other than that, common sence and open heart i guess.

    :) thanks guys xx

    thanks moyne. im getting a bit of a "i want to back out" feeling because ive had my boy on the phone freaking out about troplical diseases and jabs...and its woken up my inner fear monger. :(

    have you got any laos recommendations as i really know very little about the place. i wasnt intending to go to vientam from china, i was planning to go into laos then thai land.

    ok friends.

    so im in china... ive traveled this far with no vaccines over the last 5 months..however soon i shall be heading down to laos and thai land, im confused by vaccines for these reasons:

    the risk of mercury in the blood (can cause autism in children) - i know some have prooved it not to have an effect but there is a risk.
    The risk of severe side effects.
    the fact im in china and im not sure how much i trust the health care here and i have no idea where or how to go about getting jabs done.

    ...which risks out way which other risks? who has exerience of vacciens good or bad? who has experience of traveling without vaccines? also aware that because i suck my thumb (no i cant stop it just like that, i can not rely on me not doing it) i am a) a bit more resilient to germs but b) more likely to take bacteria in ...

    .... help... i have 3 weeks before i reach laos :S

    mmm thanks for fixing the link beth! and thanks andymel glad you enjoyed it :) love to the highlands from the mountains of japan x

    ack...if i lived in the area i would say yes... unfortunatly im in japan right now... but far to commute. i mean sounds funny but you could ask mike. he lives in bristol but really needs to makes some money. hes thinking of comming to asia and meeting me but has no money at all. i'll pm you his number... im not sure if its something he would be intereted in or not but you could always ask him... he cant drive though.