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    Or you could felt flat sheets and then use them as if they were squares of fabric and cut and sew them as needed... that probably what i would do.. and needle felt thicker shapes and textures onto that...

    Nah. I left 2 years back almost. Been living in Thailand on a jungley island for the last year and a half.... heading back to the west sooner of later to get gigging and stuff. Trying to sort out my promotional material at the moment (hence the interest in the illustration. I REALLY want some decent vids to a few poems)
    you go there much yourself?

    Yea thats Johnathan Farr's illustration. He is a buddy of mine. I used to work in the Bar there a few years back and did a few exhibitions etc thought i was VERY new to exhibiting back then :) Johnathan is an amazing artist :) We actually had a huge pront of this printed out and put up on the wall in the Canteen.

    Nice annimation missionman did you come up with the illustration style? or is it working with another artists images?

    I dont use spray paints with my murals, usually i use paint or Marker pen. I want to do more marker pen stuff but where i am currently people want colourful stuff not black. :) I'm going to be working for a raw food/health food cafe so im doing graphic style herbs and plants along the top half of the wall.

    what program do you make your annimations in? I've been looking for a film artist/annimation artist who might be interested in doing a project with me. Im a spoken work artist and im looking for some videos to go with my recordings.

    it was less defensive more.. personal motivational speaking haha :p

    thanks for the MAMP tip, i've actually allready downloaded it and will give it a go when i get a moment xx

    Well thanks for that guys. Ummm so bitten off more than i can chew... i hope not... i like to think i can do anything if i apply myself to it and considering thousands of other people (many complete beginners) are doing this shit i dont see why i wouldnt be able to get my lips round it.

    Paul .. my friend (who im doing this for) does have a hosting company site, i've already built this for her using a very old version of iweb i had on my computer. However iweb is outdated and very limited (Especially my version) and theres things she wants to be able to do (eg put in a callender she can update as and when she needs to) that is just not available on iweb.... and frankly to be honest (and im sure you know this) iweb sucks balls for anything past a basic static page.

    So anyway, i created that site for her... worked out how to sign into the greengeeks hosting site and upload each of the files into the relevent places in the file manager (because i couldn't seem to get an ftp program to work on my computer at the time) ... and it works.... its basic but it works.. now i want to be able to pimp it up a bit.

    .... so i got my mouth round that much... and chewed and swallowed...

    Now i understand (i think) that i can hook up my wordpress folders i've downloaded directly to the hosting site andthen something magic will happen that means i can start working with themes etc.. but i'm worried that when i connect this stuff here on my computer it will wipe off the existing site thats up there.. i want to keep that until i have something ready to replace it with... i find it hard to believe that this is not possible ...otherwise it seems like a huge flaw to me.

    Dont worry Paul i understand your a buisy man, don't feel that you have to be the one to answer these questions... its an open forum you have just as much right to NOT reply as you do to replying.... im just hoping someone out there might have the time to share their wisdom with me, educate and empower. :) I'm hoping i can get my head round this so i can make myself a decent page too.


    OH MY GOD WORDPRESS IS SPEAKING ALIEN TO ME!! jeeezus! if the install process is this difficult what the fuck is the program going to be like?!
    Ok im confused... i guess i expected to be downloading a program... instead i get a folder full of .php files. SO i read the install instructions online and its talking about conecting it up to my host... i dont want to connect to a host until i have designed the site because i currently HAVE a website up that i dont want to wipe/replace with something useless.

    So ... I'm so frigging confused... this is all jargen to me... im such a noob at all this.. BUT I WANT TO UNDERSTAND!

    you think for now i could use it and embed it into the code for the one i designed on iweb? Just cos ive spent so much time on this already and I'd like to at least get a basic one up to go for her before i start trying to recreate a whole new site.

    Also don't i need to pay for wordpress?

    now i told my friend im not a web designer ... im a visual designer and still he tells his mum to come to me for a website. I'm honest with her and still she wants me to do it.

    SO i just on the only program i have... a very out of date version of iweb. (it seems to have been downgraded from the verison ive used in that past too which is making it all the more difficult) version 1.1.2

    Its basic... but i managed to create something. I uploaded the basic versionto her host and then now ive added a gallery ... however she wants a slide show. The version of iweb i have doesnt give me a slide show option.
    I did some basic html coding when i was younger so i get the concept of coding sooooo can anyone help me create a slideshow and insert it into the site?

    I saw somewhere online a post about replacing the slideshow_assets file with another file but the link ge gave was very old and didnt work :(

    Please help me.

    and if your wondering why i didnt use wordpress... well i cant work the damn thing out. Ive made one online wordpress site and im not happy with it and i cant find where to download wordpress to my computer (ive been searching and searching i have a very old opporating system too mac osx 10.4.11).
    A friend recommended i get Adobe Muse but i dont know how to find it or if it will work with such a fuddy duddy old lap top.

    any help would be greatfuly appreciated.

    :) I'm glad you liked it Fairy. thank you so much for the feedback. I've got the whole album online to listen to for free, and downloads are at a "pick your own price" for the whole album too so if you know anyone who might be interested in hearing or supporting my poetry please do send the links out. I'm planning on making it more available to people around the world... but im just learning how to actually do that :D

    Aww thanks Sam :) To be honest nothings going to jump my ego too high with hooping... most of the people i know are WAY better than me. But I do enjoy dancing a lot. :D

    Soooo last July I learnt to hula hoop and then after doing the circus project this february i came out of it with a love for hooping. Dance is one of my practices and i teach free dance so its wonderful to have a prop to play with while dancing.

    I made this video to show everyone as i know there are some fellow hoop lovers on the forums (hannah i'm looking at you :p)



    make them yourself :) Get the hair from a hairdressers or online and a thin crochet hook and start tangling :) You can actually hook it directly onto the ends of your own dreads too so it litterally extends our dreads rather than tieing longer ones in amongst your dreads. Thats what they do on kao san road in Bangkok :)

    Dear lovely friends
    I'm giving away a free download of one of my Spoken Word pieces in a little promo at the moment...

    .... If you would like a copy just ask and i will send you the download code :)

    I do have a limited number of codes so be quick :)

    Fleassy xox