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    Yeah believe it or not some folks do eat raw meat and cheese and milk (illegally:D) not my idea of fun :rolleyes:

    I do have a couple of raw recipe books and have made quite a few recipes my fave so far is a choc orange raw pudding made with avocados and dates, lush! I think I need to try some more books though.

    Cybw - people eat raw food for the huge detoxification and health benefits. The theory is that we are not de-structuring the cells of the food by cooking so our bodies are more able to recognise what we are eating and also digest it more fully due to the enzymes present in uncooked food. It is purported to have massive healing benefits for all sorts of conditions. I havent experienced any as yet as im still new to it but I know I feel good when I eat all / mostly raw fruit and vegetables with nuts and seeds.

    Wow, 6 grand tents sounds horrendous! It is also scary how many people are there 180,000, nightmare! Puts me off anyway. Cant say I've not been a little jealous though hearing about it all weekend, but you are right, it's not really for hippes anymore. I remember going with my Dad when I was young, I think if I ever went again it would be a massive disappointment. xx

    Hi just wondered whether any folks here are raw vegan? I have been becoming more raw over the past year but am finding it a tad difficult to go the whole hog.

    Any advice / stories / inspiration?


    My Dad is a Rasta, I used to be a rasta with dreads and everything. I dont have a religion now though, although I still hold many rasta values and eat Itals diet.


    Quote from Paul

    I would say that the right to "do what you want with your body" isn't that straightforward ... at the end of the day, if you destroy yourself through your actions you risk emotionally hurting others and it invariably costs money to try to mend the damage.

    Yes but the responsibility for that would be down to me... Also if others are emotionally hurt, they must take responsibility for that themselves too.. nobody is responsible for our emotional state other than ourselves. It is up to us how we react to outside stimulus.

    I just think everyone should have responsibility for themselves and their own actions. The very concept of a government deciding what we can and cannot do with our bodies is absolutely ridiculous and we are more ridiculous for allowing governments to tell us what to do. Totally fuckin absurd!

    Up to you at the end of the day mate. I think people put too much emphasis on their diets these days (I am vegan by the way, lol). Is it really strange though to go back to eating meat? Does it taste funny? I don't think I could cope with the taste now.