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    what were you in hospital for and how long ago was this?

    I've replied by PM, partly for the sake of the moderators.

    If anybody wants to know more please feel free to PM me but please please only do so out of love [genuine concern] (e.g. not "morbid" curiosity).


    Gosh, I never expected all this, the way this thread seems to have evolved. I've simply tried to respond to peoples' concerns/questions.

    As the one who started this thread, and bearing in mind that it seems to have caused/is causing a lot of work for the moderators, I am willing for this thread to be closed at anytime if that is deemed appropriate by the moderators. Anyway, I don't think I'll get more advice regarding bivi bags now.

    I appreciate the sincere advice given and some of it has been helpful, believe me.

    What I share now I share, primarily, to put some peoples' "minds at rest".

    TCPAEG (The Celestine Prophecy an Experiential Guide), (I feel that I can't quote from it here out of respect for copyright), has a chapter, the first chapter, entitled 'A Critical Mass: The Coincidences That Shape Our Lives'. The book talks about being 'led forward' by mysterious coincidences.
    I was in the lounge of a hospital when I found this book. There was a book case in the corner and this intuitive voice, (not audible), said to me "Look at the books in the book case". I just knew, deep inside, that I had to do this. I resisted it at first (out of laziness I think more than anything else) but eventually did so. Most of the books in the book case were fictional books and I distinctly remember thinking to myself "Why am I doing this?" as I looked through them. There were about, I would say, two hundred books on this book case, all fiction apart from about 20 in the bottom right hand corner which were non-fiction, grouped together, books like, well, I seem to remember a cookery book for example. Then I saw the words 'The Celestine Prophecy'. The title 'grabbed me'. I took the book, it was TCPAEG, and when I read about mysterious coincidences at the beginning I was amazed because even up to that time I have had some remarkable coincidences happen in my life. I was enthralled. But that was just the beginning. For example, at the hospital I had just struck up a close friendship with a lass called Deborah. She was 36 and we used to sit together at a redundant nurse's station and chat together. And I find on page 50 of TCPAEG about a 36 year old woman called Deborah !! I shared this, and some of the remarkable things that then began happening to me subsequently, with a nurse at this hospital with whom I was particularly close.
    Obviously, I can't share all that's happened to me since. Suffice to say, I believe that my calling is being "shaped", in part, at least, by mysterious coincidences.

    I am learning to live "in the present moment" (e.g. 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle) and perhaps I need to learn to be less impulsive and plan more. I have not been too concerned about the physical effects of walking in winter and I believe I have learned, from this thread, (thank you), to walk minimally at this time. I probably would start next year in Spring except for the fact that I believe The Universe has indicated to me, in part via mysterious coincidences, that it is spiritually significant for me to start this walk in 2009.

    Perhaps I am deluded. I can do my best, no more. If that means ending up in a cell, jail, being attacked ... so be it.

    I was meditating in January of this year and as I did so my intuitive voice said to me "I want you to write a poem about The Universe's provision". So I began to do so there and then. The right words just seemed to come very easily into my mind and I wrote the following poem which I feel led to share here now. I hope it encourages you. It has been well received by those I have passed it on to:-

    Round the corner
    Out of view
    Things prepared there
    Just for you

    So walk your life
    With good intent
    And know that all you need
    Is sent

    I have no doubt that, as long as my intention is good, The Universe will provide all I need. I believe it has done so via some of the valuable advice that I have received here.

    Thank you for your sincere concern. There is much loving care on UKHippy and that is beautiful. Thank you moderators for serving us.


    have you thought at all about genuinely homeless people? how would they feel about what you plan to do?
    this is enforced homelessness but with a credit card in your pocket for when you get too cold or too hungry.
    thinking about it that way makes it stick in my throat considerably more, sorry.

    I've often thought of homeless people - perhaps more than you would anticipate.
    Actually, I don't have a credit card. I have a source of money as I've told you about for which I am grateful.
    This is not about homelessness. It's about fulfilling a calling from The Universe.

    Okay, I realise now that I will probably aim to hibernate/live very minimally in the winter, perhaps hardly walking at all. It's just that I believe I'm being called to start this walk in this year, 2009.

    If foraging "doesn't work" and I really need to eat I'll head for a food store.

    If I get unhealthily cold (and that's only where I perceive that there would be a problem with damp/wet) then I will seek warmth (e.g. via stove, fire, cafes, temporary accommodation). I like wild swimming which taught me the importance of keeping moving when cold.

    Cold feet? I'd put on several pairs of thin socks.

    Winter sunshine I agree would be inadquate to dry clothes but sunshine would probably be powerful enough in Spring/Summer. I would squeeze and swirl in Winter which, although probably not getting bone dry, would help a lot.

    I would probably try and shelter in rain rather than walk.

    Cooking: I don't plan to cook.

    Keeping warm: Clothes, bivi bag or tent, probably stove for hot drinks.

    Foraging: Berries, nuts, plants, leaves.

    Drying: Does bivi bag need drying?, squeezing and swirling clothes, sunshine

    Calories: No, but I understand the human body can go a long time without food (30+ days I believe)

    Keeping in contact: Yes, via mobile phone - if it dies or is lost I'd aim to buy another. No signal - unlikely where I plan to be.

    Compass: Yes, I can use a compass.

    Footwear: Sandals.

    i am still a bit skeptical of whether you actually are going to do this. or if it's a big daydream that you will talk about but never acutally do.

    If it's a daydream then to ask advice/help from people would, IMO, be disrespectful to those who give of their precious time in responding - I trust, hope, I'm not like that ! I have every intention of doing what I believe The Universe is calling me to do.

    PM reply

    I really appreciate all the sincere concern expressed toward me. Thank you for thoughtfulness and your valuable advice.

    I want to share the following for clarification:-

    1) As I believe I've shared elsewhere, it is my firm intention to be clothed if I perceive myself to be unhealthily cold.

    2) Please, please understand that I'm not walking off into some very remote place. I shouldn't be far from the nearest town at least since I believe that The Universe has indicated to me that I am to keep to tracks, paths and roads. I suppose I could, for example, get a hot drink and meal at a cafe if need be.

    3) I believe that I have examined my motivation for doing this. I may be delusional - what I know is the remarkable things that have happened to me in my life make me covinced of the The Universe's hand on my life in accord with what I have read in The Celestine Prophecy an Experiential Guide. "All" I can do is share with others, and aim to serve others, from where I'm at as best as I can. I hope that people sense, as they read my posts, that I have a genuine concern for others which is partly why it is important for me to be led by The Universe who has both our individual, and collective, well-being at heart. The Universe has led me to document the remarkable things (yes, primarily "coincidences", "mind-blowing" "coincidences") partly as a witness to others who doubt the validity of my calling. Yes, I've heard people say that my motivation is because I want to feel special because I had a lack of love as a child and I have listened, and taken in, what others have said. However, at this time, at this place on my journey, I believe that my calling is genuine.
    I am keeping myself focused on the Bigger Picture. If this calling causes me to leave this World then so be it - I believe that the angels (e.g. I've found white feathers in remarkable instances!) will take me to a better place if I do.

    I've shared the above because I believe I "owe" it to the people on here who have expressed sincere concern toward me.


    But dont keep coming on here asking for help, then not taking it. Im sure people will get bored eventually.

    I came on here and asked a question:-…d.php?p=811879#post811879

    Since then I've spent a lot of time not seeking help but responding to points raised by others. I am grateful for the sincere help which people have given to me and for the concern shown toward me. How do you know I will not take the help and advice given? I believe that you are judging me unfairly.

    that is just it.. i DO believe in universal callings and listening to your guts and a higher power ( however you choose to see it )
    but that is not at the cost to the self.... the universe also expects self responsibility as part of that provision.

    the universe will always provide yes... but you have to do your bit ( and in this case it would be by being safe, equipped and well )

    Hence my original question:-…d.php?p=811879#post811879

    as a fellow person with ME i agree with this. you are wanting to undertake a task that would tax the most physically strong person. if you cannot manage a tent you will not be ok to chop wood and maintain the basics to survive. please listen to people
    foraging in winter as a veggie/ vegan is near impossible
    your concepts are nice.. following a calling etc but doing this when not well, possible naked, without a tent or stove, without much experience, with an unpredictable illness that requires much rest and pacing, in bloody winter ... etc etc is silly. you will relapse... at the very least. CFS is not something to be fucked with imo. push yourself and you will pay. please listen to people here and at the very least do it in decent weather and with the right equipment !

    Thank you for your sincere concern.
    When I received the calling to do this I believe that The Universe indicated to me that people will come alongside me to support me. I don't take this for granted all the time and believe it is prudent to explore "worst case scenarios" (e.g. sleeping al fresco in cold, wet and wind). If you knew how I have been led in my life, the things that have happened to me, (particularly this year), then I believe that you would understand my confidence in The Universe's provision.
    As I believe I've said, I believe that I am to start the walk in 2009 (even if it's at 11:59pm on New Year's Eve I guess)!

    dude...did you ever see the naked rambler on the TV? you do realise you are gonna get into a whole heap of shit from old bill and the general public if you are plannin on doing this naked? thats if you survive long enough without dying of hyperthermia - is THAT what the universe is telling you to do?!?!

    Yes, I saw the Naked Rambler on TV.

    I don't know what to expect - I aim to live in the present moment:-…oks&qid=1252538813&sr=1-3

    The Universe is leading me to be naked unless it's unhealthily cold.

    in winter, when it's cold, it's bloody freezing, and it's hard enough to get from the bus stop to the house when it gets that cold!
    It feels like your skin is burning off, your fingers and toes are numb, your ears and nose and mouth ache....are you absolutely sure that not only you want to be OUTSIDE in winter, but you want to SLEEP out there? I doubt you'd be able to sleep in that cold, you're more likely to get pneumonia :(

    We camped last March and the zip of our tent got frozen shut each night, we were freezing even though we had mats, rugs, blankets, sleeping bags.

    I'm not a namby pamby pussy or anything, all I'm saying is IT's FREEZING!!!

    Thanks very much for your sincere concern.

    I used to feel the cold a lot but since going nude/naturist I don't feel the cold as much by far - I believe that my body's temperature regulation facility has become much healthier.

    I have slept outside in a sleeping bag before but i know that a basic sleeping bag would not be sufficient hence my enquiry about bivi bags.

    Essentials for your walkabout...

    Thanks for the good advice.

    I have no intention of going on fells - if I did, being on my own, I would probably take (amongst other things) a GPS (in case I fall and break my leg and need to give rescuers a fix on my position), OS map (preferably 1:25,000), 2 mobile phones, 2 whistles (so I can give the six blasts a minute if I get into trouble right), 2 compasses, chocolate, my compass has a mirror for flashing signals, survival bag (again to help with the cold).
    I share this so that folk will hopefully realise that I am not totally without sense. But, as I say, I plan to keep to tracks and roads and, perhaps, sleep in town centres in bivi bag. I would be very careful going on the fells and moors in Summer, let alone Winter.

    what benefits do you think you will gain from your trip? why is it so important that a higher being is telling you to this?
    just curious!

    I will have peace deep inside, peace that comes from The Universe as I am led forward by The Universe.

    I believe that we are made, designed, created to be "in tune" with The Universe and that when we are "connected" in this way, by allowing ourselves to be guided by The Universe, then we will have true Peace and well-being which will "overflow" to others.

    I am currently writing about this and hope to get my writings published somehow one day.

    The book I was led to (in an amazing way) was not The Celestine Prophecy, but 'The Celestine Prophecy an Experiential Guide':-…oks&qid=1252533308&sr=8-1

    This book, when I first began reading it, seemd to describe my life and recently remarkable things (which I am documenting in a now 30+ page document) that tie in with the book's teaching have been happening to me.

    I need to begin the walk in 2009, that is for sure. This year is very significant in that regard and I need to begin it at Meriden, the traditional centre of England (that has been shaown to me by various remarkable coincidences as I have followed my intuition).

    Before you go a wanderin' could you please give some money to the RNLI, a few Air Ambulances and some mountain rescue charities...because guys who work for these put their lives at risk to rescue people like you...that is, people who decide to go trudging off into the country with no equipment

    I plan to keep to tracks and roads.

    And why do you think I'm seeking help/advice?

    just out of curiosity, why does the trip have to be made now? and why in the winter?

    wouldn't it be better to spend the winter getting you body into a good physical condition and heading off in the spring time or once you are in good physical and mental health?

    My intuition (combined with, yes, remarkable remarkable coincidences) is leading me to do it and "tells" me to start it "as soon as possible".

    i would say theres two forms of ill involved here. i dont know how bad your fatigue is, but if it's bad enough to not be able to carry a tent then it's too bad for this trip. i have lived in buses and caravans for the past few years but since developing chronic fatigue syndrome i've had to accept that i cant live in my bus again until i am capable of carrying my water and wood. if your fatigue is that bad you shouldn't even be contemplating this trip. it will only make it worse as your body struggles under these conditions.

    and the other form of ill i believe medusa was refering to is mental illness. i don't know you, or anything about you and so i'm not in a position to judge. all i will say is that you appear to be under the illusion that this trip is a good idea. delusions can be a sign of mental illness. you appear to be suffering from them.

    who is it you believe is calling you to do this trip, and would they really want you to make yourself ill and why would you want to do this for them?

    Carrying a tent is no problem. It's putting it up I've found hard even when I didn't have fatigue (albeit I had a very cheap tent). I'd spend ages trying to slide the poles through the "fabric gulleys" even on a windless, warm day.
    I love al fresco fires. I love woods and forests and the 'buzz' I get from seeking wood and making fires would help my fatigue I believe.
    My fatigue has improved lately since I started exercising and taking acai berry.
    Last month I managed to get on a beach and played beach football hard and swam in the sea. I'd not exercised so hard for ages. I believe that this has helped my fatigue too nso I believe that the walking will help my fatigue too.
    The only thing I'm concerned about, it's "virgin" territory for me, is the cold.

    Why would you need a quick 'getaway'? Where are you going walking and camping?

    I plan to walk from place to place, keeping to roads and tracks. I plan to sleep in countryside (e.g. field, woodland). If I pitch a tent in a field near a road suppose I'm attacked or suspect menacing folk nearby. If I'm in a bivi I can simply get out, roll up and put in bag. If I have a tent, especially in windy weather, I'd have to negotiate folding it up, dismantling poles etc and from past experience I've found trying to get tent into it's bag difficult!