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    I am not sure the site needs to do anything except continue to exist. We in Canada have survived 10 years of right-wing dictatorship that hopefully will end soon. UKHippy and similar sites have helped me and others keep our sanity, just as they are.

    In the grand scheme of things, all things are impermanent, even right-wing dictatorships. In recent polls, our NDP (equivalent of your Labour Party) is looking good to win the next election. They just won in Alberta, the most right-wing part of Canada. If they can do it there, they can do it anywhere.

    This too shall pass.

    Daiya cheese is available in the grocery stores here, and is really good. It melts on pizza like real cheese. It is surprising that it is available here, since my wife and I are the only vegans within 100 km. I guess it's the lactose-free crowd that they are marketing it to.

    I yam what I yam.

    I am a hippie.

    In the interest of completeness: male, straight, married, middle-aged (he said, hopefully), white, other - Buddhist, Green or NDP (which is kind of like your Labour Party) depending on who is running, long/balding, retired, home owner

    What i wonder is, if i took this as a lifestyle change and commited fully, how would this effect my training, recovery and so on?

    If you do it right, your athletic performance should improve. I used to compete in a cross-country ski marathon (42km) every year. For years, my time hovered around 4.5 hours. Then, the year I went vegan, my time improved to 4 hours, without any change in my training routine.


    And i keep hearing protien isnt important but everything ive learnt over years of training is protien is the building block of muscle and recovery?

    Protein is indeed important for building muscles. The question is, though, do you have any reason to suspect that you are protein-deficient? While it is possible to eat a vegetarian or vegan diet that is so unbalanced that is is deficient in protein (if you ate only sweets, for instance), if your diet is at all balanced you won't be deficient in protein unless you are starving. Protein is ridiculously easy to get, since all whole foods contain protein.

    You need to ensure that you are getting a good mix of proteins. The way to do this is to eat regularly from the four food groups: grains, legumes, fruits, and other vegetables. If you do that and get enough calories that you aren't starving, your protein will be excellent.

    Beware of eating too much protein. Excess protein is not harmless: it causes osteoporosis.

    Chemtrails are the product of an over-active imagination coupled with poor fact checking. The entire concept is based on a so-called "fact" that is untrue. It would have been easy for the originators of the story to check the truth or falsehood of the alleged fact, but they didn't bother. Or they knew it was untrue but went ahead with spreading it anyway.

    This untrue "fact" has been repeated so often on the Internet that it has taken on a life of its own. People can now say that "everyone knows it" so it must be true.

    The untrue statement that is the basis for the chemtrails story is this: that normal contrails don't persist. They can and do.

    I have been vegetarian for over 30 years and vegan for about 18. It gets easier as you transition from it being diet to being a lifestyle. As they realize it's not a fad, family will likely get used to it, and might even be able to cook for you without having to ask what you do and don't eat. Friends are easier to deal with: if they aren't accepting, they don't have to be friends any more.

    It does help to seek out others who share similar views and lifestyle. For several years, I lived in a community where vegan community potluck dinners were common and normal. Now I live in a community where the about the only vegan option on a restaurant menu is french fries (chips) and a vegetable is only available on request, provided you like canned peas. But it's been a part of who I am for long enough that it just means I don't eat out much.

    "Ignoring Christmas is not allowed."
    "Being alone at Christmas is not allowed."
    "If you put up with parties and gatherings in order to avoid violating one of these prohibitions, complaining about it is not allowed."
    "Being alone at Christmas and being content about it is REALLY not allowed."

    At some point, most of us have bought into one or more of those prohibitions. Being miserable at Christmas comes from complying with the prohibitions, not from rejecting them.

    If you really want to be with people at Christmas, that's cool. Volunteer to serve Christmas dinner at a homeless shelter, or some such thing. Or, if you would really rather chuck the whole thing, do it! Don't let society's expectations rule you.

    My wife and I have decided to ignore the whole Christmas thing. We send a couple of cards to rellies who would be offended if we didn't, and that's it. To heck with expectations; it's just another day to us.

    Im not to sure whats going on with it all now ?
    I dont know if its the show over ?

    The show from the orbiter continues. The show from the lander is pretty much over. After its second bounce, it ended up under a cliff, where it can't get much sunlight. It couldn't recharge its batteries, so now they're dead. There's a long shot that it could get enough light when it's nearer the sun to charge the batteries a bit, but I don't think even the mission scientists are betting any money on that happening.

    I don't think the issue has been "pounced on" by politicians. They have pretty much ignored the warning for years and are now only gradually starting to come to see the reality we face. If they were pouncing on this issue for personal or political gain then perhaps the negotiations at copenhagen would not have been such a waste of time.

    Exactly. Our own illustrious PM, for example, has just committed to a 4% increase in carbon dioxide emissions. You can't exactly call that "pouncing" on the issue.

    Politicians have a lot to answer for, but you can't blame them for this one. They are dead set against doing anything about climate change.

    I should point out to those who whine that the science is too "arcane" that it really is quite simple. It is true that predicting the future is difficult and involves a bit of guesswork. That is the nature of the prediction business.

    But knowing that it is human activity that is causing climate change is simple and well understood. It is an open-and-shut slam-dunk case. It was understanding the cause that prompted scientists to start looking for evidence of the effect, not the other way around.

    I'm not sure I follow you. How would you prove that god doesn't exist, for example?

    Quote from KeithBC

    I have no interest in "proving" one side or the other in this discussion

    So, no, I'm not going to go trying to set up a disproof of this particular theorem. However, if you could show that the existence of god resulted in a logical contradiction (such as, for example, something else both existing and not existing at the same time), you would have proved that god cannot exist.

    The actual finding of such a contradiction in this case is left as an exercise for the reader. :D

    Negatives can't be proved.

    I have no interest in "proving" one side or the other in this discussion, but the quoted statement is definitely false. Negatives tend to be much easier to prove than affirmatives. All you have to do is show that the affirmative results in a contradiction and you have proved the negative.

    Dont canadians in particular get quite upset at being referred to that way despite it being technically accurate?

    Quite correct.

    It helps to remember that North and South America are two different continents. So, "Americas", plural, refers to the two continents and nearby islands; "America" , singular, refers to the USA.

    "American" almost always refers to citizens of the USA. It is not a useful term if it has any other meaning. If you want to refer collectively to inhabitants of both continents, you would say, "North and South Americans", or "inhabitants of the Americas" if you want to include Caribbean islanders.

    Canadians are North Americans, as are Mexicans and Americans. (Greenlanders ought to be, too, but they probably think of themselves as Scandinavians.) We are most certainly not "Americans"!

    you cannot actually project a 3-d image that way.

    It's not a 3-d image. It's a 2-d image.


    So you would be advised to not dive into a discussion with sarcasm and a superior attitude when your opinion is poorly constucted - it just makes you look even more ignorant.

    Why not? It doesn't stop you. :D

    Coyote, I know you like to play the fool, but get a grip.

    You project an image onto a flat screen, and it only looks three-dimensional.
    I hate to break this to you, but if you see a picture of a gorgeous woman on a movie screen, there isn't really a woman there. It's an image only. You may think that there are curves and bumps there, but the screen is dead flat. Sorry to spoil your illusions.

    If you project a movie of a spinning helix onto a flat cloud, it will look like a three dimensional object, but it isn't really.