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    Laughing so much at all of these! So sweet in a lush, zany kind of way

    I have realised what I need to do to lessen my work load ~

    I'm now the proud 'owner' of an imaginary-otha-mutha who's more than happy to carry out all imaginary chores for all imaginary friends :reddevil:

    I just need to name her before morning (and friends) arrive!

    Does everyone's children have them?

    Two of my four do, thankfully their visits are sporadic because making up another two extra beds on the nights they come to stay is a right pain in the arse ;)

    My youngest two are pre-verbal but I'm expecting similar with them. 4 children alone's a bit of a handful but I honestly thing 8's going to be beyond me!

    I co-slept with all four of mine :). I still use pillows and duvet but use my arms to keep each away from babies heads/faces. With my first two this method was fine, my second two are burrowers and I've adjusted bedding weight to limit risks.

    Another happy snuggly story x4!

    All of mine have moved into beds without issue, the younger two happily sleep with me or in cots. I've kept this option open, particularly with the younger two because I do occasionally reach sheer exhaustion (to the point where I've been concerned that instinct might fail me) and as a single parent, can't hope that someone else can be aware for me.
    (Although I am aware that being with a partner doesn't necessarily mean otherwise ;))

    Oh yes they do......

    Though I think I'd rather have flu........ :insane:

    Yes, it's trundling a along (not particularly) nicely, all without intervention ;)

    No sign of trotters or a snout yet..... or wings but the children are starting to complain of a wide range of random symptoms.

    I've got camping stoves and lots of gas, candles and oil for my lanterns. Loads of extra blankets and sleeping bags for warmth.

    I haven't got enough food stocked for two weeks :o

    I was comfortable in the knowledge that I know where several viable springs and wells are locally. Then realised they aren't in walking distance :o

    My vehicle will run happily on a near 100% veg oil mix once steeped with a dash of petrol for a few days, allegedly.

    Realistically, I'll have to look into making a trailer for a bike!

    Makes me wish (for the umpteenth time) that I was still living on a small holding and working with 'osses :(. It's also confirmed for me that I'm not actually where I want to be at all :eek:

    lol. am i the only one that thinks listening to people have sex is disgusting? its something that happens between two people that should be kept private.. im sure as hell loud but i make sure the neighbours are out, or i hold it in!

    i wouldnt like people to listen to me have sex. thats bordering on voyeurism .


    There's a difference between 'listening' and hearing, surely? One might be considered voyeristic (by some stretch of the imagination!). I don't think people necessarily want to hear neighbours shagging but for the most part are happy to live and let live :)

    Except for ms asbo lady's neighbours of course!

    Quite! Fair point.
    Funny (:vomit:) how people are quick to get in a tizz over saving their own precious skins.

    Well the Metro helpfully put in a note to protect the meat industry.. 'you cannot catch it from pork'!!!!
    Wasn't that nice and helpful? :)

    It'd be really helpful if it was entirely true but it's only said to be safe to eat (according to WHO) because the bug's killed at a certain temp.

    Raw pig eaters are still at risk :pp

    ...Is that when it becomes the aforementioned Vampire flu? ;)

    According to WHO (.pdf) there have been sporadic outbreaks amongst humans occasionally anyway (thought it doesn't state since when) but those are only the reported cases.

    The 'severe' form of the disease is still only stated as reported in Mexico, no mention of anywhere else. So it seems as though there's little more to worry about than usual!

    So, what's really being sidelined (police brutality? :whistle:) as SD said, in Ireland there's been little mention :rolleyes:

    I am just trying to put forward the point of view of an unrepresented faction......i.e. the people I know.....peoples whose opinions have been formed by the telly, and magazine articles.........I have opinions on hunting and game management that conflict with Keepers, beaters, horsey girls etc I know......and it's frustrating when I'm trying to put forward an alternative view, or suggest a particular practice or attitude may be wrong, to be having to constantly fight against the label of "Uneducated, Biased, Fluffy Bunny, Anti."

    Why would you have to fight against such a label when......

    Quote from ApodemusSylvaticus

    I've never participated in hunting, not being horsey, but i do beat on a small syndicate pheasant shoot........

    To my mind, pheasant shooting is a particularly vile sport (well, as particularly vile as all bloodsports!). The breeding of creatures to then go on to shoot them or their descendants, not to mention the poisoning of many predatory species (and 'accidental' poisoning of other wildlife) just to keep the birds alive long enough for someone to kill, for fun.
    As someone who beats [STRIKETHROUGH]terrifies[/STRIKETHROUGH] birds into the open for killers to kill.....

    Quote from ApodemusSylvaticus

    And by the way, I don't actually agree with Fox hunting, just for the record......

    .......What makes one bloodsport so acceptable that you play an active part whilst disagreeing with another? How do you choose to differentiate?

    ....My goat's well and truly got by someone who wont take 'no' for an answer. Grrrrr :mad:
    Who's go on (and on and on and on) to attempt to harrass a 'yes' out of me. Who wont respect my 'no' whether I dress it up, dress it down, state it politely or bellow a plain big blurdy 'NO'.

    FFecksake!! Waste of time and energy.


    i mean really, why is this such a big deal? i don't see how we're expected to put the toilet down when there's a even chance the next person coming to the toilet will also want it up, why is it unreasonable to expect a lady to leave the seat up for a bloke?

    It isn't, doesn't bother me anyway. Does bug me when the cat drinks out of it though :D

    ...but splashback? That's a whole other issue! :vomit:

    ApodemusSylvaticus, as a child I was forced to hunt. One fine day, possibly one of the finest, we met Sabs. It was the first time I encountered any activists, anyone taking an alternative stand since my dad left (he was random as ye like, totally abstract dude and had raised me to love and respect all creatures).
    My stepfather and my mother dragged me into his world of murder for fun, Sabs released me. Their compassion, their love, their resilience and presence provided me with a choice which I had by then forgottten existed. The Sabs treatment at the hands (feet/whips) of the hunters confirmed who the 'baddies' were.
    Sabs may not have changed my parents views (I hardly know, I've had very little to do with them for a very long time), but they gave people of my generation a choice, one which many children in that world didn't know existed and might never have done.

    Sabbing worked and continues to work on many levels.