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    I'm thinking "Dibs! Pull yourself together! Stop fucking moping about! Get yourself out of the house! Stop being a complete wimp! YOU ARE OK! You created this mess yourself and you can un do it again. You cant help all the people around you whilst you are a mess yourself so let it go. Focus on you, get yourself well and then focus on the others. Theres no need to be scared of all the things you have to do. One thing at a time. One step at a time. One neccessary thing and then one luxury thing. Do the washing up and then go for a gentle walk outside. Dont think about anything else until you get back and then you can gently find two more things. I promise you the outside world isn't as scary as it looks. If you completely freak out then call Guna, she's there for you and shes told you lots of times that she is. YOU ARE GOING TO BE OK, THERES NOTHING TO BE SCARED OF."

    *takes a brave deep breathe* I hope I can listen to my own advice...

    awsome advice to yourself dibs, and others, including myself x
    thank you!

    i want to get better. but if i don't then i want to be able to accept being ill and find a way to enjoy life anyway.

    and i want lots of smarties.

    because only smarties have the answer! :p yum yum!

    im with you on getting better hun, i really do hope you improve, i think i'd just like to get through all the shitty hospital stays and specialists and all that arse! and come to terms with what is happening! ~ going back to smarties, i think they got it sussed!:D

    we had so much fun Al,
    helen text us this morning and said she missed being woken up by a wizard! ~ sorry we slept in!

    see you all soon ~
    we love you all lots xxxx

    id love to carry on contributing to this wonderful thread ~
    going through quite a bit last few months, i do miss it, im still drawing, just the energy to upload is huge, i love everyones creative juices!



    Was a fantastic feast of visual delights night! So many smiles and wonderful sounds!- the trolleys are a big bunch of lovely beautiful peoples! X we love you all lots x

    and trolley lady you are very special and see you soon!

    we Enjoyed every moment!
    Come back soon, yes all of ya!

    Big loves all round
    kel mark and hely

    hangy birdy with copper legs and beads ~ finished!
    i cant get a decent photo of this, and im too tired to keep trying but its so much yummier in life!

    i got my potters wheel today! it needs some work but i managed to kick throw a pot with a little spout and mark made an ashtray! im so chuffed!
    (the wheel was a lovely £20 bargain!)

    Ahhh, that reminds me of a friend called Belinda I had at infant school - every morning and afternoon her grandad took her to and from school on his bike while he pushed it along :)

    oh lovely drawing catkin, sami i really love the chicken! did you like the pastel thingys!? the story above brought me to tears :( xxx

    Thanks Kari.
    LOve your round house, there is something about that orange door that makes me want to go inside!:)

    vivky went out the room and came back and said OHH youve added some orange! ~ so yeh thats what it is, inviting and safe and warm xxxxxxxxxxxx
    she asked me what is was and i said, its 'cosy'! x

    Kari and Samy they are just beautiful.

    Just to let you know I probably won't be online much for a little while. My dear old cat Kali, who has reached the ripe old age of 17 or 18 ( I can't remember) has now got kidney failure. She hasn't got long to go, so we are all very sad. She is comfortable though so thats the main thing and I am home with her everyday. Have been trying to draw, but only rubbish is coming out, not surprisingly I can't focus for very long.

    Will come back as soon as I can:(

    Thinking of you beautiful xxxxxxxxxxxx we are so sorry xxxxxxxxxxx
    massive hugs xxxxx

    heeeee! love your bunny bird! ~ and ratty is beautiful xxxxxxxxxx:(

    not finished yet a new card design
    dandylion hare

    it takes a lot longer to paint these days, but im using water soluble wax pastels, i dont understand how wax is soluble, but thats what they are called, it is faster than watercolour.

    any ideas of eye colour anyone???? im stuck! xxx

    i really like the trees beth, how would copper wire work? with say, amber / and green stone??!

    i worked on my leather hard beaker on thursday, burnishing, im gonna glaze the inside after biscuit fire

    and below is my first EVER thrown pot on tha wheel! ~ an incense holder
    after bisque fire on thursday i added glaze, the darker first layer is pink and the top pink layer will be red! ~ cant wait for results!

    this is what i will be doing when i have found a wheel and kiln! ~ the wet clay really helps my bad hands i just cant wait to get throwing!

    this is sherbert lavindar ~ he isnt finished yet, he is a lavender filled knitted thingy my friend gave me yesterday, im sending this postcard to her for a thankyou! x

    catkins!? lemme know about friday xxxxx when u can xxxxxx

    Two tyres for Seb from a tyre place - upwards of £75 each (they don't do part worns or remoulds), plus the cost of fitting them to the wheels, and having to wait a few days for them to be ordered in cos they're a funny size and nowhere has them in stock.

    Two almost brand new tyres from a scrapyard, complete with wheels, came off a CF so not only do they fit Seb, but they match his existing ones, plus the jack to fit them with. £20 the lot.

    So now Seb has two 'new' tyres with tons of tread left, plus two spare wheels (to add to the spare wheel and tyre he had already). Sorted :D

    such good news! xx

    one of our chickens making weird robot / computer noises! does it now and then, not sure why! ~ a few friends have said some very funny things and cheered me right up today :D (still hurt like hell! ~ but i have had a few laughs) oh and we got 3 eggs! woo!