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    I had this a few years back - no metal work, and was done as an emergency; a thumb sized piece of disc had got loose and was cutting off a nerve. Apart from a few stitches it wasn't any problem, in fact i was home 24 hours later and back onto my smallholding about four days later lugging 25 kg sacks about; my wife phoned the consultant about me doing this and he was fine with it. Once they trim the disc nothing else needs time to heal - other than the few stitches they make in the wound.

    I am not sure if metal work complicates things and i had developed very strong core muscles before, during and after.

    Good luck. i'm sure that it'll be fine and man, compared to that white pain of sciatica - well, i mean anything has to be better than that.


    shift bristol

    m32 flea market - just starting out but has a nice vibe (£10 a stall)

    Royate Hill Community Orchard & Permaculture Allotment - mike feingold is a legend

    If you live in Bristol then Green Gathering is the place - plenty of women go there on their own courses/talks etc.

    If that doesn't work out then you arn't far from Glastonbury, stroud - both have a good scene.

    It certainly is the time to be a woman doing things, i get quite jealous of all the groups and courses focused on enabling women. More power to you

    Yes, and the reality you desire is yours for the selecting....the meadow sounds nice

    I like to think that I am real. I might be a character in a Matrix-induded dream. What is really real? Who is really real?:/

    Tomorrow you, me or someone might wake up to find that they live in a goo filled pod and they are completely naked and have nothing.:huh:

    The Matrix was a great starter, sadly followed by the Matrix Reloaded.

    The Matrix reloaded should of had Neo waking up from the illusion of the goo filled pod and so where would he have woken up next. ...that would have been really taking the lid off. Instead he opted back into a new illusion of fighting a system that he was part of. Something like the buddhist maya. I sort of think that The first Matrix influenced the makers of the film avatar and so in some ways the two films are joined.

    I've thought about this a lot, observed people with their heads down half in this world half in another. I'm not sure if people who don't use social media are more real. Real for me seems more like sensing, feeling and being. Like a good meal, or like being in a wood. Whether someone is on media device or wrapped up in an idea of personality doesn't seem to be much different. I do know that feeling is something we learn to protect and then learn to hide until it seems forgotten, then imagination, identifiying and negative emotion seem to drain the batteries that would allow that emotion to be uncloaked. Difficult and i so wish it were different.

    I thought it meant the origin of the river kennet at swallowhead springs and as such have never taken offence or seen the word as offensive. The kennet being cunt, but i can't remember who told me this or how high i was when they told me.

    Tidy everything up and get rid of any piles of 'stuff'. You'd be amazed at the people that get spotted due to those little children's trampolines. Just one of those spotted is enough for them to descend.

    When i was 17 i watched someone get killed at castle coombe race track - just 15 ft away, a wheel from a race car came off travelled the length of a track, crashed through the fence and killed the man. They didn't even stop the races for that day, just carried on 'as normal'. I sort of figured that the world was fucked up and that 'normal' is dangerous from that point onwards. A few years back i was driving up the M5 when i watched two cars collide at high speed - one car went up in the air landed and then it was slow motion chaos, i was okay, stopped, went to help the passengers, a couple in their 70's. A miracle that they were okay, just shaken up. I urged them to the side of the road sort of conscious that the vehicle was leaking petrol everywhere. The old women just kept going on about saving her luggage, wanted me to risk my life to save her bags from the boot. Weird, but that seems to be what 'normal' is.

    I know what you mean. I'd thought that i was good socially but after having spent a few months surrounded by a reality of my own selection i went to a new years eve party in the village, got talking to a group that had a few values that differed significantly from my reality and realised just how 'out there' i'd become relative to 'their' world of car, house, holiday. The ensuing urge is to keep in touch with like minded people.

    When interest rates plummeted a lot of people bought woodland to park up their funds, for lack of knowing what else to do with it. Plus buying woods became sort of the thing to do. Not many people know how to make a living out of a wood so there are a few regretful 'investors' out there. Plus If interest rates go up there may be a lot more woods for sale. I'd wait until next year.

    Here is a useful article by Simon Fairlie from Chapter 7


    Just to add...planning case law has it that you needn't be doing it at present but have an intention of doing something in the future. I got permmitted development on a piece of non forestry land under the 4 hectare rule (as it was then) by saying that i was intending to plant a woodland.

    I read UKhippy just to get the news. People are fairly good at filtering out the dross and so if the sky starts falling in i figure it'll appear in a thread here.

    I've been doing that for a year or so, or ever since brexit and trump.

    If i had to watch the news it would be aljazeera before BBC any day.

    It could be done with that money - but it is complicated and you'd have to approach it side ways. Just in England you could do it - but it is not just about money, sort of like the world is now split between what can be discovered on the interenet - and what isn't.
    Better to know a place through people and graft - easing in that way. For example you can build without the 5 hectares but you'd need to know someone with land nearby that will say that you are renting 5 hectares to allow you the rights to build on your plot, ie you don't need to own 5 hecateres it to get that right, but to do it and to get there you have to be genuine with the project.

    There are a lot of little gaps like that depend on the locality and the intention. Then you are just four years away from getting rights to live in a place, but even that could be lateral ie if you are thinking 'house' then you'd get caught out, but if you aim for the rights to use a building as a 'occasional dwelling' then proving that four year occupancy gets a whole lot easier.

    Exactly what rhythm said, is my opinion. Idiots becoming celebrities, people seeking validation and likes on social media, magazines telling you how some woman you never heard of "ballooned" to 8 stone; that kind of thing. It seems to soothe people, calm them, fill a gap, I suppose? I'm not trying to educate, by the way. Just opinion.

    Religion always becomes inner calming, but always starts out as the opposite; a process of questioning and enlightenment that embraces the difficult.

    Have you noticed that 'calming and soothing' is now the control. Even at school the children are getting 'mindfulness classes'. A warped ideology of the calming of the self so that the underlying disease of anxiety and stress can be masked. Back in the 70's it was all about creativity, about awakening the childs abilities to sense and create.

    To give another example - most drugs now are taken to dull the senses, back in the 70's - drugs were all about 'opening' the senses. A process that shifted from the aesthetic to the anaesthetic. To that extent you could say that we are approaching the-end-of-the-beginning of a pharmaceutical religion, but there are many religions and they start and fall independently.

    "All That Seems Does Not Mean It Be" ....As There Be Many Many Sacred Writings..Symbols ..Signs ...Ancient Scripts..Ancient Texts ...Drawings...Carvings..Scrolls Etc Etc Etc....That Be "Hidden Away From The Eyes Of Man" By Great People And Great Nations ..And Tribes Etc By What You Call "Keepers Or They Be Simply Hidden In Sacred Places Not Known To Man And Even Right In The Faces Of Man And Mans World ...Because Sometimes The Best Hiding Place Is Right In Front Of The Eyes Of Man Because Man Never Be Seeing Often What Is "Hidden In Front Of Them" hahahaha...

    Even within our ukhippy the whole of of the 'hidden' can be found just in the linguistic patterns that are like dormant seeds, even Buddha realised this.

    One of the main goals of the EU was to stop European nations constantly starting wars with each other and to offer a united frontAgainst pressure from outside Europe. seems that has not failed at all.

    Saying the EU is a failed organisation doesn't make it so, it will be going strong long after most of us are dead. Not because it is good or bad at what it does, but because it is needed.

    The main aim seems to have been to allow Germany a constructive avenue to vent its, well urrm...dominating personality. The results are best decribed by Yanis Varoufakis, that ex Greek Minister of Finance.

    The EU will keep going as long as it is within Germany's interest to keep it going - having said that they have been buying up a lot of Russian businesses and bank - not disimilar to what they did in Poland before WWII. I am not saying they want a war, but they do want dominance, even if that is just in business.

    I thought about buying that church - but my wife wouldn't let me - she figured i'd end up like the owner of the manor in that tv series ' Children of the Stones'. :shock:

    The stones that make up avebury are a particular quartzite (Saracen) that make for really bad buildings; causing really bad internal condensation hence the damp problems within the church - which was the reason that it was being sold as they didn't have the funds to repair.

    In Aubreys' time (1600's) the avebury stones all had an angle to them pointing/aligned to a certain direction (perhaps a planet or a star?). Then someone decided to straighten them all up to the vertical....We'll never know what or why that was.

    Sounds like you've done everything right by your gut. Just out of curiosity are you a vegetarian? Sometimes B12 can get a bit low and cause some problems.

    Stress is a complex thing and suggestion, auto and otherwise, can be even bigger; but there is a lot of objective truth in the ways of the ancient tribes and a lot of how we outwardly manifest is a mirror to the inner...3000 years ago you would of had a diagnosis of tzara’at. And as the Jewish say you've got to got a hold on the lashon hara to cure it - that could be called the same as stress.

    Green gathering has a bit of that vibe left especially the magic hat sauna.:) Some parts are more commercial though.

    Whenever that dissimination of the core ethos occurs it intensifies within smaller groups, it never leaves just becomes less obvious, hidden. Needs seeking for. We had a mellow scene while camping, turned off glasto on the tv and sat around a fire, one of us played guitar and sang and another drummed, no one leading or calling ego to test reality, more just being reality, not even any booze or drugs.

    Having said that i watched Lisa Hannigan at Glasto perform last night on the tv and she was amazing:p

    I'm never sure if they were 'snap' or if a separate and unknown, to me, part engineered the scene in the first place. Like some animal instinct that led me out of places before i was aware that i needed to get out of in a 'time to play' puppy with a red ball image.:p

    Reads like you've got a balance back though. Yeah, the reds, pinks and purples sometimes need looking at otherwise what's that beauty for.

    Amazing how much sharper they are after a bit of 'waking up'

    There is a patch of silver weed on a walk that i do every morning. if i walk past them and just see weed i know i am dwelling too much in my thoughts, or body, or feelings:sleep:. When i see them stand out in relief to the grass around them then i know i am awake, or more awake than not. if i see them in sharply defined exquisite beauty ...then i know I'm buzzing..:hippy::insane:

    I Was Thinking ..hahaha.

    Do You All Who Celebrate Imbass (Summer Solstice) Celebrate Just That Day? OR Do You Like Me Celebrate It Till New Born Day Monday?
    As Sunday Eve Is The Day/Eve Of Last Imbass Ceremonies And Celebrations For Me:) ...

    So I Was Just Curious Cat As To How And How Long You Celebrate? Your Imbass (Summer Solstice) For :))))

    well, for me it always starts on Sunday (birthday) and goes on until next Sunday - as this weekend we are camping with friends who are all artists and musicians and we will be playing music, painting and making things and if it rains watching Glastonbury on tv (if i get around to rigging an ariel up). With a big fire on Saturday night.:)

    Thankyou Wurzel!Was going to head to Avebury last night but having arrived home from an OS holiday at 7.30pm,just didnt get the time unfortunately.Had my own little celebration though in my garden early this morning.

    Avebury was good! Amazingly clear starlit sky. I danced until the solstice arrived, then a thin crescent of moon appeared over the trees and daylight shifted from glow to reality. The drummers were giving it a good beat, some dancers inter weaved with the drummer, one of the drummers had blood coming out of his hands from that long extended night of beating the drum - i've no idea when they started.

    Teachers of esoteric things tend to restrict their activities to the better-off areas of the world, where they can be paid well by gullible people who live relatively luxurious lives, who may like to dabble in such things.

    There is another view: that its that Maslow's hierarchy, makes you appreciate that the possibility for the conditions of developing something are limited to those that have an adequate supply of food and fulfilment of their other needs. It wasn't by chance that Buddha started out as a prince. Just within your own family history, would any generation before you have had the opportunities of time, food, availability of knowledge to attempt that work. Will future generations? Have you squandered your opportunity through cynicism;)? Did you ever ask your friend's, friend how he got those thousands of pounds in the first place, i'd figure he got them easily, didn't really need them and so being lighter from them did give him a levitation, of sorts ;)

    I pretty much eat what i want to or need, although have a few issues with processed food and gluten. Sometimes i need food that is beyond food though - often that is resolved with wild food , when i consume those i sense a something extra, be that the impression gained while gathering them, a feeling of the moment when picking, the plant that they are picked from, or just the thought of learning or having been taught which ones to gather. as i say mostly i'll eat anything, just sometimes i need a fullness that goes beyond food as a raw fuel to a finer food that feeds more than the stomach.

    " Dee Dawson, an expert on eating disorders, once gave an insightful explanation as to why some people seem to honestly believe they are do not need food. “Breatharianism is a fraud, but breatharians may be deluded,” she told the Guardian. She suggested believers tend to overlook some of the food they eat in a similar way to people who are struggling with their weight.
    "Every obese person who comes into my surgery says, 'Doctor, I can't understand why I'm not losing weight — I haven't eaten all week,” Dawson said.“Then I say 'What did you have for breakfast?' 'Oh, just three pieces of toast.' 'And lunch?' 'Just one sausage and few chips...' Add it all up and they've eaten 2,000 calories that day. ”

    Discerning the difference between the sensation and the feeling of being empty or full when eating should be the first lesson that we teach all children. I teach mine.

    I got high on yogic/pranic breathing once. When I was a young chap who liked to experiment. Better than anything I'd smoked, anywhere. Lots of psychedelic colours whirling around for what seemed to be hours, and I was floating in the sure knowledge that it was all really OK, the universe, the planet, even the people; it was all where it was supposed to be at. Jeez, I can still recall the sureness of it all.

    Later, talking about it to a friend who was a medical student, I learned that these are some of the symptoms of an excess of oxygen ingested into the lungs over a short period of time...

    i do a meditative breathing technique that does utilise a certain part of the air and the body keeps that part beyond what it needs for just breathing. I wouldn't call that 'food' in the sense of it providing the energies needed for the body.

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    i just cant understand that

    It is interesting that the current flow of things is that when a suggestion is made to consume less be that food, fuel, planet there is a huge opposite and angry response to the idea.