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    Have you tried just using folded flannels as inserts?.

    This is what we're doing - we actually bought a job lot of 'super absorbant cloths' from Costco the other week and I use those in MamaTieDye's home made nappies for night time with the equivalent of 3 folded up cloths inside. And on top, regardless of whether she has ended up in a padded daytime nappy or a pretty MamaTieDye one, she has Boots plastic nappy pants on top. Because she's a heavy wetter.

    Daytime, Daisy has the Tots bots all in one thingummies. With at least 3 fleece boosters!

    There's a nimby opposite our house on the square. they left a bastard note on the vw camper van. She's a pretty orange type 2, in pretty good nick, so why the hell they felt the need to 'tell' me to move it elsewhere is beyond me as we all have the right to park on the spaces in question and there's usually only a couple of cars parked down that whole stretch apart from during the working week when corporate idiots park there and walk to town. Saddens me that some people will go so stupidly far over nothing. but people seem to get van envy or something - and attack anyone with any sort of live-in. Glad to hear it's pretty much sorted.

    Can't find my original post. Ho hum.

    Yo, Pumpkin.

    I've always been orally fixated (don't fecking laugh). Sucked my thumb til I was 16. Bit my nails constantly, til I was 22. Loved my food.

    And I smoked in 2006 and then on and off since, mostly off.

    It's my biggest source of comfort - I've still the urge to suck the thumb (but have tried and it does nothing for me).

    Seems to me, that putting food in my cakehole is the only thing that satisfies my need (except for 'friends' - but I've even been too tired for as much of that as I normally like).

    I'm starting excercise - Tigerdaddy is supportive and keeps reminding me it's monday so I will be swimming when he gets back from work, etc.

    But how to stop eating such SHIT and how to simply stop eating all the effing time.

    Help, Pumpkin!

    If it was me I'd plan to stay there two winters then you can get out of debt and get some savings behind you so that you can travel completely free of ties and still have some emergency money for broken vans etc. :)

    Hear hear!

    Sorry to hear about you and yer (ex) missus. You never said.

    Living today isn't the same as maaaaany moons ago because of so many things that we all know and I don't need to list. Which means having a room somewhere is a very good idea. Whether yer in it most the week or once a week, it's a good idea. build up yer savings when debt free, build up yer confidence, and work hard on yer van so that when (if?) you move on, yer ready!

    I need help. But I don't get on here more than 5 minutes a week. Tell me to close my cakehole and do sit ups inbetween feeding times with Daisy? All I do now is eat because my brain tells me to. It's not my stomach telling me to. But soon it will be.......... :rolleyes:

    No need to spoiler, they've been a love of mine since I was not more than a baby! What was his name? He's beautiful! Gaffa tape, eh? Will have to remember that. I plan to keep a few items in her, for emergency's sake. I used to stick Zebedee's light back on with plasters from the first aid kit.

    I'd better get dressed before Milkchop wakes up.............

    She's awesome, and will be great for road trips round Europe! :D

    I'm wondering what to do for my 30th and that may have to be done.................. TD and I loved France, but Paris was so expensive and I was very pregnancy-sick, so to do it again out of the city and in Sammy, would be a dream.

    Charlie Bus is going to a new home soon. TD is arranging things with the new owner-to-be. Which reminds me, I ought to look this lovely person up!

    Ummm....hate to tell you this, but some doughnut put your steering wheel on the wrong side!

    Nice one though mate! :D

    Went to drive the Sprinter yesterday to fill the tank, was the scariest experience since I first got behind the wheel of my new Sammy Bus. I'm now acustomed to left hand drive and I'm wondering if I'm going to be safe in the Ford Galaxy............. She's a dream, she is. She was being worked on for three years by a copper who loved to escape like us lot. His wife became ill and he's chosen to stop camping out at festivals (we have mates who Travelodge it, it's not the same but it's an option) and I believe he's on to new ventures with an original VW Beetle now. He's told me and shown me what he did, shown me what she was like when he bought her, and gone through everything he was going to do too. So, I know what's a priority to keep an eye on and what isn't. I need her handbrake looking at because I'm unhappy with it. Otherwise, she just needs her drivers side window fixing and one side of her has need for replacing/reworking where there are small rust issues. He cried when we left. She's my non-human baby. Sammy Bus because she's orange like a pumpkin - pumpkins at Samhain..............

    I meet my HV on thursday when my midwife hands over. I'm really going to miss my midwife. I've had two HV's previously with my eldest (due to moving) and both were fine. But you don't have to see one. I've found it worthwhile getting to know my midwife well all through my pregnancy, though I've been lucky to have one more frequently and she always home visits, it's meant she knows and understands why things are the way they are (she's quite interested in our alternative activities) and I'm hoping it'll work the same with the HV - just means I have the support but without the lectures.

    My eldest is absolutely chuffed - here she is today, holding her sister - she is so proud and was lovely and gentle. I have a video of her kissing Daisy.

    :) now I seem to have some semblence of milk in production, she's settling better after feeds when I give her to TD. Mostly she is just asleep or feeding, and mostly she hates being anywhere but with me. She sleeps in my arms at night and it's hard to pop her down even when she's fast asleep, and she screams the place down when I give her to TD for cuddles, and also when you attempt to change her. And she knows when TD has fobbed her off with a finger instead of a nipple ;)

    Thought you might like to see some pics...............

    I'd caption etc but she cries for boob constantly! Tigerdaddy has none, so... Laters!

    wish I knew where I'd put my video cam, I still haven't a vid of Daisy moving in my tummy. I have one of Kaya. Am quite disappointed I won't be able to show Daisy that, only she does it in a totally different way to how Kaya did.