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    I think claires accessories do baby piercing and they only use guns.

    I walked past a Claires doing a baby's ears once and I felt really sad.

    Thing is, is even if they come out there can be a tiny scar inside the lobe. I know lots of people who have never had piercings or tattoos, and being that I'm covered in 9 tatts and have had a great many piercings, I find that quite appealing, specially when that person has chosen that for themselves. I've never thought to ask anyone if they resent their parent(s) making the earrings choice for them like the parent(s) of the baby I saw, but I bet there's some out there who feel peeved that it wasn't their choice.

    Your body is your own. all my tatts and piercings have been for me - Had 3 in my navel, and apart from during this pregnancy, have never got my tummy out for anyone. The piercings were just for me. So why a baby would have them done, I don't know.

    Cheers :)

    The lady in the charity shop near us, today, said I have a neat bump. I get nice comments like these from people. Seems I have the sort of bump that people want. Probably it's a nice bump because I've not put weight on anywhere, I just have a bump attached. I have to remember to weigh myself in the morning and then compare to when I've had Daisy. I did that the first time. Am interested in these things.

    It sounds like a UTI - but reading everyone's comments, it sounds like it could be a lot of things. I've had occasional problems with what I'd describe as being similar to what you have described, but not so bad I've bothered to see a doc, and eventualy it has gone away. But mine wasn't anywhere near as bad as what you describe. It does remind me of having a UTI and bad thrush at the same time though. I hate it when my nethers fail me. They've been f*cked for months, apparently it's just pregnancy - they've gone all huge down there! Hope the doc can help - I'd still consider the emergency appt though.

    Kai: If I stay here long enough, I'll see my sister move

    Kai: Helloooooo in the tummy button! Earth to Daisy, this is Kaya speaking...

    Kai: Ooh there she is!

    Kai: I love you, Daisy, hug hug hug.

    Yes of course you need to do what's right for you and right now this has brought everything up to the surface so maybe it's a good time to look at getting help/support for yourself. I have no idea if they'd be any use but it could be worth telling the police that you need support if they want your help.

    I totally agree with the support - Ali, think about this as much as you need - you know we're here for you too (baby or no, you can talk to me anytime). If the police were to offer you the help and support you would need, and he could be put away for what he has done, I'd think it was worthwhile. I wish I'd done something myself when I was just turned 16 and had what was done to me, done. But I wasn't strong enough.

    Knowing all you've told me, I can understand why you're feeling the way you do. You went through so many things that no one should, specially when they have been abused like that already - being sent away like that and into the family you were sent to... I wonder whether your sister might understand your feelings better now.

    Here if you need me, ok?

    Regardless of culture or whatever, I find it quite sick. I'm forever seeing babies with pierced ears and I can't help but comment nearby at the disgust I feel at seeing that. I was 13 when mine were done, again it was something my mum and dad had to talk about - I'd asked earlier and they asked me to wait til I was 13. I'm happy for Kai to have piercings etc as long as she's old enough to make the decision. Same with new baby.

    So they reckon it's not a failure on their part to help you, they're suggesting there's a failure with your mental health... Wankers. Sorry.

    You are only doing what you can, to make sure your son has what he needs. for different reasons, I had to ask for my daughter to live elsewhere (with her dad - SS wouldn't speak to me because I wasn't abusing my child). It's the most heartbreaking decision you can make. My daughter was visiting this week and went home today, I feel broken.

    I don't know how the system works, your best bet is chatting to those who have knowledge of SS, but I hope he gets what he needs soon and that you can be strong - you are only choosing an option to improve both of your lives.


    We've taken her pic everywhere, emailed it to everyone, etc. I saw my first daughter this late in pregnancy but didn't know I could have asked for a picture. But this has to be the best picture we have, I think she has Tigerdaddy's nose :)

    My pregnancy-forum-friend's son is due the same time as Daisy, they live in the Bay over here - gonna be fantastic for them to grow up knowing each other and it's been laughed over that they'd probably elope one day etc, but Xavier is so lovely, as long as neither wore their footie shirts round one another, who knows............ :P TEE HEE!

    Two weeks ago today I woke up bleeding, it went on for over 12 hours but wasn't anything serious (as such, but I don't want to talk about it) and they scanned Daisy. They gave me this photo of her face:

    She should be with us in the flesh in 2 to 3 weeks time, depending on how well the induction goes. We can't wait to meet her. By the way the blob on the left is her elbow.

    I had the cam there in his face and just clicked it and he happened to be smiling - I think he was chatting to someone behind me. But bwahahaha smiles, yes.

    And I had to include his hornet. The menfolk were so impressed with it - look what we found ooh ooh look, look at this, come see.

    Stoopid laptop crashed megabigtime yesterday just before I got the last pic into my post, so here's another try...............

    Daddy Matty

    Matty and TD's hornet

    Myfanwy in the VW

    Happy couple

    Didin't see much of Zee so I took a photo

    Me being pregnant

    A rare glimpse of TD doing something not involving beer

    It was very chilled so our photos were rather quiet except all the rest with Festival Bear in - won't post those up cuz I doubt this lot'll get it.

    Heavily impregnanted, ecstatic at seeing some decent friends I'd missed, sore and achy from the complications, exhausted from the wake-ups, woodsmokey, a wee bit smug, a wee bit sad, extremely apprehensive, very moodswingy, amused, loved, grumpy and like 'me'.

    Go, Edgar!

    I showed my lovely midwife some of Kai's doodles from the other day, and bearing in mind Kai is 3, she said that her 5 year old can't do anything like it, at all. Often seems to me that all I have to say, regarding what she can do, is based around her drawing skills, but I really am proud of her talent and she's catching up with everything else. She can ride the bike now (stabilisers) and I can understand her when she talks to me.

    Kaya is writing her numbers. And her speech has accelerated into pretty normal for a toddler of her age. Go, girl!

    Her drawings just keep getting weirder.

    I OU'ed in the end and it was fab! I worked a demanding job fulltime and spent the rest of the time swotting in my books, loved it.

    You ring them and ask, regarding the funding - they're fantastic and will make sure you get everything you need :)

    I'm on venlafaxine.

    Different pills work better or worse for different people. I'm lucky these ones are what fixed me after my hideous breakdown.

    Your doctor should NOT have shown support for your cold turkeying. That's irresponsible. I've cold turkeyed a few times (been on pills since I was young, tried many) and in all honesty, there was no coping with doing it. I always ended up back at the docs, worse than I was.

    I'm lucky to have a very lovely and caring shrink to manage my meds etc. I don't know what advice to throw your way, but cold turkeying only makes things worse, your withdrawl symptoms are just one way.

    A lot of things along these lines. and in a variety of colours not shown too, and patterns. This is just a couple for example's sake, plus one example of how colour blinded our newborn will be............

    Blue under purple works best, like in the blanket shown. I've done a LOT of that colour scheme. There's also pinks, greens, blues, things mixed with just white, and some black and whatever items.