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    Interestingly enough, the Government of Botswana has just put a blanket ban on all forms of big game hunting, effective 1/1/2014.
    Given that I live in Spain I wonder where our Monarch and certain other members of the Royal Family will go now to get their kicks...
    Looks like it will be a return to pig sticking...

    Julia.. Sorry to have taken so long to get back to you. In answer to your question about a swap... two points if we are talking like for like then about the only english equivalent would be a two bedroom terrace house of precious little value. With the Spanish and English economies in the state they are in at the moment no-one is buying out here. I'd like to think that we could get around 40000 Euros for our place but I think we would be very lucky! The house itself cost us 20000 in 2006 and we spent another 30000 on it's renovation. It's in dire need of redecoration inside and out. Structurally its in good condition. The other point would be the location of the swapped property... my wife has her heart set on Hampshire; all of her family are there.

    Flowerpowergirl... We did the gumtree thing for Portsmouth and the surrounding area and did get one promising reply... a guy happy to take our housepack, big house, secure garden, even on a bus route! Big problem was the rent... he wanted £1000 p.m. Way outside our comfort zone. We have a slight problem you see... whilst O.H. is in the UK on her own and drawing a State pension, she also qualifies for pension credit, housing benfit, council tax relief and a host of other goodies. If I come back to the UK however its our joint income that is taken into consideration and jointly we are entitled to nothing... So 1000 a month for rental then another £250 on top for council tax and utilities leaves us with not a lot! Thanks for the suggestion anyway; we tried. I keep an eye on greenshifters website but there's nothing suitable at the moment.
    So basically we are still open to suggestions!

    Six years ago OH and I being totally sickened with the way things were heading in the UK, sold up and moved to Spain. For various reasons we find it necessary to return but there is a snag. When we moved here we had but two dogs, now between us we have seven! All are rescued street dogs that would otherwise have been captured and killed by the local authority or would otherwise have died from other causes such as road accidents, hypothermia or hunger. OH and I couldn't standby and watch this happen and so took them in to our home. In addition we provided two years of foster care for four others now rehomed in the UK.

    We never envisaged a situation where we thought it would be necessary to return, but the best laid plans etc etc..

    The current financial situation here in Spain means that it is highly unlikely that we will be able to sell out little town house out in the countryside. Its not worth much anyway! Raising a mortgage on the property is a non-starter because of our age, we are both retired and living on pensions. So we need to find somewhere to rent long term; the problem is of course our dogs; they are our family and we cannot give them up nor would we want to.

    Our ideal would be a smallholding or similar property where the dogs can run free and securely and just be dogs. A bus service is essential since OH cannot drive... access to shops and medical facilities are also high on the list of priorities; such places are available but at a price we cannot afford. Normal estate and rental agencies throw up their hands in despair at the mere mention of animals. In order for my OH to maintain contact with her human family, the further South the better.

    I hate the whole idea of moving back but I have to be realistic; we are not getting any younger...

    If anyone has any sensible suggestions I'd be pleased to hear them...

    Mods please note...I am filing this thread under Animal Welfare because it is the dogs future welfare we are concerned about; if you think it should be moved or duplicated elsewhere then please do so!


    "I'm trying to find a polite way to ask my current man-friend to shave his pubes off. there's no easy way is there. I just need to turn up with a good quality razor to our next encounter..."

    To quote Nike... Just do it! Make it part of the foreplay! By the time you have finished he willl be gagging for it! When my first wife offered to do it I was more than a little panicky but the circumstances were a little different; we were faced with a very uncertain future at that time, the risk of a razor nick seemed to faded into insignificance! So, by all means turn up with a brand new razor; the five bladed, vibrating one from Gillette is pretty damn good. Use a sensitive skin shaving gel, and Nivea Moisturiser afterwards. As with your own pubes shave both ways, both with and against the direction of growth and ensure that the skin around the scrotum is stretched tightly. Do not under any circumstances use Veet for Men or Aftershave... unless you are feeling particularly sadistic!



    Have him wax a man shaven has stubble and its a bit uncomfortable especially if your smooth down there, it creates a "rug burn"

    Waxing the lower stomach and pubic bone area... maybe... but most blokes are a bit chicken about waxing... elsewhere it's a definite No-No! Back in 1996 Sara Cox and the gang from the 'Girlie Show' got a number of guys from the Cardiff Rugby Club to volunteer to have their ass cracks waxed... 'twas hilarious but I can still hear the screams! Shaving the entire area is for me a twice weekly event; if O.H. isn't about, it takes me no more than 5 minutes... its quicker in fact than shaving ones face and removes any risk of rug burn!

    In 1993 I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, the treatment surgery followed by 5 months 6 cycles of C.H.O.P. chemotherapy. Three weeks after the first chemo session I started to lose my hair... firstly head hair, then eye brows, then over a period of one week I lost the remainder. I went from being a long haired hippy to 'baldy skinhead' in about ten days. Expected, but traumatic to say the least! However, although I hated it, my wife apparently loved the new look especially 'down below.'

    Between each cycle of chemo, I had a three week rest period during the latter stages of which odd tufts of hair would reappear, tufts which my wife took a great delight in shaving off regardless of its location on my body. She convinced herself (and me) that I had grown about an inch since the wood was no longer hidden by the trees so to speak... (apparently size does matter whether it be real or imagined!). She also took to the 'no-body hair look.'

    At that time we had been married for 25 years but the effect on our sex life was electric... sexual activity in all its forms took on a whole new meaning for both of us; ok maybe for her it was just psychological but for me it was both psychological and physical since one of the chemo drugs tends to increase the sensitivity of the skin. After the last treatment, my hair started to grow back, but my wife was so taken by the 'no-pubes' look that she asked if she could continue shaving me; I was only to happy to agree!

    Sadly my wife died from complications following a severe asthma attack about eighteen months after my last chemo treatment so she wasn't around when, after a ten year observation and monitoring period, my oncologist took me off the books and declared me clear. Out of respect for her, I kept the 'no-pubes' look and was absolutely delighted when, two years after her death, I teamed up with the uber-sexy lady who is now my second wife to find that she too liked the look and adopted a similar look for herself.

    Just one final point and going back to the chemo, elsewhere on this Sexuality Forum someone raised the question of Tantric Sex; my first wife and I adopted some of the techniques for when I was in the doldrums and suffering the side effects of feeling like shit for the two or three day periods following each treatment. The physical, total body contact was comforting for both of us, sexual release came second to the closeness and 'one-ness' literally losing ourselves in each other.
    Again this is something my second wife and I practice whenever things get tough. Highly recommended!