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    I find it hard enough getting about in the world as a veggie, because of things I don't eat like mayo which are in *every* prepacked sarnie... But if I was a vegan I'd be fucked.

    I tend to find that meateater poo etc smells worse... Unless I eat literally a ton of bad veg known for fartage - beans, cabbage, oh - tinned spaghetti - I love you but you smell on the way out dude!

    Oh - it says I'm a veggie on my profile but I do occasionally eat meat when I run out of soya alternatives etc. But I don't like meat.

    I heard about healthy people smelling less too - but also, a healthy person poos a small sausage 3 times a week to 5 times a week. For us lot what eat tons and of stuff that's shit for us and aren't too healthy - some of us can poo upto 3 times a fookin day, christ! And as for the smell...

    Ok, so I've got a stomach condition whic means that *everything* makes my tummy upset/fart constantly/ache/rumble. I got m ore excuses. But it's no less embarrassing!

    Hmm, good topic for a first post... Hahaha!