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    Sounds horrid. Sorry you're going through this uncertainty.

    I've friends with endometriosis, it's unpleasant, ditto PCOS, they're common enough but can cause discomfort and in the case of endometriosis, my local friend who has this has horrendous pain and problems during her moontime. You're doing eveyrhting you should because they're looking into your situation. I would not worry because if it is something nastier, they're onto it already.

    Feeling chuffed because I've completed the paper draft of the Cleopatra half of my TMA01 for OU. And the Faustus part is half done also. Rock on!!!

    Feeling unwell, neighbour said today that I look as pale as a fresh bedsheet. Stress. Also miss my Dinkling.

    Thinking, why do I have such a stomach ache, I've been looking forward to today, though I did sleep-eat in the night (bread and spread). Got a tutorial in an hour, so having just taken several notes, I shall now retreat to the train station...........

    You collapsing inwards after the stress of your shit job has been removed? Took me about 3 weeks to recover from not having to put up with daily shyte.

    I literally had this phenomenon explained to me this week when I saw my head doctor. I went through it also, not long ago. It does beggar belief but it also goes to show how well your body and mind keep you going through times of stress.

    As I'm sure you know, I experience a lot of the same shit.
    I've been having such awful times with my physical health which is seemingly down to the fibromyalgia and osteomalacia and reynauds. But everything gets blamed on the fibro, which is invisible.
    When I'm out with my stick or crutches, I get fussed by people wanting to help me. Without this visible aid, I am shoved about in public, ignored, passed over, etc. I've been evaluating this over the last two months which have been the worst for me because of the lack of warmth.

    Lynds, if you FB me your address, I will photocopy you some of my favourite recipes.
    I have the same problem with Kaya. She's skinny as a rake, won't eat even most of what Eden does eat, and I worry about her iron.
    And I'm mostly veggie, I have problems with getting ill when 100% veggie due to my vitamin deficiencies.

    Just viewed the photos, this a beautiful vehicle.

    What kinds of engines could be transplanted into her/him? I'm looking into what to do with my VW T2 camper, her engine leaks in multiple places and it has been suggested I transplant an engine from another vehicle. Your bus looks chunky, so I'm wondering what engines would be suitable and how much that could cost someone - might be useful info for someone considering her, to know what they would be looking at once they'd bought her/him?

    Sorry to see you're having to sell it, it's wonderful to look at. Will put the word out.

    I am aware that people are not allowed to stay in a vehicle or caravan on someone's driveway, because I did this for a while at my parent's - I never received an eviction notice or threat of one, but my parents looked it up to make sure and it was easy for me to make it look like I wasn't living in it - as it was, I did everything except sleep and chill out, inside my parent's home. No cooking facilities in the bus I had back then.

    You will need to look like you are living in your friend's house. Speak to your boss and explain how upset you are and that your bus is unmovable at this current time due to it's failures. They may be willing to help.

    My test of whether someone was the right sort of person for me, was if after a short time, we could bake a bum biscuit and either laugh about it or ignore it entirely.

    I've been with my new bloke for 2 months now, and he's not big into odily functions of all kinds. But I made myself ill witholding, even witholding from having a number 2 at his house because sometimes the accompanying noise is embarrassing.

    I eventually had a chat with him as being such a very caring bloke, he was worried about why I looked so grim & complained of stomach discomfort. He now lets me get on with it and if its real bad he just says "can you get counselling for that?" - makes me laugh. I've only ever heard him fart 4 times, twice when he was asleep and twice I've heard him on the loo when he's thought I wasn't within earshot - he gets tum probs too.

    I think getting more anxious over it happening will only make you worse. I've been through it too, usually thanks to the amount of garlic in the food I'll be fed on nights out. You can always just be brazenly honest, which I find useful in all life situzations now (I never got subtlety, so its easier all round) and say to new love interests, that you get this nervous problem in the beginning and can they get round it with humour til it dissapates?

    I hope she gets better soon, Gee. I know from personal experience that trauma can cause symptoms of more severe mental illness - including hearing voices - and I went through a termination that almost cost me my life at the beginning of january this year, which left me in a diar state, mentally. Whatever has caused her episodes, there is help out there for her. You've had enough advice the same as what I would say. So here's some support over the airwaves an' all :) hang in there.

    Well done for emailing them. I've no information on the subject. But you have my full support. Many of us have interesting pasts and all that matters is what's ahead of us and how dedicated we are to achieving our potential, and being as happy as we can in life. xxx

    I had a special mental health midwife.

    Talk to your local Community Mental Health Team - my midwife visited me AT HOME - and talked me through anything and everything even if it wasn't baby-related.

    I was worried. We thought we had lost Daisy because at 5 weeks I had a 48 hour chronic bleed. She's the strongest, cleverest baby now.

    You know I've been through loss and such. You may have my number. I'll try texting you, see if you're still on the number I have.

    The house I currently live in, has a recurrent flea problem and I'm sick of being bitten and seeing the bites on my girls. It is possible that the stray is coming close and gets in contact with something you bring in - if I were you, I would get the stray into a catbox and drop it at the vets - explain it's not your cat but a stray that keeps infecting you and your neighbour's houses and can they treat him and rehome him - the vets near me are all very good if you take in animals that need help but don't have owners/are wild.

    I'm very lucky. I did fight to get back to a better way of living, and that's helped everyone in the situation.

    Gnome, man, those of us who know and love you are so damned proud of how you've worked so hard to make everything right. And your Chloe is so beautiful. I'm chuffed you posted for Paddy, it's hard when you have a child who is different to find people to relate to.

    Paddy, I don't know if fathers can suffer a postnatal depression but what you have described sounds like how I felt - I had nasty PND with Daisy, who is now 15 months old. It lasted til she was nearly 1. The only times I struggle now, are when I have had her on my own for so long and need a few minutes to breathe, or like this week when I spent 3 days viewing houses and couldn't put her down for her nap etc, I got exhausted and she was frustrated so I started feeling the old feelings again. And things aren't all perfect here; I'm about to move out because Tigerdaddy & I are not together anymore. The world is a complex place sometimes.

    Kaya, my eldest (5) has serious encopresis & has had it since she turned 2. It's a curable disability but can take many years. Her dad and I have to watch her like she's a 1 year old; she soils badly, is incontinent. She also shows some signs of behavioural issues.There have been many times when I have sat there and cried hard because I have felt I cannot cope and wished her away and so on - and she lives with her dad fulltime, so I don't even have her every day. He's a very respected man, in my eyes and those of others. The reality is, she's a bright girl who's artwork is very advanced, who loves us and we love her. There's just difficulties which we have to work hard to overcome.

    You can do this; you just need some support & I'd suggest getting in touch with the local childrens centres because they will have all the information you need. You also would be well off to see your doctor. And I think you still have my number, I've always got minutes and can call you back.

    As Sammy said, you are the different dad he needs - so don't give up. xxx

    I went barefoot at BDs fest this year because I was already in Crocs and they were getting lost in the ankle-deep bits. I do barefoot a bit, usually, if I'm off doing my own thing. But I've wrecked my toenails (I've picked them cuz I'm stressed and they look horrid) so I don't like to get my feet out now.

    Tigerdaddy, myself, his son and my eldest daughter, will be in the camper area in my tangerine VW T2 bay window camper. Providing she comes back from the mechanics again, in the next 2 weeks...

    We're not obviously from the site too look at but he has dreads with an under cut, I've got long dark purple dreads with things sewn in, and his son is tall for 10 and blonde and my daughter is something akin to an irish pictsie looking to cause trouble.......?

    Someone was advertising spare tickets but I'm pretty sure they aren't free now. I hope everyone gets in.

    Katie, I'd do it again and have been asking about what being a real doula entails because I've previously looked into midwifery.

    She is ace and I can't wait to drag TD round to see you guys xxx I've a photo of her next to Daze and they look a similar size due to proximity to camera!

    Erin Glenys Lucille has been hatched!

    I logged on thinking Elfqueenofrohan might have had a birthbuddy on here but as she hasn't, I'll start a thread off myself.

    I won't share the details yet because it's Katie's place to discuss it all, but I'd like to say how very proud I am, of Katie, and her wonderful boyfriend Martin, she did brilliantly and I am honoured to have been there with them both throughout the process.

    I'm off to bed now! Hugest congratulations guys, best experience I've ever had bar having my own two girls!

    Can't wait to see you and the little lady :wub:........and the 'ole man of course :angel:

    And us you :) where's my flirting though - pitch yer bus next to myyyy bus, eh, eh, eh!


    (and yes, I feel your pain on the vehicle repairs side of things........I've just lost an arm and a leg for the MOT :rolleyes:)

    At least I've had the kitchen unit removed, it wasn't plumbed in anyway and now there's room for... Things. Standing, sitting on the floor, blah............

    Have just dreaded 1/3 of my hair tonight, am hoping to finish it by tomorrow night (takes a long time, even without the baby, cuz of the osteomalacia etc)

    Careful.....that's how rumours get started ;)

    Don't worry, it's only started by people who have no life & share a braincell with the rest of their village :angel:


    one of us will have a two month old baby with her

    We'll have Daisy-baby with us, she's one a week wednesday, so if anyone wishes to sing a few-day-early group 'happy birthday', it'd be riiiight sweet.

    Have just paid a £350 bill for Sammy Bus, she's got to have her engine taken apart as soon as we're back and I've been instructed to drive her very carefully...... But I can make her go so fast for a '72 T2 veedub bus, sob!