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    horse lorries rot out around where the horses piss and poo, but otherwise are likely to be maintained and fairly low mileage. Also fairly discreet, though luton is rarely big enough for an adult bed. Removals bodies tend to be huge, less stuff to gut before you begin, but are only sold on because they are knackered (might be wrong on this, no insult meant to removals owners, but it seems they have a much much harder life than taking ponies to jimkana.)

    yurts are lovely! Howver, unless you really set them up right they can seem a bit cramped, dark, damp. They also cost a lot, unless you build it.
    How often do you wan to move? moving a yurt is going to be a lot of effort. Moving a caravan or lorry is a heck of a lot easier. That being said, once the locals, then the powers that be, find out about your residence, a yurt or shack will possibly be treated slightly less unfavorably than a truck or caravan. In subjective terms, because the locals may brand a truck trailer setup as "traveller", which will then make loads of them fearful and prejudiced, whereas a shack or yurt may win a bit more romantic sympathy. The council on the other hand don't do sympathy, but to evict a lorry and caravan does not cause you to be homeless, whereas demolition of shack / yurt makes you homeless, so they have to tread a bit more carefully. TBH I'd say that for all the headache, I'd still get a horsebox and convert it; it won't look too out of place on a field, and you can move without too much strife. Good luck!

    if the mortar that hold the bricks together is lime, not cement, then you'll need to line it. the oils from burning wood turn lime mortar into a kind of creme cheese that is no good for anything. on ebay the lining kits are a lot less than the quote. building regs is a bit vague as to who can do it.

    dead dear is all venison, bleeding it quick and not hanging for long will make it loads loads less gamey. Some people like gamey, a lot of people think pungeunt strong old socks musty in your mouth. it's fine with enough red wine to cook it in! Best bit of meat is the muscles along the back, either side of the spine - a bit of skinning and a neat slice for a heap of good food.

    508 - 5 does not mean length, it's a weight class. 5ton bracket. Emtpy it'd have weighed about 3.2tns, so would have been very simple to downrate back in the day, or still possible but a bit more painful to do so now. Once fitted out it's likely it weighs more than 3.5tons, so might be running overwieght, whih doesn't matter unti you get stopped and weighed, then it matters a lot.
    Plenty of stuff in this class can be downrated, you get a chunkier better built machine that can be driven on a 3.5t license, but have no payload and the MPG of carting extra weight in return
    being able to sel to people with the 3.5ton licen should get you a better price - good luck!

    library busses - normaly pig ugly, and if GRP bodied, heavy (so very small payload left). I like the luton hieght thing - allows a big spacious bed across back with huge boot space under (keep the weight low down and to the back in your layout), then luton bed for kids / guests / junk. Or if cosy beds more your thing luton is ok size on some, a bit small on others.

    bus - not that wide inside, or tall, long heavy chassis, built as ore than a 7.5tonner, so not that great on fuel and not a lot of payload. glass makes it obvious you are a campervan, or panelling it out makes it obvious it's a conversion. persoally i would never live full time in a bus if i wanted to travel anywhere with minimum concern.
    removals truck; great living space, dropwell gives a bit ore room. they are used commercially and nly sold whe they are not viable any more. this means high mileage and a bit shagged. i had one. most worn out truck i ever owned.
    horseboxes; yep, good solution for loads of reasons, only drawback probably is slightly higher purchase price, in part because they are a well maintained low mileage thing (if you get one that's been non-commercial - most of them). I happen to prefer lambourn as a builder - "rolls royce" of horseboxes, in part for the lines and look, but mainly for the build quality. I also prefer chassis that are pre crazy electronics, and woul always pick a cumins or perkins engined lorry, not a merc (too many variations, overblown price to do with no longer deserved reputation) or ford (generally good engines, i find them a bit ugly and cheap to drive, an the steel used in cabs rots fastest of the lot.
    And as luck woud have it I am selling a clean 7.5ton dodge lambourn horsebox from 1980, and it's in your price bracket. I have 2 the same, only selling it as i only ever intended to keep it for 2 months and there's no point it sitting in the grass all winter. Good perkins engine, straight body, long mot, taxed, located south norfolk. i'm keeping the other one as it's a lovely to drive chunky good ground clearance ali on steel spacious nice proper little lorry, built before built in obselescance became the god of all trucks.

    Good luck with the hunt out there,

    if you want a vehicle you need a license, a vehicle, some money to fit it out, quite a bit to insure it, then a bit spare. Then you need good coat, boots, showel, saw and kettle and you are sorted. You can take being on the road in whichever way suits you, but if its vehicle based these days i would get paperwork in order, which unfortunatly has become very expensive. As a life to live though, I know for me it was a brilliant 10 years and I'm only ever glad that those years were spent in that way

    you might find that this happens more when the engine has been running long enough to heat the starter up - let it sit and it might fix itself! as others have suggested, it just means it's time for a strip and rebuild. about £45 if you shop around or you can do it yourself to a more basic standard

    oh yep, forgot about skirts. the first lorry i had was a library truck, super low skirts and old suspension, it often ground along on dirt tracks and tight corners. stuff with normal height skirts and a not too massive wheelbase was always ok. the longest truck i ever had was probably still only 29ft - less cumbersome than a coach. Low skirts are also a total shitter when you get stuck somewhere and can't get under to dig.

    i've been in europe quite a few times, normally in decent sized 7.5tonners, once in a dodge 50, once in a merc 13 tonner.
    never did i have a problem finding parkups. only in a truck 14ft 6 tall did i meet two bridges i had to go around.
    get the space you need. obviosuly smaller stuff tends to use less fuel, and that is a bigger deal nowadays.

    - - - Updated - - -

    ps buy my merc 814 that's really clean and a lovely size and uses bugger all diesel! need fit out though

    the elder and witches thing probably came about from people burning elder in open fires in the home. It gives off cyanide, so people would fail to wake up. In a burner it should be fine, though you still might prefer not burn it n upset them witches

    depends how big. i have a very clean ex council 814 playbus here that i was going to fit out as a summer vehicle, but the other half wants me to stick with the (very beautiful, and very slow) 1964 bedford. So, one merc surplus to requirements. It's a really good base vehicle, totally easy to drive, loads of power and very good fuel consumption. if you are interested PM me a number. It's in Norfolk.

    hi ya,
    i'm not on the road any more, though maybe one day will be again.
    i used to put a bit of a summer circuit together, take a small cafe or fairground ride round, then come autumn head for europe and find what work i could. In spring come back once the mud had eased up, and do another year. it was great!
    Good luck with making it work

    the offer of a place to park, long term, with work, is a really good one. you can get a dry double glazed well insulated caravan for not that much at this time of year, take 2 days to paint it and a few more days to fit a burner and make the inside how you want it, and you will have a cheap home far warmer than most houses. Get a van if you want to move, but with an offer of a secure place to park, caravans really make sense. Good luck!

    Answering the door naked always seemed to make them go away, and at the end of the day they would have to prove intent to drive - i think at this point a house truck maybe would get treated different to a weekend / summer van. burner being on is another one - can't drive with it on, fills the place with smoke, and the door might open. Just becausse a cop is all aggressive and telling you that you are acting illegally means noothing, the cops just gather evidence to provide the judges with. They use a lot of front and bullshit to do their job.

    easy simple good coffee - good coffee in bottom of cup (lots of!) add very hot water, then stir lots. 5mins later add anything else and drink. Don't forget to leave last bit - or you seive it with your teeth, which sort of spoils the whole thing!