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    Oh no - poor lad!

    he's already demanding tea i just sat down to mine, and he's already finished his, think its time to move the kettle into the lounge!!!! he's not enjoying it! (well actually i think he is a little) but the novelty WILL wear off REALLY QUICKLY! ~ thing that worries me is coping because i cant just nip off in the car to get a break like mark does when hes mobile, i just gotta be careful with how much i do! xxxxxx

    we had so much fun Al,
    helen text us this morning and said she missed being woken up by a wizard! ~ sorry we slept in!

    see you all soon ~
    we love you all lots xxxx

    id love to carry on contributing to this wonderful thread ~
    going through quite a bit last few months, i do miss it, im still drawing, just the energy to upload is huge, i love everyones creative juices!



    Was a fantastic feast of visual delights night! So many smiles and wonderful sounds!- the trolleys are a big bunch of lovely beautiful peoples! X we love you all lots x

    and trolley lady you are very special and see you soon!

    we Enjoyed every moment!
    Come back soon, yes all of ya!

    Big loves all round
    kel mark and hely

    wow thanks winter xxx pmd you

    we got hold of patient transport services and hes waiting to be picked up, Very lucky as they dont normally do out patients! usually booking in advance phew! i hope he gets his xray quick hes in such pain. big thank you Jay who gave us the number, i could not have found that last night i was all over shop bleeding everywhere!

    please please please is anyone nearby that can give mark (my husband) a lift to trowbridge hospital tomorrow daytime for an xray on his leg / ankle. the xray dept was closed tonight

    we cant afford the taxi fare both ways and he really needs an xray tomorrow,

    we are in westbury wiltshire and need a lift to trowbridge hospital

    we cant offer you any cash but can give you fresh eggs from our chooks and incense and... erm... we can owe you! please please if anyone can spare some time to help, i cant even help him get on a train with him coz i had major extractions today and am meant to be resting, plus im using the chair at the moment

    ps if anyone knows how to stop bleeding aprt from packing with wad
    tooth extraction was at 2pm still has not stopped bleeding and feeling pretty faint now, if anyone can help in anyway please let me know, wisdom was fine and has clotted the 3 rooted tooth gap has not, sick of the taste of blood

    thanks so much
    Kel xxxxxx

    i did have lots more but i cant seem to work out how to upload them all again, with all my waffle which i instantly forgot,
    what i mean is it took me ages editing and adding and then my editing time ran out. and i'm knackered so thats all for now
    love kel

    7. beautifully detailed Dragon ceramic pendant, lovely glaze ~ i do have 2 of these £5.00 single £8.00 for both ~ postage included.

    x2 solid (thicker than normal) pewter celtic pendants on cotton thonging, one with wooden beads
    £5.00 for the pair.

    4. white beady goddess charm pendant (handmade by me)
    £5.00 inc postage

    5. handpainted divine messenger fairy wooden slice pendant (not by me)
    £5.00 includes postage ~ also included in number 5, is a little bag of pinky purple beads with 3 charms ~( you will need very fine tiger tail to thread the smallest seed beads)

    6. 3x ceramic faces with glass crackle glaze £5.00 inc postage ~ these would be great for wiring up to make pendants

    they remind me of the Angels on Dr Who and the scare me like crazy so they have to go asap!

    more to come...

    having finally found my bead boxes (it only took 7 months after moving!) i have a few bits of jewellery that would like new homes.
    all prices include Postage, i use recycled packing, i can do Postal orders and well hidden cash.
    thanks for looking!

    ps i will clear my inbox out asap for PMs! xxxxx

    1. lilac / Purple Large glazed ceramic mermaid pendant (just needs ribbon or thonging)
    £5.00 inc postage

    2. pewter goddess with multi charm dangles, theme of green goddess, glass leaves and handmade ceramic bead on cotton thonging
    handmade by me :)
    £5.00 inc postage (sorry about awful photos!)

    3. Gem goddess dangle, beautiful gemstones in rainbow order, to hang in window / truck etc
    £5.00 inc postage ~

    more to come, im very slow at the moment, ive got some clothes to sift through too, but more jewellery later

    hangy birdy with copper legs and beads ~ finished!
    i cant get a decent photo of this, and im too tired to keep trying but its so much yummier in life!

    i got my potters wheel today! it needs some work but i managed to kick throw a pot with a little spout and mark made an ashtray! im so chuffed!
    (the wheel was a lovely £20 bargain!)

    Ahhh, that reminds me of a friend called Belinda I had at infant school - every morning and afternoon her grandad took her to and from school on his bike while he pushed it along :)

    oh lovely drawing catkin, sami i really love the chicken! did you like the pastel thingys!? the story above brought me to tears :( xxx

    Thanks Kari.
    LOve your round house, there is something about that orange door that makes me want to go inside!:)

    vivky went out the room and came back and said OHH youve added some orange! ~ so yeh thats what it is, inviting and safe and warm xxxxxxxxxxxx
    she asked me what is was and i said, its 'cosy'! x

    Kari and Samy they are just beautiful.

    Just to let you know I probably won't be online much for a little while. My dear old cat Kali, who has reached the ripe old age of 17 or 18 ( I can't remember) has now got kidney failure. She hasn't got long to go, so we are all very sad. She is comfortable though so thats the main thing and I am home with her everyday. Have been trying to draw, but only rubbish is coming out, not surprisingly I can't focus for very long.

    Will come back as soon as I can:(

    Thinking of you beautiful xxxxxxxxxxxx we are so sorry xxxxxxxxxxx
    massive hugs xxxxx